The mentalist grace and wayne relationship

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the mentalist grace and wayne relationship

Maddy Rigsby (Daughter with Grace Van Pelt). Nationality, American. Wayne Rigsby is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by In the episode "Bleeding Heart", he and Van Pelt announce their relationship to. "Rigspelt" is the fan-dubbed pairing between Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby. The duo reveal their relationship to Jane, Lisbon, and Cho because both of. Grace Van Pelt is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by In the episode "Bleeding Heart", she and Rigsby announce their relationship to the team. Lisbon initially says she will take action and report their.

The following article contains spoilers from Sunday's episode ofThe Mentalist. Read at your own risk! Fortunately, Rigsby and Van Pelt's nuptials weren't marred by the murder of a family member the night before, however. And we feel like we've really mined that over the years, and mined it honestly. Vote in our poll! So what finally made them take the plunge, and how long will the newlyweds' honeymoon period last?

the mentalist grace and wayne relationship

Check out our full interview with Cerone to get answers to those burning questions and more: They finally did it! What made the writers and producers decide to have Rigsby and Van Pelt get hitched?

The hopeful heartbeat of the show has always been the Rigsby and Van Pelt relationship. That relationship and that interest and chemistry was alive from the very first stages of the show. Once we made the decision to get them back together It sort of creeped up on us in the same way that we're hoping it creeps up on the characters. And in that same fashion, we tried to bring that question up organically between them in the episode.

Like, "OK, we're back together.

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What is stopping us? Do you see this as not only a happy ending to their story line, but also a final gift to their fans? Without commenting on what the future holds, I do think it's a gift. I think whatever happens with them, this is an important step, and we feel like this is earned. We feel like we're ridden the ups and downs and we've been on this roller coaster with them. This should be a reward, both for [the characters] within the reality of our show, and for the fans who've sort of cheered for them all along.

It is a happy ending for them. Is it safe to assume that he had no idea Van Pelt still carried such a torch for him until he overhears her conversation in the interrogation room? We've always written him as a guy's guy, and, in a sense, that means clueless, particularly when it comes to romance and relationships. He has also shown moments of immaturity towards his coworkers, showing his sense of humour.

During the first several episodes of the seasonRigsby repeatedly tries to work up the courage to tell her his true feelings but loses his gumption, leading to Cho to deadpan "You're gonna die alone". Near the end of the episode, they share their first real kiss.

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However, Rigsby tells Van Pelt he thinks Jane may know about their relationship. In the following episode, " Red Bulls ", Van Pelt and Rigsby argue about him not wearing a bulletproof vest to canvass an apartment building. Van Pelt is shot multiple times in the chest while questioning a young woman, but survives with a bulletproof vest on.

When Van Pelt is taken to an ambulance, Rigsby says he loves her. Van Pelt slaps Rigsby and tells him next time, he has to wear a bulletproof vest. In the episode " Bleeding Heart ", he and Van Pelt announce their relationship to the team.

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Lisbon says she will take action and report their relationship to the head of the CBI, but later changes her mind in " Redline " and tells Rigsby and Van Pelt not to have physical contact with each other while at the office.

As they walk out of Hightower's office, Rigsby and Van Pelt say they love each other. Rigsby, after being in a shootout, tells Van Pelt he will get another job so they can be together. However, at the end of the episode, Grace breaks things off by saying she doesn't want the responsibility of making Rigsby leave the CBI.

Rigsby pleads with her to talk it through, but Van Pelt simply says she knows herself and walks away, leaving him heartbroken. Van Pelt is later seen crying while walking into the office elevator. In the episode " Bloodhounds ," Rigsby dates criminal profiler Dr.

the mentalist grace and wayne relationship

Montague and shows interest in seeing her again. However, using her knowledge of behavioral patterns, Dr. Montague gently turns Rigsby down, stating he is clearly in love with someone else which Rigsby does not deny.