Tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

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tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

Tauriel the "Lowly Silvan Elf" (Let me know if I misunderstood your question, Thranduil's issues with Tauriel and Legolas having a romantic relationship? Tauriel replies that she didn't think Thranduil would allow his son to marry a . Elvish Languages Infograph · Romantic Quotes from the Silmarillion. Mar 7, Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel OMG THEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED I lotr meme about realizing dwarfs from The Hobbit died Gandalf, Aragorn. Explore Falstaff_drawz's board "Lord of the memes" on Pinterest. Kili & Tauriel: Tauriel speaks the Elvish translation to Kili what Arwen says to Frodo at the.

She explains that new spiders continually enter the kingdom after the previous ones were wiped out. She suggests sorties to destroy the spiders' source outside the kingdom's boundaries near Dol Guldur, but this idea is quickly dismissed by Thranduil.

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When she asks what will happen to other lands after the spiders are driven from Mirkwood, Thranduil says that the other lands are not his concern.

He mentions then that Legolas, his son, has grown fond of her but that she should not give him hope where there is none, because Thranduil would not allow his son to pledge to her being she is a "lowly" Silvan elf.

When the Dwarves escape, Tauriel and Legolas lead a band of Elf-guards in battle as Bolg and his troops arrive to attack the Dwarves. She and Legolas take Narzugan Orc soldier to the palace for interrogation. When she tries to kill the Orc, Thranduil orders her to leave him be. She then leaves the palace without the permission of the Elf-king to search for the Dwarves.

tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

Bilbo gave Thorin a new pipe, one that he whittled himself, under the guiding hand of his partner Bofur, and the other brothers presented the Elvenking with two ancient Kazdul encyclopedias.

Since neither was certain the elf had any idea of how to look after a dwarrow spouse.

tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

A young dwarf with a pudding haircut and a beard divided into two braids, stared up at him with a comical frown. I was one of the dwarfs with Thorin…" "I remember," interrupted the amused elf. Ori had long since given up looking him in the eyes and was now immersed in watching his shuffling feet. His eyes came up to meet with the elf's and the fire burning in the chocolate depth was rather vicious.

Then he spun around and walked away from the startled king.

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Thranduil lifted hand to rub tiredly at his eyes. Thorin was in the kitchen talking to his sister when Thranduil came upon them. Quietly he approached his husband and wrapped both arms around the dwarf's neck from behind, bending to place a soft kiss to the crown of bushy, dark hair.

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They might have continued had not a young dwarf chose that exact moment to interrupt them. If we don't extract it right away the core will over heat and cause a cave in! He left with a promising kiss to the elf's lips. Thorin growled, but was hurried away by the fretful dwarrow.

Dwarfs only love once and you've been married before. A few times I'd imagine.

Thranduil and Tauriel scene from DoS

She left to retrieve a lamb from the cool room. Thranduil watched her pull free a wicked looking cleaver from the knife rack and begin methodically chopping at the carcass with hard, precise swings. She stopped to wipe off her brow with the back of one hand before turning to give him another meaningful look.

tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

If anyone saw Thranduil high tail it from the kitchen, they knew better than to speak of it. Thranduil decided to start on the winter garden in early autumn, hoping the seedlings will catch enough sunlight before the coming of winter to take a strong hold on life and last through the season.

Unfortunately doing so in time required him to work along side Dwalin who was still in the process of putting the final touches on the room and installing a greenhouse window. This arrangement, however odd, worked well with the Elvenking. The argument may be made that Tauriel enhances the characters of those with whom she is mostly closely associated: Legolas, Thranduil, and Kili. I would have much rather seen the relationship between Kili, Fili his brotherand Thorin developed, since we have seen little of Dwarvish families.

tauriel and thranduil relationship memes

Her name bugs me. In the research I did, I came across a number of translations of her name. Is that the best you can do? This comparison is pretty much unavoidable for anyone who spent time reading LoTR fan fiction or RPGs in the era.

6 Reasons I Dislike Tauriel

In other words, thousands of teen and tween girls wrote themselves into stories in which they were the love interest for Legolas. So, creating an original character that serves as a love interest for Legolas is a red flag.

Unusual hair relative to canon. Elves very rarely have red hair and a Silvan Elf has never been stated to have red hair. In fact, the only Elves who have even been mentioned as having red hair were Noldorin Elves of the First Age.

Tauriel is depicted as being both a fighter and a healer. This was actually unusual among Elves.