Subhadra and draupadi relationship

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subhadra and draupadi relationship

Draupadi is a central character in the story and her relationship with her . When Arjuna married Subhadra, he took her to Draupadi who was. The Mahabharata lists four wives of Arjuna at different points in his life— Draupadi, Uloopi, Chitrangada and Subhadra. Out of the four wives. to feel extremely insecure on learning about Arjuna's marriage to Subhadra. such as these keep tormenting Draupadi in her relationship with each of her.

Is he not clever, talented and brave? What more does she want? She will be proud of being his wife. The wall thankfully caught me before I swooned to the floor. It was either the apocalypse or my brother was really going to give me away to that demon of a man, the very incarnation of evil and adharma interspersed with alarming solidity.

As I held his lunch in my hands, I swallowed, my mind replaying what I heard back there. My entire body was convulsing on the inside, writhing like snakes, nauseating every single peristaltic movement even though there was no food inside. It was astonishing how people like him were able to feel emotions coming out of the person near them. He opened those warm coals, piercing my heart.

As he took in my state, the lines on his brow furrowed in confusion and his lips tightened. His look of anguish tormented me even further. I stood rigid, my outside carved out of stone in contrary to what was storming inside. I looked at him. He patted the seat next to him. This topic had absolutely no connection with him, seeing as he never knew what marriage was and what the laws of matrimony held on a general basis. Not even Krishna, though he argued with him.

And I knew nothing could be done by lamenting over this to my sisters-in-law or mother. I loved Balarama with all my heart. But this time, it felt like jumping into a black hole. Get lost and never ever be seen again. Exactly what would happen if I married that wretch. Losing my rigid balance with those thoughts, I shakily placed the tray safely on the floor before sagging down beside my rock, basking myself in his warm shelter and inhaling his seductive scent of sandal and honey.

I wanted to curl up into his lap and cry, just holding onto him. Out of the corner of my eye, through my hazy vision, I thought I saw one of his hands reach up to touch my face but he dropped it instantly. And that was all it took. Before I knew it, I fell forward and collapsed on his lap, closing my eyes against the hot tears and clutching his clothes like a lifeline.

His hands immediately began smoothing my hair away from my face, voice saturated with anxiety and emotion.

A Love Story: Arjuna and Subhadra – Discover Deepika

His tone was distant. I pulled myself together and sat back up, facing him. His face was ashen at the state I was in. I hoped the yati would find out if I beat around the bush. Then his face frowned, eyes narrowing. He should be proud of himself.

Whom did Arjuna loved, Draupadi or Subhadra

Even a yati hated him. It was so ethereal. I longed for them, wanted to shout at him to hold me again but it was utterly wrong. He only meant to comfort me. I know he would never do anything to hurt you.

Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi | Mahavidya

In my eyes, he suddenly lit up, as if answering his own question. And I found myself nodding my head. He went very still, eyes widening slightly. Then he recomposed himself. His voice was controlled when he asked me the crucial question. What do you mean? And developed a bizarre feeling which I believed was love.

As I built it up, I sat upright. And looked at the yati straight in the eye to answer. I hated that some of my feelings still remained. But they would eventually wear off, I know.

Wherever he was was a mystery I had no intention of solving. Is that why you decided to forget about him? His eyes were following every movement I made.

With a goddess for a wife. Look at his brother, Bheema. He already married Hidimbi before Draupadi. The reality is something else. He is real, Subhadra.

She shares her love between all the five brothers. But the fact that this forbidden man I had fallen in love with found me marriageable. And thought of me as an amazing young lady. There was no better honour than hearing the love of your life declare that you were amazing. His eyes twinkled at me. What reason do I have to be willing to marry Arjuna? See, look at you and me. But it seemed my bluff had the same effect. He stared at me. He stared at me again.

Subhadra needs to know when to shut up. Nothing much to say. What are you talking about? He was tall, was an archer, and he was all right. If he was just all right, then why is the whole country singing his praises every single day?

Draupadi and Arjuna - The truth about their relationship.

Whipping my head around, I saw my second brother standing at the threshold, a beam on his face. The yati immediately stood up, folding his hands to Krishna.

Krishna smiled at him, taking his hands in his own.

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His eyes shifted back and forth from the pair of us. I doubted whether she knew anything about him at all. Shame on her for not knowing about her cousin. His eyes were on the yati but his smile was for me. Krishna always had access to my mind. It was how I lay alone in my room, spilling my fears and other insecurities to him. His presence in my head alone soothed me, like the way God would do.

I crossed my arms over my chest. He froze, staring at me in surprise. I began trembling again, the tears leaking once more. I pulled back, looking up at him. Do you hear me? Shall we hold a swayamvara? All the princes and kings will be there. You will have all the liberty to choose who you want.

A Love Story: Arjuna and Subhadra

What if I get fascinated at first look but then I hate him after getting married, when nothing can be done to reverse time? So you would like to get to know your groom-to-be before the big day. I rolled my eyes and turned away, kicking the sand under my feet.

subhadra and draupadi relationship

Someone who knows you so well too? You have no idea how close you are to Arjuna. In a brotherly fashion, as though the pair of them had been the best of friends for years. I opened my mouth, then closed it again, staring in some horror at the man in disguise, taking in everything he was, now getting the picture of why he was built like that.

Ask your brother for further clarification. This was a punishment of my breaking the rule I had forged with my brothers. I was destined to come here and meet you.

subhadra and draupadi relationship

You and I are meant to be together. He may have been in disguise but he was Arjuna all that time he spent with you. He had been Arjuna. But the aftermath of my juvenile obsession and the damage it brought to my mind and heart overruled it.

As soundless as a cat, I sneaked out of my room, made my way through my corridors and pushed the glass doors to my part of the palace open. The chill of the midnight air fanned my face, cooling the heat my cheeks adapted at the thought and execution of my attempt to go and see Arjuna with a calm and composed mind.

I knew I had been unreasonable when I blew my top at him earlier this afternoon. But how else could I have reacted? His reveal had come at me out of blue and had shaken me, which made me blurt out the first things that had always been there, ripe in my mind. It took a while before I calmed down and thought things over.

Krishna was the one who found him and brought him here. And had been put under my care by Krishna … Krishna. He knew it was Arjuna. And had Krishna played the role of a matchmaker? There was only one way to know. I shivered in the cold night air as I put one foot in front of the other to walk across the fresh grass, eyes fixed on the bamboo hut.

I knew Arjuna would be sleeping, but this will only take a few minutes. As I reached the entrance, I took in a deep breath, and slowly peeked in through the doorway. And was perplexed to see it … deserted. Puzzled, I stepped inside, looking around.

All the luxuries that came with the hut were located in their rightful place, completely untouched. A sinking thought seeped in. It did create a strong pang of regret. Because I had really fallen in love with him this time. Got to know the man behind the Gandhiva and experienced his gentle, loving nature.

He knew me inside out, and I knew him, connected with him. After giving me that, are you going to leave me, Arjuna? My anguished thoughts asked him. It was no secret his exile was over. The door to Indraprastha had been opened again. The door to Draupadi had been opened again. Startled, I jumped almost a foot in the air before whirling around, my heart in danger of failing.

He no longer was in the attire of a yati, with the matted mass of hair hanging down his back and front. He no longer was wearing any saffron robes.

Dressed to perfection in silk and ornaments. He was better than I imagined him to be. His tangled beard and moustache had been shaven off cleanly, revealing the godly man beneath the disguise; his hair had been cut and washed, back in their normal sleekness. I was taken by surprise this afternoon.

subhadra and draupadi relationship

I looked at him, swallowing, and took two steps closer myself, my expression warm. You would have looked strange saying that as a yati. The words set off a range of speeding chills throughout my body. He took my hand, encasing it in the warmth of his. True, I did not fall in love with you in the beginning, I was only fascinated, but as we got to know each other, I was lost. They all had some really weird quirks, very much like us, humans. As for Moral Codes, I try not to wrap my head around it. They change as the needs of our lives change, so it cant be written on stone.

At the most, they can only serve to keep harmony in certain circumstances. May 5, at 9: And that confuses me too. In a way, I find it refreshing from the God-is-Perfect dictum of the Christian mythology that I grew up with.

On the other hand, it is kind of confusing. And Indra is actually in danger of being bested by Arjuna, who shoots arrows into heaven. This seems incomprehensible to me. You assessment of moral codes is right, I know, in which case one must only read these epics as a story.

But I think that the reason they continue to be read and admired even today is not just for the drama of the story — there must be some fundamental wisdom about the human condition contained in them, and what that is, is what I am trying to figure out. May 5, at For all his Righteousness, why did it not occur to Yudishter that betting his wife in a game of dice was unethical, that too, not just his wife but the wife of all his brothers?

Remember the real fathers of the Pandav are the Deities that Kunti and Madri called on through the mantras given by Sage Dhurvasa? Seriously, how did that happen? Remember how Draupadi and her brother were brought into this world? And what really happened with Shikandhi? Too many questions too few answers…so yes, I read it like a series of good novel, take what appeals to me and leave the rest out.

subhadra and draupadi relationship

As for wisdom, its all in the understanding of our present and knowing how to use what we know with best intentions for a best possible outcome. As for the other things you mentioned, the reason this is mythology and not history is that it is not meant to be read literally but symbolically.

The English poet TS Eliot wrote that a poet must have the awereness of not only of the pastness of the past but of its presence. Moreover, I believe there are some truths about the human condition that persist through time and that epics contain. Yes, the details — such as the acceptance of polygamy etc.

Not so much what is right and wrong but how to decide what is right and wrong.