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LELE MAVADO - ENEMIES DANCEHALL SYMPHONY RIDDIM (TROYTON MUSIC) VEGAS - AJJI BOUNCE 1) VYBZ KARTEL - MI NUH TRUST PEOPLE. Drake sings to Cece about his success, their relationship and how, for a minute, he wishes he wasn't Drake, Mavado & Stacious - Come Into My Room Artists in the series include Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Chris Martin, Shaggy, Busy Signal, Tarrus Vybz Kartel - Mi Nuh Trust People () Stacious - Bounce (2: 14) to reflect modern influences, relationships, people, experiences and subjects.

It is good to be the King in more ways then one. There was an excuse made that Stan needed to step away to focus on family. Which he no of course is, his new family in the Orlando Magic and it is going pretty well. There are lots of strange and unconfirmed rumours out there. But something changed near the end of that series with the Celtics. What it was we may never know. But we will know eventually if James is ready to bid adios to Ohio and the Cavs. Something that the people close to James say would be a major change for him.

He has always lived in Akron and his friends and family all call it home. James of course never went to college and being drafted by the Cavs has always called Ohio home base.

The 2 front-runners in the James sweepstakes are New York and Chicago. If James concern is the short term the Bulls are the clear winner in terms of talent. Already a playoff team without him this past season. They lost in 5 games to James and the Cavs in round 1.

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James in his comments after the series had a lot of good things to say about the Bulls. It offers a lot more hope then New York. Who basically have nothing but money to spend as they have stripped the franchise down to the bare bones to prepare for People in New York would make the argument that wherever James would go others would follow. Which is true but at least in Chicago you already have some chemistry with the people that are there.

The Bulls also have a vacant coaching position that could allow them to sign someone that may interest James and the other top name free agents like Bosh and Wade. For the majority of the season, many felt James would stay put with the Cavs.

However, this unexpected exit from the playoffs has made everyone re-evaluate. James says that he and his team would be his management team, will discuss everything and have a game plan. Clearly the one Mike Brown had this season did not work. By the time you read this Brown will likely be fired and Cavs will also have that open coaching spot as a chip. If you polled media and fans they would say both James and Bosh are more likely to go to a new team. However, with Dwyane Wade you would get a much different result.

Most feel that he will remain in Miami and stick with the Heat.

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Wade is a native of Chicago and it may make more sense for him to come home then to land James for the Bulls. If Wade or James go to Chicago they will have to live with the rather large legacy that is Michael Jordan. Both were big Jordan fans as kids and may embrace that idea. Some feel it would cast a massive shadow on them that it would be wise to avoid.

Where the Big 3 of free agency will end up will be the story of this off-season. Some dark horses in this free-agent frenzy could be New Jersey who are in part owned by Jay-Z. However, the majority owner of the franchise is a Russian Billionaire who is taking over and long rumoured move to Brooklyn may just happen. But would any of these 3 guys take that risk seems unlikely to me. The Heat have won a Championship and that is something Bosh and James both have not done.

Maybe that is why many people feel Wade is less likely to move.

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But since he won that ring with Shaq, things have not exactly been great in Miami. The franchise has been a playoff team but not a real serious contender. Many throw out the Bosh to Miami idea and that would be ironic. But is that enough for Wade? Clearly Miami would need to give up some things to get Bosh.

This is because Bosh is going to come via the sign and trade option. This would leave Miami with little money left and 2 max contract players moving forward if Bosh and Wade both get the contracts they desire. He coached Wade to that championship but also coached the Heat to a disappointing season as well.

Something Wade pointed out when he was asked about the comments made by Riley. Pat of course did this before and pushed out Stan Van Gundy. If the goal is just to win. Oklahoma City is the place to be. Kevin Durant is the rising star in the NBA and has a lot of young talent riding with him. Here is the problem if you like the nightlife as well, which all 3 of these gentlemen do to varying degrees.

OKC does not have a lot to offer you. But if you want a ring and want a place where basketball will be your focus for the majority of your day and night, well then OKC is a perfect fit. If you are filthy rich and looking for a place in Toronto, Miami or Cleveland we might have a place for you to call home. Check back with us on July 1st for details. These are just the top 3 prizes of this class.

Many more will be a part of this game. It is likely the most important off-season in the NBA for the most people in the leagues history. Well for fans and players there may be a lot learning just how hard it is this summer. While recording two studio albums with Day26 and three seasons of Making The Band 4, Que began to have disagreements with his band mates about their management and received a letter from the other members asking him to leave the group.

Que was determined that departing from Day26 would not be the write off of his music career. On a recent visit to Toronto to host an event at Guvernment Nightclub, Que sat down with me to clear up what happened on Making the Band and Day26 and to talk about his big upcoming endeavors as a solo artist. He wanted to sign a contract to 2, of our funds. Anything that we acquire — all our funds, 17 everything even if we pass away, will be given to him and his family — it was under Virginia law — so basically, it was like some bullshit!

And so now having all that in the past, do you have any beef with Day26? Do you keep in touch? Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Would you ever consider working with any of the guys from Day 26 in the future? Do you feel the way the fallout with you and the guys was depicted wrong on Making the Band? Yeah it was crazy! See, we were arguing over — it was crazy.

They showed and made it seem like I was sensitive and I was crying over just bullshit. Was that kind of hard to be on the show and to be going through a relationship at the same time as you were trying to be in a band? Are there any decisions or actions that you regret while you were with Day26 or while you were on the show?

Not doing that no more! So you think everything worked out for the best?

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They go their way, I go my way. We can be a group, just be honest! Do you find it difficult to reintroduce yourself to the public since millions of people have already heard you sing, seen you perform and have already kind of gotten to know your personality through the TV show?

Do you feel like you putting out that video setting the record straight helped to stop all the rumours and the confusion about what really happened?

Sort of, kind of. Some people are just … stupid [laughs]. The Que Files is available on soberetertainment,com. I can sing, I have talent. And how long did that project take you to put together? So it took me about two weeks. Limited Editions The Blazin Dancehall series lives up to its name, with infectious riddims, hard lyrics, energetic vibes.

For the up to the time Dancehall listeners, this collection is essential.

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