Skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

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skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

Finally kiss! Manga: Skip beat! Ren Tsuruga as Kuon and Kyoko. Manga couple, chapter , anime kiss, manga kiss. While their relationship wasn't as close as Kyoko's relationship with Julie, they had been getting closer. Kyoko looked at her mother, shocked that Ren would tell her. It was a sign that .. "This is a short quiz," Kuu chided her. Ren never imagined that agreeing to give Kyoko a ride home would . He'd have to quiz Ren about it later. Putting on his most charming smile the director did his best to generalize Ren's supposed relationship with Kyoko.

After talking to him I confirmed they were talking about each other, so I put them into contact. Lory tends to think nothing is coincidence, so when he saw that we shared a birthday and were both raised in America he thought it would be appropriate to put us into contact.

I didn't meet him until the premiere in London due to our busy schedules, but we do text back and forth quite often," Ren explained. She only sees me as her esteemed sempai, anyways. The host still had one question. When I saw him turn towards me, I turned towards him, and our lips touched! He was genuinely surprised he had managed to convince Lory that the kiss was a mistake. Spur of the moment, yes; mistake, no.

Of course he knew he had to protect Ren's identity, but that didn't mean he wouldn't take the chance to bring Lory into this. He liked trying to stupefy his son because he knew he never could, confirming his belief that his son was very clever. Kyoko and Ren both whipped around to view the monitor, which would show what was going on TV.

Neither had heard of any official proposal photos, let alone given permission for their release. One of the photos was the first one Kuu had seen: It was taken from behind such that his face was entirely obscured, but Kyoko's astonished face and most of her designer dress were entirely visible. The second photo was again taken from behind Kuon's back, but this time he was standing up and lifting Kyoko off the ground. Kyoko's face was visible above his shoulder. Tears stained her cheeks and a brilliant smile lit her face.

Thankfully Kyoko was next to Kuu, but not Ren. She shoved her face into his shoulder in embarrassment. I doubt she told Kuon either — he would've flat out refused and forced them all out before any of the beautiful pictures could be taken.

But I have been trying to listen in on her nightly conversations with Kuon. He doesn't talk to me at all, only her," Kuu said indignantly. He says he didn't want me to cancel promotional appearances to watch, but I doubt it. My schedule keeps me too busy to find him myself and force him to talk," Kuu admitted.

The announcer proceeded to announce a commercial break, signaling the end to any silly conversation that Kyoko needed to be worried about. She knew enough about the film and her character to not be worried for those questions.

Upon arrival into America, fans of Kyoko were waiting at the airport. It was good that Ren had to be Kuon for flights, because it made for less questions when she squeaked and hid behind him. For his part, Kuon wore sunglasses and slicked his hair back to evoke Kuu, playing down any similarities to Ren. He altered his posture to one that was more similar to his younger self than Ren as well.

Luckily the airport was used to celebrity arrivals and kept the fans behind a barrier. Staff ushered them and their baggage out to a limo hired by the production company. Kuu arrived with the young couple, but waited back to soak up attention for his superfans that had shown up.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

The limo brought them to a hotel, where they would have exactly one hour to get ready for the slew of promotion and interviews they would endure in the week they'd be in the US.

Kyoko helped Ren dye his hair back to brown in her hotel room before both got dressed separately in their outfits for the day.

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In the lobby, producers worked to rush them to their interviews. The press junket had taken place in the UK for short interviews and the press conference, so the US was primarily TV appearances.

The ones in New York featured a mish mash of the cast. Sometimes it would be just Ren or Kuu, sometimes it would be Ren and Brent, and once it featured all four with the director.

Of course, Kyoko was rarely asked anything other than about her relationship to Ren and Kuon. She was too shy to butt in on the answers of her costars, so she mostly sat next to them, looking pretty.

A few times she was asked about the movie, but for the most part Brent butted in to answer those questions for her, particularly about the difficult scene. In LA, the interviews featured all four members of the main cast. One show even had them play a game. While Kyoko and Ren had to guess the meaning of increasingly difficult words, Brent and Kuu had to do the same for Japanese words.

The words started out easily enough, but quickly became words so obscure not even the native speakers of each language could tell the audience what they meant. Ren and Kyoko won out in the end, while Brent and Kuu were dropped into a ball pit. The premiere happened in the middle of the interview schedule, so Kyoko had little time to dress herself and put make-up on.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

She would arrive with the Hizuri family while Ren was expected to take a separate car from his hotel. On the red carpet, they acted friendly, but avoided holding hands. After the movie was done, there was no kiss. Kyoko hadn't attended the after party in anticipation of an interview she was doing the next morning.

She didn't want to go into an interview in English on a short night of sleep. Kuu and Julie had explained that this interview would be about a lot more than the movie, but she wasn't afraid: Kuu instilled that in her. Despite the crazy things this had led her to do, none of it had been a mistake so far. She lay in her well, Kuon's bed at Kuu and Julie's house after a quick shower, steeling herself for the morning.

She stared at the ceiling, waiting to fall asleep. Around midnight, a knock on the door startled Kyoko. She knew the full-time assistant Kuu and Julie kept for their house was long gone for the day.

Kuu and Julie had told her they wouldn't be back until one or two in the morning, but she hoped it was them saying goodnight after coming home early.

She didn't know who else it could be. The door opened and Kyoko cowered under the covers. Kyoko was relieved, almost more than if her parents were home.

After ignoring him all night, she wanted to apologize.

Skip Beat!, Vol. 27

She watched as he pulled a pair of pajamas out of his drawer and began to change. As he got them on she realized they were the same as the pajamas she was wearing — a gift from Julie. She wondered if Julie had gotten them for the whole family. Ren climbed into bed and gave her a chaste kiss. Before she could kiss him back he had already fallen asleep. She swore as she woke up once more in the night she heard Julie's voice on the other side of the door. He's snuggling with Kyoko. Kyoko couldn't tell if he was as intoxicated as Julie, but she could tell he'd had a few drinks of his own.

Kyoko didn't want to hear any more of that conversation, so she hid under the covers and put a pillow over her head. Kuu was making breakfast for Ren and Kyoko while the couple appeared dressed and ready to go for their interview beginning at eleven. It was then that Kyoko realized Ren's parents had always kept extra clothes for him at their house even though it was entirely unnecessary. Perhaps they knew instinctively that he would sneak in to be with Kyoko some time, or maybe they were hopeful that he would get lonely and come back to them one day.

On the kitchen's TV was an entirely composed Julie. As usual, she appeared perfect. Despite her heavy drinking the last night, she appeared awake, alert, and entirely sober.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

There weren't even signs of a hangover. We have no idea how she gets so drunk and then suffers no effects from it," Ren whispered to Kyoko.

Will you be designing her wedding night ensemble as well? The original lingerie was designed to seduce my oblivious son. I think a woman is at her sexiest when she's most confident, but he'd ignored her advances when she acted confident. So I knew I had to up the sexy factor," Julie explained.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

Kyoko wondered what that meant. She hadn't made sexual advances at Ren prior to the night they were engaged.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship quizzes

Always Call Me Turning his head at the sound of his name being called by a familiar voice Ren naturally hid his delight as he turned around to wait for her to catch up, watching her weave between the various show business people miling around the front lobby to get to him.

Shoving his hands into his pockets Ren absently wondered if perhaps she was having problems with a job or just wanted to chat for a moment or two. Thankfully he wasn't in any hurry, since he'd had a cancellation due to weather conditions.

His next three hours were completely free and hers if need be. What can I help you with, Miss. Even if he hadn't been free, he'd have found some way to etch out some time for her, Ren thought ruefully. He was stupid in love with her that way. Hello Kyoko, good bye work ethic. You can decline if you want though, I would perfectly understand. In fact, it's stupid, I shouldn't be bothering you with it, I should never have promised Taisho I'd ask you.

Please forgive my impudence in asking you! Grabbing her arm to keep her from running off Ren didn't want her to get away before she'd explained.

Deliberately using the smile that seemed to unnerve her best, Ren hoped it would throw her enough off balance to have her spilling. Her cheeks going pink it was obvious Kyoko didn't want to say, but knew better than to think she could get away with not spilling her guts to him, especially when he was aiming his evil Heavenly Smile at her, which made her naturally want to spill her guts just to get away from its brilliance.

There was no way in hell he was letting her walk home by herself, especially if there was even the slightest chance she might run into these men. Not that she was weak, but she was also remarkably unobservant sometimes, which tended to be her undoing in dangerous situations.

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Her face indecisive, Kyoko was reluctant to accept if it would remotely put him out. Mind frantically reviewing his work schedule Ren barely hid his wince from her. He was working until at least ten thirty, and that was if everything went according to plan.

Shoving a hand through his hair Ren tried to figure out how he was going to work this out. Yoshiro pick you up from your last job and bring you to mine. I have to appear on a show that doesn't end until ten thirty. He was a professional actor after all, he knew how to manipulate someone better than a king's entire court. She didn't have to work until ten too, so it wasn't like she wouldn't be able to get enough sleep, though she was usually always in bed by ten thirty.

She knew he could just be pretending it wasn't a problem. Yashiro should have arrived at the set to pick Kyoko up by now. Fifteen minutes to show time for him as well. Looking around Ren absently nodded to a colleague of his, one of the five men that were appearing on the show tonight.

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Apparently they'd taken a poll as to the top five men in the entertainment industry their viewers would like to see, and some moron had thought it would be a brilliant idea to put them all on at once. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to get out of it.

Not that he had a problem with three of them, it was the forth that he wanted to personally push out a twenty story building window onto a bed of glass and nails. Never had he hated another human being more. He disliked the man even more than he did his former self, which was definitely saying something.

The feeling was entirely mutual. Standing on the opposite side of the room Sho was also thinking just how happy he would be if Ren Tsuruga were to meet an unfortunate end, preferably one he himself had a hand in causing.

The slick, 'I'm So Cool' bastard. What Kyoko saw in him was completely beyond Sho's comprehension. Sharing a dark, message filled stare with the older man, it seemed that the room got colder from their animosity alone. She'd begged the president to step in and stop Sho from appearing with Ren Tsuruga, but all to no avail.

Apparently the president thought that an out and out brawl between the two would only boost Sho's record sales. XD Still have a general one planned, if I ever get it done. But I like Skip Beat! The more people who point out questionable things, the better, I say. The thing with the formality in Ren and Kyouko I hope will soon but surely slowly be resolved. The mangaka is working on that exact thing with the latest chapters, and seeing Corn and Kyouko get along so well makes me really excited for the future and what their relationship will be like!

As you said, I think many people use it as a statement of mutual commitment. It just reminds me of someone laying claim to something like you might with an inanimate object, telling someone else to stay away from it.

I think he only now started understanding his own feelings. Imagine how different all the controlling situations would have been if he and Kyoko had been in an established relationship or aware of each others feelings.

Kyoko would have never accepted a dress from her coworker and I think she would have acted with way more anger towards Sho.