Sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

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sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

Although Sirius believed Voldemort or his Death Eaters Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and James Potter. At Hogwarts, Sirius became close friends with fellow Gryffindors James Potter, . due to his mental connection to Voldemort and the external pressures of the. Harry and Sirius by the Black family tapestry at number twelve, Grimmauld Place They shared many of the same ideals as Voldemort, even if they weren't but ' The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black' shows that Sirius's relationship.

Over the years, fans were keen to point out the many mistakes or creative liberties that the creative team took with the source material. The visual effects supervisor for Prisoner of Azkaban was Karl Mooney, and his friends thought it might be fun to put his name on the map he helped create. Rowling seems to have a good time slowly revealing facts about the Harry Potter universe to fans. Inshe finally revealed — on Twitter no less — that Sirius Black was born on November 3.

If she really wanted to throw fans a curve ball, and totally mess up a bunch of fan fictions, she could drop that bomb on us someday. In typically clever-if-slightly-obvious J.

Rowling fashion, each of the animals they end up turning into reflect their respective personalities in more ways than one. Wolves are also often symbols of guardianship and familial loyalty, and those are traits that he exhibited both in his relationship to his fellow Marauders, and in his mentoring of Harry. His favourite cousin, Andromedawas disowned by the family as a " blood traitor " when she married Ted Tonksa Muggle-born wizard. Sirius would later share this designation and was held in contempt, even hatred, by some members of his family.

sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

However, in his later life, Sirius established friendships with his first cousin once removed, Nymphadora Tonksas well as his godson Harry Potter whom he loved as a sonHarry's best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasleyhis third cousin and his distant cousins in the Weasley family. He was distantly related to Arthur. I'll never forget the first time I walked through those doors.

sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

It'll be nice to do it again as a free man. Sirius also took great care in hanging Gryffindor banners all over his room at Number 12 Grimmauld Place to show his difference from the rest of the family.

When Crouch headed the Aurors Department, he championed using desperate measures against Death Eatersachieving some results.

sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

Crouch presided over his son's trial, convicting him. Crouch lost his son, who died in prison, his wife, who passed away shortly after, and his chance to be the Minister of Magic, eventually getting shunted aside to the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

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Sirius suspects Crouch wants to capture one last Dark Wizard to revive his career. Sirius also has no idea what the object on Karkaroff's arm could be.

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Ludo Bagman was quoted in interviews as saying that Bertha has a bad memory, though Sirius recalls she had an excellent one in school, at least for gossip. Sirius also wonders why Bagman has been offering to help Harry win the Tournament. After Bartemius Crouch mysteriously appears and then disappears at Hogwarts, Harry writes Sirius, but his response only scolds Harry for straying out of bounds with another Triwizard Champion. Other Champions might do anything, including attacking Harry, to win.

Hermione agrees with Sirius, saying that Harry is safe inside the school, though Harry is annoyed that his godfather orders him to stay put. As Harry prepares for the Third TaskSirius sends messages filled with adjurations to ignore events outside Hogwarts; Harry's only priority should be safely navigating the Third Task maze.

Sirius continues sending messages almost entirely filled with tips and tricks for casting charms and jinxes. Following the Tournament's final event, Barty Crouch, Jr. After Barty's confession, Dumbledore takes Harry to his office where Sirius, ragged and worried, awaits.

Sirius Black

Sirius feels Harry should rest, but Dumbledore insists that Harry immediately face what happened. Harry recounts Cedric Diggory's murder and Voldemort's resurrection in the graveyard. Dumbledore then escorts Harry to the Hospital Wing, telling Sirius, back in his dog form, that he can stay with Harry. After Cornelius Fudge dismisses Dumbledore's and Harry's claims about Voldemort, Dumbledore requests that Snape and Sirius put aside their mutual animosity and maintain a cooperative truce.

He assigns both missions; Snape's is unknown, but Sirius, still a fugitive, is to alert "the old crew", then hide out at Remus Lupin's place. Order of the Phoenix [ edit ] A haggard-looking Sirius greets Harry, who arrives at Number 12, Grimmauld Placethe Black family's ancient home and now the Order of the Phoenix headquarters.

Sirius is still a fugitive, and Peter Pettigrew has presumably informed Voldemort about Sirius' Animagus dog shape, effectively confining Sirius to his hated home. Harry and the Weasleys staying there have temporarily lifted Sirius' spirits. At Sirius' suggestion, and over Mrs.

Weasley's objections, Harry is permitted to ask questions about Voldemort. Sirius lets slip that the Order is guarding something that Voldemort wants, but Mrs.

Weasley abruptly ends the conversation.

sirius black and harry potter relationship to voldemort

Weasley, and the younger crew work to make the dilapidated house habitable again. Kreacherthe Black family's old and apparently senile House-elfwho only took orders from Walburga Black's mad, shrieking portrait, grudgingly obeys Sirius' commands. A scorch mark shows where his name was blasted off after he rejected the family's pure-blood ethos and ran away. Sirius points out other relatives, including his brother Regulusan apparent Death Eater who is rumored to have been killed by Voldemort.

As the students' departure date near, Sirius grows despondent again. Harry suspects Sirius' increased depression actually dates from Harry's Ministry hearing; if convicted, Harry would probably have stayed with Sirius at Grimmauld Place rather than return to Hogwarts.

Sirius, in dog form, accompanies the party to King's Cross Station to see the students off. He is evidently recognized by Lucius Malfoybecause shortly after, the Daily Prophet reports Sirius was spotted in London. A story also appears in the Quibbler suggesting Sirius is innocent, though the Quibbler's journalistic standards are considered spurious. Sirius responds that the Order does not believe she is a Death Eater.

Cornelius Fudge is paranoid that Dumbledore is building a secret wizard army to overthrow the Ministry, which is why Umbridge banned magic in Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. Both Harry and Hermione veto Sirius' suggestion to meet during the next Hogsmeade Village weekend, claiming it is too dangerous. Sirius chides Harry for being so cautious, unlike his father, James. Sirius warns Harry that Mrs. Weasley knows about Harry's secret D. A classes, and she forbids Ron to join; she advises Harry and Hermione to forego it, though Sirius approves.

While discussing possible meeting locations, Umbridge's hand suddenly appears in the fireplace, grabbing at where Sirius' floating head has just vanished. Just before Christmas, Harry reports dreamed that Mr. Weasley was attacked at the Ministry of Magic. Dumbledore alerts the Order, and Mr. Weasley is found alive, but seriously injured. On arrival, Harry whiffs cooking sherry odors clinging to Sirius. Sirius vetoes Fred and George going to the hospital, saying the Order wants Harry's ability to "see" things from hundreds of miles away kept secret.

Harry privately tells Sirius that he observed the attack from the snake's point-of-view, and felt intense rage toward Dumbledore when their gazes met.

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Sirius says he will inform Dumbledore, but Harry should not dwell on it. Weasley is expected to make a full recovery, and Sirius is overjoyed that everyone is staying for the holidays. Sirius seems unconcerned when Hermione is unable to find Kreacher, saying a House-elf is prohibited from leaving his master's home without permission.

When Kreacher reappears, Harry notices that he is watching him speculatively, making Harry uneasy. Depressed that Harry is soon returning to Hogwarts, Sirius gives him a charmed mirror, saying Harry can contact him anytime with it. Harry privately resolves never to use it, fearing it will risk Sirius being captured. Back at Hogwarts, a surprisingly and suspiciously friendly Professor Umbridge summons Harry to her office.

She offers him a drink that Harry suspects contains Veritaserumand quietly discards it. Umbridge asks about Dumbledore's and Sirius' whereabouts; when Harry responds he does not know, Umbridge mentions that all Hogwarts fireplaces except hers are being monitored.

Harry peers into a Pensieve containing Snape's memories and observes the teen-aged Sirius and James mercilessly bullying Snape. Pettigrew eggs them on, while Remus Lupin, then a Gryffindor prefectdoes nothing. Snape returns and discovers Harry viewing his memories; furious and embarrassed, he ejects Harry from his office, ending their Occlumency lessons. Disturbed by what he witnessed, Harry contacts Sirius, who admits that he and James were uncaring, foolish, and reckless youths, but claims Snape was far from innocent.

That James matured into a kind and compassionate man, does little to soothe Harry, who could never behave as his father. Both Sirius and Lupin are alarmed that Harry's Occlumency classes with Snape ended, and urge him to restart. But the students have been lured into an ambush—a dozen Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoyare lying in wait. They need Harry to retrieve a Prophecy concerning Harry and Voldemort. Dumbledore has also arrived and confronts Voldemort. As Sirius duels his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, her spell stuns him, sending his rigid body through a veiled stone archway.

Harry rushes after him, but Lupin restrains him, saying it is too late. Dumbledore explains later that when Harry attempted to reach Sirius using the Floo Network, Kreacher lied about his godfather's whereabouts. At Christmas, when Sirius dismissed Kreacher, he manipulated that into permission to leave the house, going to the only Black relative he felt still upheld the family's values: Barred from revealing any Order of the Phoenix secrets, he could tell the Malfoys about Harry and Sirius' relationship.

This allowed Voldemort to fabricate the false dream that led Harry to the Ministry. Harry hopes that Sirius has become a ghost, but Nearly Headless Nick dispels that, saying Sirius, not fearing death, would have gone on. Luna Lovegood later tells Harry that the dead are not really gone, just waiting.