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Bleach Creator Comments On Ichigo's Controversial Love Triangle

sunling is a fanfiction author that has written 25 stories for Inuyasha, Bleach, Final Fantasy X, Joined Dec 12, , id: , Profile Updated: Aug 17, At the end of the manga we see that Ichigo and the gang get together at his place . We are shown a young girl and a young boy: We then see Rukia and Renji arrive at The last clue we are given to the relationships is that of the title of the last. Follows: - Updated: Mar 25, - Published: Mar 20, - id: The Peace Talks between Lord Ichigo and Rukia's brother had carried on much longer than usual. . How can we inflict yet another tax upon the people when so many of our farmers, our " is your relationship with that man?".

Each of the shinigami has learned this the hard way. The hardest lies to disprove are the ones you tell yourself. An irresistible odyssey through the realms of land, sea and air Rukia is freaked out by how well Ichigo and Renji get along.

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So what happens when the most tactile and the least tactile members of Slayers end up stuck in a snow storm? Rurouni Kenshin - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: A glimmering glance inside Ravel's twisting, turning mind. Jade Empire - Rated: I do not own Bleach or any Bleach affiliates. Odalisque Chapter 10 "Morning Sunshine," Ichigo drawled as he sauntered into the office. Today was Monday and, unlike most other Mondays, Ichigo wasn't actually in a bad mood.

Perhaps it was because of the entire yesterday he had spent doing nothing but sitting on his couch, drinking cold beer, watching painfully manly movies, and sleeping. Either way Ichigo felt good. Normally he only felt like this after he had pulled off a successful have-sex-and-leave act.

But today there was no lingering sensation of sex to propel such a fantastic mood. It was just waking up to an early summers' day, drinking stimulating coffee, and driving his Benz to work. And of course, he couldn't forget, there was Rukia's pleasant face to look forward to this morning.

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He saw her fight the desperate urge to roll her eyes at him. He grinned at her self control and watched as she typed into her computer. Honestly, it was quite refreshing to be around a woman who would sooner bite his head off than bat her eyelashes at him.

Rukia Kuchiki was such a woman. She wasn't going to swagger around the office, flirting and simpering and twirling her hair at him as she tried to catch his eye. Hell no, the Chappy coffee mug, remember? She'd save it before she saved him. Somehow, that was a kind of comfort. This was one woman he could hate, pure and simple. He could loathe her until the day he could no longer piss himself properly and not feel bad about it.

He could hate her, she could hate him, and together they would spar verbally while trying and push sharp pens into each others spinal columns. Not to mention they would be totally at ease with it all. It was soothing… this kind of hate was even sort of reassuring. He shrugged his shoulders and took a swill of his coffee.

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Rukia snorted and shook her head at him, her gaze focused on her computer, "From what I've read you're not into S and M. He turned to her and stared poignantly, "Wait a sec… what you've read? What exactly did you read? Her answer was far too ambiguous for his liking. Not to mention she had that look in her face that told him she was going to personally guarantee his misery for the next ten minutes.

His frown deepened and his mind searched back to a previous conversation they had. There were only a few of them so it wasn't exactly hard. It was about his previous relationships… something she had said… "Please don't tell me that you've got something going with Inoue," she said after a moment. His answer was far too quick and her wickedly spreading grin told him just that.

It's not like I didn't expect it. I mean, with your history…" Ichigo's eyes narrowed and his temper rose, "My history? What exactly do you mean by that? Heard as in office gossip, word of the street, talking by the water cooler… that kind of heard. She twisted until her entire body was facing in his direction. I don't really see a very big difference between the two.

Bleach Creator Comments On Ichigo's Controversial Love Triangle

Great, just great… Ichigo growled inwardly. His sister had researched him on the internet and now his coworker had done the exact same thing. This was ridiculous; how many other people were going to look him up on the internet before he went and looked himself up? What exactly did people write about him? Were they articles about his keen business sensibilities?

How about passages about his lawyerly abilities? Maybe glowing reviews about his sexual performances? What were they all about? He hoped that it was more of the first two than the third. Although it didn't matter to him either way. He was quite positive that any over-zealous woman who ever decided to blog about him would mix together his impressive sexual performances along with his uncanny ability to disappear in the wee hours of the morning.

Plus, he doubted that anyone who bothered to take the time to research him would pass up the more interesting sites for those concerning his business abilities. But I do wonder if they give details, Ichigo thought after a moment. It had the same effect though. Rukia raised her head and creased her brow. She glanced over at him and then looked back down at her computer. I've already called to have them sent up but you might have to go down and get them yourself.

I don't trust their carriers. No… I doubt you'd ever use a word as complicated as that. No, I'd report you to human resources if you did and I guess I can assume that you'd realize that. It might just be ass seeing as how it's non-gender-specific—" "You really love to hear yourself speak, don't you? Ichigo chose to ignore her entire speech about the epithets he was considering for her—he wasn't about to admit that she was right about the name-calling, as he was considering ass to be the next on the list—and closed his eyes for a moment, clearing his mind and his temper before he brought his gaze back to hers.

But do you mean that we've actually finished with that secondary subdivision of the first division of the actual division? He guessed she got that type of emotional control from her brother.

Each time Ichigo had seen that man on television he had been as stoic as a slab of granite. He also had the personality of said slab. His eyes were cold and his voice was flat. Ichigo glanced over at his partner and shrugged, he was glad that she wasn't completely without feeling, like Byakuya Kuchiki was.

He enjoyed her tenacious and vicious company far better with her just the way she was. Mood swings and all. His mind flitted back to their conversation they had had about Inoue last Friday. He recalled that she had seemed… nicer, calmer even. If given a choice he thought that he would rather take the vicious side than the nice side.

With the venomous side, all the cards were immediately out on the table. With her nice side it was more or less obvious that she was hiding something… something probably nasty and vile that was meant for him. She threw him a sharp look, "This entire merger would be over much faster if you decided to come in earlier and stay later. I said that I intend to keep my social life social, I will not be holed up in this trench with you longer than I have to," he shuddered theatrically and extended his index finger towards her, smirking.

If I'm not mistaken, I do believe that for the past week you've come into this office at about quarter of eight, not eight thirty like we agreed on. So, in accordance with these facts, I do not have any terms to agree to, meaning that I can come in whenever I want. I practically gave you a reason to stay in bed for—God forbid—an extra hour and you don't even take me up on it.

It's like you actually enjoy doing this stuff. Or, better yet, don't you have a pet to take care of? No hobbies… at all? Maybe she just spent all of her time online looking up priceless Chappy the Rabbit memorabilia.

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This woman was one weird piece of work. If you must know I'm always up and on my way to work by at least seven. Ichigo frowned and shook his head in aggravation. Rukia just calmly sipped on her cup of coffee—in the Chappy mug—and clicked on a couple things on her computer. Do you have a second job at a fish market or something?

Isn't that a tad bit extreme? And while I realize that the early bird gets the worm isn't there such a thing as too early? Aren't all the worms still asleep by then? Still confused about his worm analogy, Ichigo turned to her and queried.

How long is a 'small jog? When it comes to clan laws however Ah, everything suddenly makes so much more sense. Even Kyouraku has problems keeping those nosy old busybodies out of Gotei 13 business.

Is that what this is all about? The Shiba Clan did nothing wrong, it was Aizen who pulled the wool over the higher-ups for the umpteenth time, and Central 46 still wants to wring as many concessions out of us as possible before letting Kuukaku-nee move the clan back in? Kurosaki Isshin may be his father but Ichigo was the one who raised himself and his two sisters, and it was Shinji who helped him settle into his new life in Soul Society, walked him through his responsibilities, explained currency and taxes to him, and even took him shopping a couple times at the beginning to point out which fabric and cutting of traditional Japanese clothing should be worn when meeting with various groups of people.

Or maybe he just found himself again, buried under all those expectations and pressure. Ichigo glances down at the file again before fixing his father with a sharp glare. You want me to pull a runner too? Not when no one will ever be able to track him if he doesn't want them to. At least three-quarters of the Gotei 13 would follow him out the door should Ichigo ever be pushed to leave, and everybody knew it.

Kaien made sure the law was passed for the Shibas, and not even Central 46 would be able to deny that right, so they wouldn't be able to use the marriage law against our clan under those circumstances. He stares pensively at the piece of paper in his hands, and he straightens determinedly.