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Do these two have an open relationship? I have binged about 6 seasons into the show recently, and I can't figure it out. It's pretty clear they. Daughter of a human man and a Betazoid woman, Deanna Troi met Riker While Commander Riker manages to maintain a professional relationship with When her path to her goal leads her to Enterprise shortly before its. Riker is an On-Purpose Loser. It would Troi's relationship with Will Riker is perhaps the unhealthiest friendship/romance ever depicted on TV.

The last time they saw each other, according to this Riker's memory, was on Betazed - the day before he started his tour on the Potemkin. Riker recalls that they were going to meet on Risa six weeks later. Troi interrupts him and tells him that they never did meet up in Risa. She tells him that he earned a promotion very quickly and chose to make his career a priority.

There wasn't much time for anything else.


They kept in touch, says Troi, but they didn't see each other again until they were both posted on the Enterprise two years later. During TNG they flirted but maintained mostly professional relationship mostly, at Riker's idea. There were a number of episodes when she flirted with him or tried to be alone see Memory Alpha link above.

Evidence that time travel may have already been involved. Data argues that history must be preserved or it would undo the last 40 years. Data goes so far as attempting to kill Troi in the past himself to correct history. There are supporting roles for Data, Wesley as an adult, and Lwaxana, but the rest of the cast only comes in the novel at the end. When I got to read about Picard, Worf and briefly Geordi, it was a treat and I felt like even though it would have further complicated the story, it could have benefited from being framed by a typical TNG story.

The writers thought she was the hardest character to write for, but she managed to hang on. Maybe it had something to do with Denise Crosby leaving the show halfway through the season and the other female cast member Gates McFadden also on the way out.

Pulaski as the only female lead? The show never would have made it past the second season!

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Riker always seemed redundant. Picard, after all, was sort of a diplomat, but still was an effective fighter of both space battles and fist cuffs when pushed. The only area where he needed Riker was to manage the crew since Picard had a sort of stand-offish approach to being the Captain. To prove he is redundant, name a situation where Picard and Riker would captain the Enterprise differently?

They are practically interchangeable! This is not about revenge. This is about justice. The Captain died in a bar fight for nothing. Somebody has to answer for that. Then I can mourn. It is selfish, and his reaction is proof that she has made her point. She notes that it feels like it belongs to someone else. The only thing even remotely familiar is Riker: Can you remember anything specific about us?

I hope their good feelings. But my soulmate supposition might also explain some of it, as well. She discovers a book in his quarters: Ode to Psyche, John Keats. Will; All my love, Deanna. That may explain some of the familiar feelings we have. The Next Generation, Conundrum My mind runs rampant trying to figure out the backstory regarding her choosing to give him that specific book once upon a time.

Someone who is becoming very important to me. Nothing will change between us, will it? Of course it will. All relationships are constantly changing.

That much will always be true. The Next Generation, The Outcast The fact that Riker felt he needed to tell Troi about his relationship before doing anything drastic speaks volumes as to what Troi means to him. As I noted above, it was this film that cemented my love for Deanna Troi. This blog has convinced my friend and fellow writer, Ashleyto begin watching TNG.