Remember the titans julius and gerry relationship questions

Remember the Titans and the Civil Rights Movement: WaitGerry Dies?

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship questions

Based on a true story, Remember the Titans spotlights the character formation of those caught in Gary and Julius stand nose to nose, and every line is heated. REMEMBER THE TITANS Questions Directions: Using your own paper, Describe the following relationships A. Coach Boone & Coach Yoast They begin as C. Julius Campbell & Gerry Bertier They were apart at first but it appears to me. Two different people, but also so alike. As the movie progresses their relation ship gets stronger, they both have good hearts, their both strong.

During this time, football was one of the most revered and celebrated sports in Virginia, especially at the high school level. Consequently, the film puts the beloved game of football to its ultimate test, as Coach Boone strives to drive his racially diverse team to victory through teaching his team the importance of respect, hard work, and the true meaning of friendship. We see transformations of various characters throughout the film, yet one very notable character I found most dynamic was Gerry Bertier, a white American student.

As captain of the football team, Gerry is forced to face the inevitable changes surrounding him and his leadership towards the team is put to an ultimate challenge. Ultimately, he sees no justification or reasons for the integration and disfavors the new policies. As Gerry remains mentally tied to the previous norms and regulations of race in society, his attitude opposing the new changes ultimately escalates.

In this manner, his ego becomes inflated. At the training camp, one of the most classic scenes in the film is the inspirational speech Coach Boone gives to the team at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. Nicky showed Sheryl that she had just got her nails done so she could not play. Near the end of the movie, both Nicky and Sheryl celebrated as the Titans won the championship. Gerry Sunshine kissed Gerry because he called him fruitcake. Nikki and Karen 'This is Nikki, and little Karen.

Julius was an African American and he roomed with Gerry Bertier up at camp.

Remember the Titans (describe Gary and Julius's relationship?)?

They did not get along at first but they then became best friends. When Julius and Gerry celebrated one night with the team, Gerry drove off and got into a car accident. Julius found out from Coach Boone that Gerry was paralyzed from the waist down and went to see Gerry. In Gerry's room, the nurse told Julius that only family was allowed but Gerry told her that Julius was his "brother" as in a great friend and she allowed Julius to visit Gerry.

Julius remarked that he should have been in the car instead of Gerry but Gerry told him to not be foolish since he would be paralyzed. Petey Petey said this after they won the first game.

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship questions

Louie He said this when Coach Boone asked him to tell his teammates about the guy he was rooming with. Gettysburg Cemetery While they were at camp, Coach Boone took them to Gettysburg Cemetery to try to teach them a lesson.

He wanted them to listen to the souls and learn from the past and 'maybe, just maybe, we can learn to play this game like men. Did a plot really exist with the referees to ensure that the Titans would lose a game?

In the movie Remember the Titans, we see Coach Yoast Will Patton confront a crooked referee, telling him to call the game fairly or else he'll expose the whole plot to make the Titans lose the game, resulting in the firing of Coach Boone. Coach Yoast also tells the ref that he'll personally see to it that the ref never works again. This incident never really happened. Was Coach Yoast's daughter Sheryl really a football fanatic like she was portrayed to be in the film?

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship questions

Sheryl wasn't as deeply intense about football as the film depicts. Sheryl ends up watching game films with Boone instead. In reality, this never happened. I wish she had spent any time with my children. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Unlike in the film, the real Sheryl Yoast had three sisters and she lived with her mother.

Bill Yoast did convey to producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he wasn't happy about this. I don't like to look like I only have one daughter,'" says Yoast of his conversation with Bruckheimer.

Remember the Titans Movie True Story - Gerry Bertier, Bill Yoast, Herman Boone - Real Story

Sheryl's three sisters, however, were okay with the storyline, which was part of the reason it made it into the film ESPN. Inthe real Sheryl Yoast passed away from a heart condition that had gone undetected for years. She was not alive when the movie was made.

Did the racial incident in the restaurant actually happen? As reported on the '71 Titans Web Site, this did not actually happen. Even though the attitude portrayed by the restaurant may have been similar to existing establishments in the United States at that time, this scene was a fictional device created to help emphasize the racial tension in the movie's storyline.

Did someone really throw a brick through Coach Herman Boone's window? No, it was actually much worse than a brick. It was a toilet commode. I guess Disney, being the family movie production company that it is, felt that to depict a toilet stool coming through your window was a bit much I've never gotten over that incident that particular night, because I could never understand how anybody could feel so bad about another human being as to throw a toilet commode through a window.

The real Herman Boone did not own a gun. Williams Titans ever dance on the field during warm-ups like in the movie? The Titans never did a song and dance routine on the field during warm-ups. Were the Titans often the underdogs, as the film implies? In fact, by the end of the season including playoffs the T.

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Williams Titans were and ranked second in the nation. They dominated almost every game that they played, shutting out their opponents in nine of their thirteen games and outscoring them by a margin of The championship game was a blowout as well, unlike what we see in the film. Below is the Titans schedule showing the scores of each game. In real life, Gerry Bertier was paralyzed in a car accident, but it happened after the season ended, after the Titans had already played the championship game.

On December 11,Gerry was coming home from the T.