Remember the titans julius and gerry relationship poems

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remember the titans julius and gerry relationship poems

Movies: Remember the Titans fanfiction archive with over stories. Gerry Bertier/Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass A poem based on the movie called Remember the Titans. on the team is starting to get suspecious and on top of all that she has a major crush on Jerry "The Rev" Harris and somehow has a connection w/ him. Sep 4, At the beginning of Garry and Julius's relationship they wouldn't acknowledge each other they started as enemies. Julius kept to himself. 88 quotes - Additionally, Great-Quotes has more than million other easily searchable of course, but before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans. "[Julius visits Gerry in the hospital] .. Love · Funny · Inspirational · Life · Friendship · Motivational · Relationships · Happiness · Cute Quotes · Attitude.

Meanwhile, he develops a close friendship with Julius, a Black player on the team, and the prejudice attitudes he once held were completely erased.

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship poems

Thus, the discipline he enforces across the team not only involves the actual training routines, but also the manner in which the team interacts with one another and getting every one to treat each other fairly and respectfully.

The beginning of the piece starts with the sound of a piano and the notes are being played at a slow to medium pace connoting a calmer tone.

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship poems

Yet, the notes are also being played at a lower key, which also connotes a bit of suspense and seriousness. Soon, the sound of other instruments, like the electric guitar, bass, and drums enter in and the sound no longer connote tranquility but more so intensity and stress.

Gerry later learns that both of his legs had become paralyzed as result of the accident. This sudden turn of events are reflective of this song in the way in which the notes go from calm with the piano to suddenly very loud and intense with the guitars and drums. Gerry Bertier is able to do just that by still demonstrating his great leadership through cheering on the team and maintaining high hopes and spirits, despite not being able to play in the championship game.

It is centred on two parallel stories: If there is more than one plot, what are some of the sub-plots ofthe story? Sheryl Yoast is the narrator of the film. From whose point of view POV is the story told?

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Is that consistentthroughout, or are there other points of view that are shown? Sheryl Yoast provides that voice over for the film, and we see a lot of theaction through her eyes. We seethings from the POV of both coaches and several of the players. Conflicts drive the plot…Conflict: Desegregation has forced the black schooland the white school to integrate, whichhas meant that two football teams ofdifferent races now need to join together asone.

Coach Yoast, a successful white coach hasbeen replaced with Coach Boone, a lesser-known black coach. This is a cause of greatconflict among the white players, theparents and between the two coachesthemselves. Some of them are very small, whileothers are much bigger. Sheryl vs Nicky — small conflictMrs Bertier and Emma vs Gerry — over his relationship with JuliusCoach Yoast must choose between his white supporters and Boone and the team — itcould cost him the Hall of Fame.

She is a diehard football fan. In one scene, she is passionately debating strategy with Coach Boone. Moreover, her temper tantrums and frustration when plays go against the Titans during the movie are hilarious.

remember the titans julius and gerry relationship poems

Moreover, the film is defined by the relationships between the two coaches as well as the best players, Julius and Gerry. As usual, Denzel Washington delivers a powerful performance. At the beginning of the movie, Denzel is humble and respectful as Coach Boone.

Williams over Yoast as every other head coach in the system is white. Now you are asking me to do the same thing to this man?

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Nonetheless, he accepts the job after he sees the black community rally for him. Just a football coach. At the initial team meeting, running back Petey Jones Donald Faison is cocky and smiling.

In a hilarious scene, Boone jumps all over him asking why he is smiling. In response, Petey responds that football is fun. Immediately, I like that Boone takes control. It is a dictatorship.

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I am the law. If you survive camp, you will be on the team. However, you need to be tough in order to instill discipline into young men who require it. Of course, the biggest challenge Boone has is getting the players to accept the other race and unite as one team.

Remember the Titans (2000)

For this purpose, he forces them to integrate on the buses and dorms. He splits them by defense and offense. He also forces them to spend time with someone of the other race. When these initial measures fail as the white and black players continue to fight and ignore each other, he holds 3-a-day practices until each player meets every one of his teammates.

Moreover, he wakes the team up at 3 AM and has them hitchhike all the way to Gettysburg. In addition, Coach Boone continues to be a driver and a motivator of his team. However, he is unable to execute one of the plays, an option pass to the running back. As such, he is nervous and is unsure about taking over for Rev. When I was fifteen years old I lost my mother and my father in the same month Ronnie, same month. Your team needs you tonight. I love this scene as it symbolizes how Boone is always able to push the proper buttons with his team in order to get the most out of it.

The great Lombardi believes in execution rather than the number of plays. In other words, if a team executes its play, the other team will not stop it anyway. As such, both Lombardi and Boone believe in execution over deception. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile.

Coach Yoast is also a great coach. While Boone coaches through fear, Yoast motivates through love and support. I also like that Yoast is a man of honor who will always do the moral thing. At first, he is unwilling to accept an assistant coach position from Boone.

When the white players threaten to boycott the season if Boone is the head coach, Yoast sets aside his pride and accepts the coaching position. He does it so his players will play the season and the seniors will not lose their chances at athletic scholarships. Before one of the games during the season, the school board tells Yoast that it will fix the next game so it can fire Boone.