Relationship of dental and skeletal radiography maturity indicator

relationship of dental and skeletal radiography maturity indicator

Aim: Investigate the relationship between the dental age (DA) and Strong correlations between dental and skeletal maturation were demonstrated. An orthopantomogram and a hand-wrist radiograph of left hand in. panoramic, cephalometric and carpal radiographs of 78 patients (34 girls and 44 11 It considers eleven indicators of skeletal maturation, which cover the entire the relationship between skeletal maturation stages and tooth calcification by. dental calcification and stages of skeletal maturation. Materials and .. Rai B. Relationship of dental and skeletal radiograph: maturity indicator. Internet J Biol.

The correlation between cervical and dental stages was established for each gender.

relationship of dental and skeletal radiography maturity indicator

A receiver operating characteristic curve analysis was made, and sensitivity and specificity values were established. Sensitivity for dental Stage F, as an indicator of a postmaturation peak stage, was Dental maturation evaluation could contribute determining whether a patient is in a pre- or post-growth spurt stage. Cervical vertebrae, dental maturation, diagnostic test, growing individuals, skeletal maturation How to cite this article: Diagnostic assessment of skeletal maturity through dental maturation in Hispanic growing individuals.

Hence, it is necessary to manage other indicators for a precise determination of the growth spurt. One of the strongest correlations between dental and cervical maturation has been found with the left mandibular second molar as assessed on the panoramic X-ray. One key aspect of establishing a diagnostic test based on panoramic films is that this radiographic examination is broadly ordered by general practitioners during their routine patient examination.

This means that general practitioners would have the opportunity to assess skeletal maturation based on panoramic radiographs without asking for an additional X-ray and, consequently, allowing them timely referral of their patients to the orthodontist if deemed necessary. Although high levels of correlation have been reported between dental and skeletal maturation, [12][16][17][29] this relationship has not been systematically analyzed in Hispano-Americans, an ethnically different population from those previously reported.

Relationship between dental calcification and skeletal maturation in a Peruvian sample

This becomes a relevant issue, as dental development follows a differential timing among different ethnic groups. The present study aimed at exploring dental maturation assessed at the lower left second molar as a diagnostic test for skeletal maturation in a sample of growing individuals in Chile. Materials and Methods Population A collection of panoramic and lateral cephalometric radiographs from children aged 5—15 years old was used.

Every patient's legal guardian signed an informed consent allowing the use of his or her radiographs for research purposes. Selection criteria Panoramic radiographs showing the left mandibular second molar and lateral cephalograms correctly showing the cervical vertebral bodies were included in the study.

Radiographic correlation of dental and skeletal age: Third molar, an age indicator

Patients lacking personal data gender or date of birthpresenting syndromes or pathologies that affect dental eruption, and dental developmental anomalies affecting the teeth were not included in the study. The exposition parameters for panoramic radiographs were 75 kV, 15 mA, and Variables Patients were classified by gender, dental, and cervical vertebral maturation stage.

Dental maturation assessment was done using Demirjian et al. Radiographic stage assessment Panoramic and lateral radiographs were reviewed by one previously calibrated researcher AC. Intraobserver agreement was calculated using the kappa index from two cervical and dental maturation assessments of ten patients carried out 3 weeks apart.

Statistical analysis The correlation between dental and cervical maturation was assessed by gender using the Spearman's coefficient.

Relationship between dental calcification and skeletal maturation in a Peruvian sample

For each gender, receiver operating characteristic ROC curves were made after logistic regression to determine predicted probability. Sensibility and specificity were calculated for best cutoff value, looking for the dental stage that better represented the change from pre- to post-pubertal growth spurt probability cut-off.

It was considered that a better sensibility was more useful, patient that will be under discussion later. The diagnostic value of this test was analyzed by calculating prevalence, positive predictive value PPV and negative predictive value NPVand positive and negative likelihood ratios. Results Intraobserver agreement was calculated using the kappa statistic. For dental maturation, kappa value was 1.

Six hundred and fifty-seven patients were included in the sample. Three hundred and twenty-six patients Descriptive data regarding the cervical maturational status of the sample are presented in [Table 3]. A longitudinal study recording statural heights 3 or total mandibular lengths Co-Gn 4 respectively should had been developed. Besides, data was analyzed through categorization of presence and absence of the peak of pubertal and mandibular growth, in order to help the analysis.

relationship of dental and skeletal radiography maturity indicator

Accurate identification of growth peak is of clinical importance because it determines whether an individual is suitable to undergo orthopedic or surgical treatment; thus, longitudinal studies that evaluate dental calcification are necessary. In spite of the sample was systematically determined, it could be considered comparatively small, which could be another limitation, but actually it represented a careful selection over 6 years of archiving In addition, we showed for first time, results in a Peruvian population with mestizo features which are similar to the rest of the country and even to other South American countries.

The findings of this study could also be useful for other research purposes. The dental calcification stages of second molar and the second premolar showed the highest correlations. The pubertal spurt growth was associated with the G stage of the second mandibular molar, and the mandibular growth peak with the F stage. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Radiographic evaluation of skeletal maturation A clinically oriented method based on hand-wrist films.

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Radiographic correlation of dental and skeletal age: Third molar, an age indicator

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