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Pacific Northwest Family Therapy provides Relationship Counseling, Couples Relationship Therapy services in Laurelhurst & South Lake Union - Seattle, WA. Jessa Zimmerman is an AASECT certified Seattle sex therapist, couples counslor , author of Sex Without Stress, and host of the Better Sex podcast. Find Couples Therapists, Psychologists and Couples Counseling in Seattle, King County, Washington, get help for Couples in Seattle.

As you are doing this you are starting down the healing and changing process. We use this attachment information in both our work with individual clients and clients we see as a couple.

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Our role as therapist in the room with you is one of an advocate, helping you identify your goals and pushing you into the discomfort that change often brings. We support you through that change and help you move into the person you have longed to be. This change is especially challenging in couples work, which is why seeing a therapist who focuses on relationship and couples counseling will likely yield the result you are hoping for.

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You can request more information on our contact page. Just enter the information being asked.

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Be as specific as possible. We have 6 amazing clinicians at Pacific Northwest Family Therapy, however we all do not work at times and on days that work for everyone.

Let us know who you are wanting to make an appointment with, the location you want to be seen at, and then list your preferred day of week and time in the comments section. We can then let you know if you can get in with the therapist you are interested in or who we recommend as an alternative.

Our approach, in general, is to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for each person to learn and grow within themselves, their relationships, and their experiences. Our couples work is very intentional about first listening to both individuals and then seeking to slow down the process of how you communicate with one another. By doing this, we are practicing and preparing you both for those real, in-the-moment conversations that seem to keep you stuck in the same place.

By growing in your ability to listen to each other, you will begin to understand what it is that your significant other needs, and you will begin to feel more heard and understood.

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When you do this, more often than not, you are able to break those old habits of communicating and relating to each other. We offer a space in which difficult feelings can be explored between you as a couple, without judgment or blame.

Through our couples therapy, we help couples more truthfully know themselves and each other. This leads to a better understanding of how their inner selves are affecting their day-to-day, outer lives. Couples counseling is not an easy process at times, and we know it takes a lot of courage to work on those stuck places.

There is much on the line for couples, families, and individuals who are facing such difficulties.