Relationship and sexuality coaching

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relationship and sexuality coaching

As a Sexual Empowerment Coach, I assist people with the challenges and relationship issues that prevent them from fully experiencing their. THE BENEFIT OF RELATIONSHIP & SEXUALITY COACHING. For most of us the real desire and purpose of life is ABOVE ALL ELSE, to connect deeply with. Learn How to Become a Relationship Coach, Love Coach, Dating Expert, or Intimacy Coach Via Our Online Training Home Study Programs.

What if sex isn't the problem? Maybe it's trust or commitment or we're just feeling I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 Clinical Training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is a research-based approach to relationship therapy that focuses on friendship, fondness and admiration, creating shared meaning, trust, commitment, and developing healthy conflict skills.

Whether your relationship seems to have become more like a stale friendship, you feel stuck in circular arguments and resentment is building, or you're feeling a little lonely, coaching might be a terrific place to turn. Sadly, too many couples wait until they're in crisis mode to seek professional help. But waiting until things are really bad means it can take years to undo all of the hurt and the damage. A friend of mine who is one of the best therapists in the world compares relationships to our teeth.

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We brush our teeth every day to keep them healthy. Daily routines and rituals with a partner are the same thing. But, we still need to see a dentist regularly for cleanings and check-ups to help us avoid bigger and more painful issues like root canals.

Some people avoid the dentist, but then end up needing tons of surgery that can cost a lot of money and time and pain. By working with a coach when things are relatively healthy, you can begin to cultivate a relationship that is resilient and full of growth and connection. That's a long-winded way of saying that while I love working with issues of sex, desire, and intimacy, it's not all I do. It can be quite the adventure to learn how to seduce yourself, and it makes you a better lover in the long run.

Do people really need sex coaching? Honestly, I believe everyone could benefit from sex coaching. And don't even get me started on sexual communication. At no point in our lives is healthy, open sexual communication ever modeled for us. It's super common for folks to feel ashamed, awkward, frustrated, or just plain lost when it comes to openly and easily talking about sexual needs and desires.

We can help you increase female libido naturally. Now is your time to Get Gratified. The answer is not female viagra or some other drug claiming to increase female libido. Through a systematic examination of the factors in your life that have been blocking your access to arousal, and a supportive exploration of your unique turn-ons, you can restore your sex drive.

Coaching for Men Are you having issues with lack of erection, or loss of sexual confidence? Click here to learn more! At any point in the transition, you can be helped connecting to the body that you have, your desires and your identity.

Communication tools and self-care techniques work across all gender lines and in all relationship configurations.

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Cross-dressing, explorations with partners of the same sex, all your appetites are welcome. Through sex coaching, you can release shame to embrace your entire being. You can learn more by clicking here. Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Couples Why would couples use sex and intimacy coaches? I help partners express to each other the desires they may have held back for fear of rejection. I am now writing for Cosmo and many other mainstream publications along with creating exotic intimacy retreats abroad.

Now I can help singles to find love and couples to maintain love, which dovetails with my other offerings. My LU education has directly resulted in more success and flexibility for my business.

relationship and sexuality coaching

Ava's Loveology University is a love and intimacy rock concert that has given me sexual awakening and clarity that will last me a lifetime. I was so impressed with all of the unique couples exercises that she had them do, that I talked my husband into enrolling into Loveology University's Intimacy Bootcamp course.

We wanted to fall back in love again just like the celebrity couple did on TV. Ava for making a love life sizzle again. Pamela Cohen Loveology University's program was challenging, but the rewards are life and love-changing. I had never taken online courses before and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to commit the time I needed to graduate, but once I started the Loveologist Love Coach program, I was hooked!

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From the wealth of knowledge on the slide shows, training videos to the eBooks and multiple quizzes that kept me on track, I'm so happy that I made this leap of faith to graduate and become a Love Coach.

Gurutej Kaur If you know it's time to learn all the things about love, sex and connection you wished you had learned at home or in school, or somewhere other than the school of trial and error, then Loveology is your answer. My girlfriend can attest to this as she says I'm the best lover she has ever had. Valerie Baber Loveology University courses have increased my preparedness for a broader clientele and have added techniques to my professional toolbox.

As an intimacy coach, I must be ready to help many kinds of people with many kinds of problems.

What is a Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach?

Dan Haggerty My wife and I rekindled the passion we once had by following Dr. Ava's advice, this world would be a much better place, and we would all be having great sex. Ava knows sex like Tiger Woods knows golf.

Erika Jordan This was a fantastic course. The techniques and love homework are very useful and I will use them with all my clients. I thought I knew a lot about relationships before taking this course but it expanded on everything I knew and I feel so much more well rounded and prepared. Jackie Zeman As a daytime drama actress I've learned a few things about love and romance. Ava can tell you how to, why to, when to and where to.

relationship and sexuality coaching

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