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Prateik lost his mom when he was too weeks old and was raised by his mom, and mending his rocky relationship with his father Raj Babbar. Prateik Babbar sits across the room from us at his public relations firm's The only child to parallel cinema's stars, Smita Patil and Raj Babbar. A few months ago (in September ), Prateik Babbar walked the red Watching Smita and his father Raj Babbar together on screen was.

I was pushing everyone away. Inhe announced that he was now simply, Prateik. He said in an interview during promoting Dum Maaro Dum in that he regarded actor Abhishek Bachchan as his elder brother, prompting half-brother Aryan Babbar to blame him for "doing all kinds of things for publicity".

After advertising, I auditioned for Jaane Tu Unusually natural on screen for a debutant, he won a Filmfare for the role in For a while, things seemed to be going well.

Pratik will always be my son: Raj Babbar | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

But during Ek Tha Deewana, love did him in. When she returned on work from England next, the intricate tattoo on her forearm, Mera Pyaar, Mera Prateik, was gone. I forgot I existed. I was jealous, possessive… crazy. Think of a bad adjective, and I have been all that in five years. And then, Vidyatai Patil passed away last year. Prateik says he lost track of reality, right and wrong. Without her watchful support, he took to what made him feel better, drugs and alcohol.

It was my number one priority. I was hurting myself the most. But isolated, he turned to his only parent. I wanted to love him. His day now starts at the gym, followed by class, meeting people and auditioning.

People will be wary, but I am positive that good things happen. My grandmother is and always will be my real mother. Smita is my reel mother! Smita is as real as on can get, but my grandmother Vidya is and always will be my number one.

When I was a child I thought she would always be there, I thought she would never grow old, so yes it was a shock. But the whole family saw it coming, she got bed ridden and stopped walking and communicating. We knew it wasn't long till it was time for her to go.

I connect with my mother as a performer and an actor, says Prateik Babbar

But even though we were prepared for it, I still can't believe she isn't around. I miss her every single day. I hope she's proud of me, if I am half a decent and respectful man today it is only because of her. She will always remain the driving force of my life. Did you see it coming? And prepare your mentally?

Once she got bed ridden, we knew it was going to be only downhill from there. All our family could do was to spend as much time together with her as we could.

Post rehab, actor Prateik Babbar is inspired to be the best he can

Make her last moments joyful everlasting and stress free. One thing that you will always remember her for? Her being a disciplinarian. What you will miss most about her? She used to hate the way I dressed.

My torn jeans with my boxers hanging loose, I still hang out with my friends like that.

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  • Smita Patil passed away on December 13, 1986, due to severe childbirth complications.
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She always said now that your making some money why don't you buy clothes that are not torn? Brush your teeth thrice a day, shower twice, wash your hands before every meal, don't drink water between meals, don't smoke cigarettes, and drive the car slow. Last but not the least she said if you buy a bike I will never forgive you! That's something that I am battling with till date. She was the one constant in your life.

Besides, I'm not worried about society's hostile glance. Shortly after Smita and Raj's son Prateik was born, she passed away due to severe childbirth complications, leaving a void in Tinseltown. After her untimely demise, Raj returned to his first wife Nadira, who was called a 'doormat' for turning a blind eye to her husband's infidelity. She told The Telegraph, "I accepted him with open arms. I was called a doormat by feminists and others, but I didn't care It is so easy to disintegrate. I could have gone my way and married someone else and become a flag bearer for women without worrying about my children.