Phineas and ferb fanfiction candace jeremy relationship

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phineas and ferb fanfiction candace jeremy relationship

When Monty breaks up with Vanessa and Candace breaks up with Jeremy, who are Jeremy and Vanessa going to go out with now? This is a. "Because no matter what happens between Candace and me, . do you feel your relationship with Jeremy is threatened whenever Candace is. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Phineas and Ferb or Disney. If she couldn't break Jeremy and Candace up, she would force her family to leave trying to find a cheaper home and a job. It's called a long distance relationship.

Oh duh, now I remember! She's been giving me hints all this time! I can't believe I missed them! She wanted to go with just me," Ferb sighed. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. He knew no-one had the guts to tell Phineas that Isabella had a huge crush on him, but Phineas finding out on his own like this? In truth, that seemed nearly impossible. It was like rocket science. I had the same dream as well I wonder if the others The red-head boy wiped away a tear, staring at the ground.

He couldn't look at anybody in the face. Nearby, Perry the Platypus edged himself toward the small door that lead to his secret hide out. He paused for a second to get the sweat off his head; if he could beg Major monogram to get the day off today because it was so hot out, he would.

The agent looked over at his owners and frowned. He wondered what Phineas was upset about. Well, whatever the case, he reasoned, he knew Ferb can handle it. He'll find out later. That aside, Perry typed in the codes to open the door and slipped inside, unseen once again. I just don't know what I feel about her Ferb, I just don't know. Just then Candace walked out the backdoor wearing her swimsuit. A straw hat hung loosely to the side of her head and carried a huge pocket-book on her shoulders.

She smiled sweetly at the boys, although anyone from a mile around could read that it was fake. Don't make anything destructive, harmful, and can Ferb glanced at her warily. Weren't you supposed to watch us? Never was he jealous of her and Jeremy's relationship; it was something that never crossed his mind. The world around them hung in silence as Candace stared down at her little brother in shock. Ferb had the same look on his face. Phineas wasn't at all phased by her.

He folded his arms with a grunt. Or that my best friend's been crushing on me ever since we were little. You have the nerve to rub it in my face that you have Jeremy, not even bothering to ask how I feel. I have no idea why As if the scene was rehearsed, Jeremy's car pulled up to the garage.

Candace looked frantically at her boyfriend. A frown was about to appear on his face, but Jeremy quickly replied with, "Oh, yes. Don't worry about that. It was a small, navy-colored, box, decorated with a curly, light blue ribbon on it. It fitted right in his hand. Jeremy didn't reply, but carefully opened the little box to show its contents to the brothers. Instantly, Ferb's brows shot up in surprise, at the sight of it.

Both Phineas's and Ferb's eyes had grown the size of saucers at the sight. You think you can help me with it? Do you have something in mind already? Phineas's happiness seemed to be contagious, because Jeremy smiled a little too.

It looked more like he was a little nervous, though. Jeremy nodded and replied, "Yes, I do, but it isn't that easy.

phineas and ferb fanfiction candace jeremy relationship

And please don't tell Candace anything about this. The brothers had to come closer to him so they wouldn't miss any information.

What they didn't know was that Candace just happened to look at them from her bedroom window. She frowned slightly, wondering what Jeremy was talking about with her brothers. Just when she wanted to open the window and call out Jeremy's name to get his attention, she saw him leaving again. He didn't even come here to see me? She was slightly confused, because in six years, Jeremy had never done such a thing.

And then there was the fact that he had been very silent for the past few days. What could that mean? Meanwhile, Phineas said, "Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today. Just then, another thought occured to Phineas. He looked around, but Ferb nudged his brother with his elbow and pointed to the tree. Phineas squinted until he spotted the platypus, lying on the grass and looking almost lifeless.

If he hadn't made a sound just that moment, Phineas would probably have thought that he wasn't breathing at all.

Can't blame the poor thing. And now that that's taken care of, let's go. We should hurry up now. We wouldn't want to spoil the fun for those two, right? She didn't seem to notice herself, but she was quickening her pace more and more as time passed and darker thoughts burdened her mind.

Candace Flynn

It seemed that Jeremy was hiding something. What could it be? Why was he hiding it from her? He had been so withdrawn the last time she had spoken to him. Another thing that Canadace had noticed was that he didn't reply her text messages as quick as he used to do. Normally, he would reply within ten, sometimes even five minutes.

As of lately, he almost needed twice as much time to do so, while her text messages hadn't become longer than her previous ones She waited impatiently till she picked up. Waiting had never really been her thing. Pick up, pick up, pick up! A click was heared, and shortly after that, "Stacy speaking? Honestly, what took you so long to pick up?

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Yeah, that was my second guess. Weird as in only texting you 19 times a day, instead of 21? Or weird as in acting like a mute zebra? Sure, Stacy was a little weird sometimes, but this didn't even make sense anymore. She always did that when she was worried, or nervous, or near a mental breakdown, because her brothers had decided to create something weird. Candace breathed in and out and then started to tell Stacy what bothered her.

phineas and ferb fanfiction candace jeremy relationship

Once again, Candace started pacing the room. It was something she seemed to be doing a lot lately. She didn't care for competition and was under the impression that any other girl would be able to snatch him away from her without much of an effort. She would counter this either by trying to stir excitement and commotion to shift his attention away from her " De Plane!

For instance, she was apparently unhappy on the notion that he went out to spend time with her friends without her, when he was actually taking his little sister to see a movie. Later, when she made it known to him that she saw what he was doing, it made him feel that she didn't trust him to her dismay.

However, her efforts at keeping the relationship upheld and making Jeremy like her more remain unresolved. An instance of this was when she tried to find the reason behind him liking her " The Great Indoors " and when she panicked upon seeing that he admired Eliza Fletcher 's accent. Jeremy has shown that he has returned Candace's feelings. The first sign is when he had been expecting and hoping for her to call him for the Night of the Falling Stars Girls' Choice Dance.

In the museum, he pointed out to Candace that a patch of eroded mud with their first initials together in a heart etched into it was his favorite exhibit. Later that summer, he drew the same icon into her arm cast. Though Candace immediately sets her mindset to bust her brothers aside as soon as he arrives or is seen participating, he has on some occasions seen her trying to get them in trouble. Despite this, it seems that Candace's obsession to bust her brothers is one of the reasons he likes her.