Pervez and ali relationship

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pervez and ali relationship

The most important characters in the short story “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi are Parvez, his son Ali, and Bettina. Other characters who appear in the . Inhalt. 1. Characterization of „Parvez“. 2. Relationship between Parvez and Ali. 3. Role of religion for Ali, Parvez and the story. 4. Meaning of the last sentence. 5. comparing them with the relationship between Parvez and in Hanif Kureishi's The son Ali isolates himself and becomes very religious an does not except.

He does not drink alcohol and does not eat pork. This is expressed in a conversation in the restaurant. Parvez is getting drunk and have a conflict with Ali. Though he is drunk, he is driving home with Ali ll. Parvez would do everything to win Ali back, he is willing to pray l.

At the end of the story, Parvez is drunk l. The story finally ends with the words: All in all, it is said that Parvez loves his son very much.

pervez and ali relationship

He tries to keep Ali on the right side of life but he fails to do it right. He changes from a good father to one who beat his son when he is drunk. Instead of talking to him, he relies on advice from people who do not know his son.

That's why he seems to lose his son. The centre is a conflict between them, caused by changes in Ali's behaviour. This text will focus on their relationship. Parvez observed his son for many days l. He throws old toys, computer disks, video tapes and books away and parted from his English girlfriend l. He is also getting tidier l. Parvez is very desperate and starts drinking more whisky l. Besides, many cannot suffer and avoid one another. He thinks that Ali is buying drugs and sells his stuff to pay for them l.

The relationship is thereby further shaken. We only learn something about Ali's relationship in the conversations with his father which will be performed later. We learn there that Ali turned to religion and the Koran.

Parvez tries to win his son back by stop drinking alcohol and growing a beard. The conflict escalates through an argument between Ali and Bettina l.

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The relationship is here finally broken. He lost his son and destroyed the family with this. Ali turned to religion and the Koran.

This text will focus on which role religion plays for Parvez and Ali. He is now a taxi driver for twenty years, ten years he worked for the same firm ll. He is integrated and loves his new home, London l. He drinks alcohol and eats pork l.

He avoids religion because a Maulvi humiliated him when he studied the Koran.

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After this meeting, Parvez goes to his taxi to drive home. But in his car he finds Bettina, a prostitute, who drives with Parvez very often and has become a confidante. Since Parvez has defended Bettina from a client who had attacked her, they take care of each other. Parvez tells Bettina what he has observed and that he and his friends assume that his son does all these strange things because he is drug addicted.

Bettina instructs Parvez on how he has to observe his son to find out if there is anything physically wrong with him. However, after a few days of observations Parvez decides that his son appears totally healthy. The only physical change Parvez observes is that Ali is growing a beard. And it turns out that his son does not sell his things. He just gives them away. Parvez notices that Ali prays five times a day, although he had not been brought up to be religious.

Parvez decides to invite his son to dinner to talk to him about his recent behaviour. Initially, Ali refuses this invitation, but later he accepts it. Parvez drinks a lot during this meeting and they start to argue. Ali criticises his father's way of life because in his opinion his father is "too implicated in Western civilization" Kureishi Ali tells his father that he is going to give up his studies because, from his point of view, "Western education cultivates an anti-religious attitude".

Parvez feels he has lost his son and wants to tell him to leave the house. But Bettina changes his mind and Parvez resolves to try to understand what is going on in his son's mind. During the next days Parvez tries to explain cautiously to his son what his ideas and attitudes towards life are. He even grows a beard to please Ali. But Ali still holds his father in contempt for not following the rules of the Qur'an.

A few days later while Parvez is driving in his taxi with Bettina he sees his son walking down the sidewalk. Parvez asks Ali to come in and drive with them. In the car, Bettina starts to have a conversation with Ali, but as she tries to explain to Ali that his father loves him very much, Ali becomes angry and offends Bettina. Afterwards he wants to escape from the car, but Bettina prevents him. She leaves the car when it is still moving and runs away.

Back at home Parvez drinks a lot of alcohol because he is furious at his son.

My son the fanatic – analysis

He walks into Ali's room and attacks his son who does not show any kind of reaction to protect or defend himself. When Parvez stops hitting him, Ali asks his father: The order of events is changed and new events and characters are added.

pervez and ali relationship

Even the name Ali is changed to Farid. The new characters in the film are "the maulvi from Lahore, Fizzie and Herr Schitz. In the short story it is mentioned that Bettina and Parvez take "care for each other" Kureishi We do not learn that in the film.

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It is also mentioned in the text that Parvez can "talk to her about things he'd never be able to discuss with his own wife". This shows that they are good friends and trust each other, but in the text there is no evidence that the prostitute Bettina and the taxi- driver Parvez have a love affair as in the film.

In the film this "sexual dimension" Moore- Gilbert At home Parvez does not have a partner to communicate with. His wife, Minoo, who is rarely mentioned and not named in the short story, is always doing work and doesn't talk much with her husband.

The main thing they talk about is Parvez's job. Therefore, Minoo is a more complex figure in the film than in the text. She develops from the loving mother which she is in the opening scene to the "servant in her own home after the deric's arrival, even being required to eat apart from her husband.

Schitz can be seen as a "comparison with Parvez, reminding the audience that there are different kinds of economic migrants, whose reception by the 'host' society varies according to the migrants national origin, class and ethnic identity. He comes from Germany, which has just been united again, to Great Britain and "represents the growing influence of Europe on Britain, in which a newly united Germany is the economic dynamo and, as such, a potentially oppressive force.

He likes to spend his money and to look down on people of other social classes as he does in the case of Parvez. In the film Schitz jokes about Parvez when Parvez tells him that he always wanted to be in the cricket team of the company he worked for when he came to England. Later in the nightclub, Schitz also laughs at Parvez because of his Pakistani accent. This accent is a feature the film uses to create cultural differences.

The father who leads a western life speaks English with a Pakistani accent whereas his son who is a fundamentalist speaks Standard English. You may also see Mr. Schitz as the contrast to Farid's world. Schitz embodies everything that Farid hates about the Western World. Although Farid is in conflict with his father and not with Mr.