Olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

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olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

Nicholas "Nick" Amaro, most likely born in the late s to early s, is a former police The nature of their relationship and whether both Olivia and Fin know has not Benson says to Nick, "Whatever happens, Nick Amaro, friends for life. May 21, 2, Amaro decided to leave the squad behind to move out west to be with his family. people who come with their own backstories whom fans have a relationship with. After he left, other things opened up for Olivia Benson. Partner, Olivia Benson · Dominick Carisi Jr. Amanda Rollins. Nicolas Amaro is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law & Order: Amaro is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord.

What came with the decision to write out Amaro? It was, at the end, a good mix of the two. Danny did seven years of Cold Case and The Shield and then four years here. Even last year, he was beginning to want to spread his wings a little.

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At the same time, from a character point of view, we had put his character through a lot. Amaro is a character with ambition and the more we would talk to cops about what happens after a guy shoots an unarmed kid, what happens to a cop after he loses it with a pedophile, where is he going in NYPD? There is a lot more awareness of when cops abuse power and a lot more scrutiny with things—you see this a lot with cases in the real world, like Freddie Gray and Ferguson.

Did you ever consider killing Amaro off?

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

Danny is a beautiful actor and a beautiful team player. For the fans who have had unfortunate earlier experiences with a lack of closure, I wanted to make sure that it made sense.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

Danny was great about this and we were able to build to it over the last five episodes or so. Does this leave the door open for Amaro to return? Munch came back once and we tried to bring him back this year, but there were some conflicts with it.

We brought BD Wong back. We brought Warner Tamara Tunie back.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

When we can, and when the story is right for it, I would love to be able to do it. Yes, there was a courtroom shootout, but the bang I'm talking about is Sgt.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

Yes, SVU went there. In fact, it's good the writers did. This is the conversation that is stirring up all sorts of feelings in SVU fans: I grew more in my last four years with you than I did in the 12 years I was with him.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship

You know, that relationship, whatever it was, didn't allow for anything else. But with you, your support, I have a family.

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Yes, Danny Pino is really leaving SVU The conversation happened when Amaro told Benson he intended to leave the police force after being shot in the knee and getting discouraged from taking the sergeant's exam. Move across the country to start over in California and be near his kids. Yes, it's a farewell, something fans did not get for Benson and Stabler on screen.

She tells him the better solution would be to ensure that the perpetrators never see the light of day again.

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In the episode "Hunting Ground", Amaro fatally shoots a serial killer who has kidnapped Benson and another woman. It is the first time he has ever killed anyone, and he is badly shaken by the experience. She subsequently finds out, and they get into a heated argument in the SVU squad room in front of his colleagues that Munch later proclaims was the moment he knew that their marriage was over.

She tells him that the man he saw her with is a psychiatrist she was seeing because she is trying to adapt back into her old life. This, along with his erratic behavior, briefly alienates his SVU colleagues; for example, they are reluctant to give him sensitive information regarding the false charges against Captain Donald Cragen Dann Florekfearing that he will make matters worse. When Cassidy's lawyer questions him, Amaro is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord he was investigating undercover.

Nick Amaro

Munch then informs him that the NYPD brass is requesting he take a paternity test because the woman is claiming he has a son from the relationship. He goes to the woman's house to confront her, but is denied by her boyfriend. Later, while watching the boyfriend pick the boy up from school, he witnesses the man use the boy as a carrier during a drug deal.

Amaro then meets the boy and tells the woman that her boyfriend is using their son to deal drugs.