Nodame and chiaki relationship quizzes

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nodame and chiaki relationship quizzes

If you loved Eleanor & Park, you should read Nodame Cantabile. Nodame Cantabile follows the ever-evolving relationship between two. Nodame Cantabile Recommendation Hello Lsginga here, with another #SPEGIN Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About Nodame Cantabile is a music anime which tells the story of Shinichi Chiaki, .. top 10 favorite shipping, by how organically I felt their relationship developed. Timpanist Masumi Okuyama, an admirer of Chiaki, is jealous of Nodame's relationship with him and begins tormenting her with pranks. Mine suggests a contest.

I will be talking about my favorite music anime of all time.

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Nodame Cantabile is an anime of the Josei demographic and it would most certainly be in my top 5 favorite Josei anime of all time. Nodame Cantabile is a music anime which tells the story of Shinichi Chiaki, a genius 3rd year piano major that wants to become a conductor and his chance entanglement with eccentric 2nd year piano major Noda Megumi. Watch and be sucked in as they work towards their future and goals through music. The story truly shines in the sense that it balances its themes of comedy, friendship, pursuit of music, romance, and drama so seamlessly; it truly is a wonder to see, and is made even better by the fact that you see the characters growing and maturing through the span of its run.

nodame and chiaki relationship quizzes

Maybe a few, but life itself is full of uncertainties. I loved her struggles and development; they made her very relatable to me. Chiaki Shinichi A 21 year old at the start3rd year piano major that wants to be a conductor. At first, Chiaki started as an unlikeable arrogant jerk, but he matures and becomes humbler and more patient; Nodame played a huge part in his transformation.

He was first introduced as having transferred as a guest conductor to the Japanese school that Nodame and Chiaki go to as a favor for the School Director. He's constantly afraid of being surpassed by Nodame, trying to go ever ahead, which leaves her miserable as she is trying to catch up to him.

He also can be considered as insensitive. He is one of the major factors in Nodame's progress in music, occasionally taking the time to extensively coach her during critical periods. In turn, he too is influenced and inspired strongly by her music.

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This relationship sees a continuation when they move to France, where Chiaki is coerced by Stresemann's manager Elise into signing a contract with their agency. As the series progresses, he falls in love with Nodame, especially while they are in France.

nodame and chiaki relationship quizzes

Despite his popularity among women, he is somewhat surprisingly devoted, and once their relationship solidifies is never seen to be unfaithful to her, once explicitly declining Rui's invitation for a date and stating that he was going to meet up with Nodame. However, they do go through the occasional rough patch, partially because they spend large amounts of time apart as a conductor and Stresemann's student, Chiaki travels all over Europeand both Chiaki and Nodame are prone to bouts of insecurity.

At the end of series, he is slowly advancing his career as a conductor, with an orchestra that has a long history but had since fallen on tough times. At first, I found the characters to be exaggerated, especially Nodame.

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Nodame becomes likeable in her awkward genius. It was fun to read her because that character type is usually written as a male female misfits are usually faux-geeks who just need the right dress, whereas Nodame dresses up for her competition and still looks bedraggled.

I worried for her as she worked herself into a fugue to prepare for a competition with a cash prize. I have a weakness for genius heroes, and Chiaki is an appealing and well-rounded one.

Thanks to Nodame and his other friends, Chiaki learns to find feeling as well as precision in his music and acquires the social talents he needs to become the leader of an orchestra. Nodame Cantabile successfully transported me into a detailed world of elite music students.