Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

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murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

She asked the right questions, and seemed to always know when to challenge his "Jeremy this is a colleague of mine, Detective William Murdoch." . about Lisa looking for information, then Julia's relationship with Jeremy. So many Murdoch Mysteries fans have wanted William and Julia to be and questions about what was going on in their relationship before. 54 questions and answers about 'Murdoch Mysteries' in our 'Television L-P' His religion also caused problems between him and his love Dr. Julia Ogden in a few more episodes, and she and William began a tentative relationship.

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There's just something about excavated human organs that pushes his buttons, we guess. Remember the time Julia got him a romantic gift, and - rather than a bottle of aftershave or a new wallet or something - it turned out to be a contraption for extracting bullets from dead bodies, and Murdoch was as thrilled as a boy on Christmas morning?

How well matched could two people be? Sadly, it came to a crushing end when she confessed that she'd had an abortion while at university.

This revelation was at odds with Murdoch's strict Catholic faith and moral code, and it looked like things were over forever. He started seeing a single mother called Enid, but his heart was always with Dr Ogden, and it took the intervention of his half-brother Jasper to spur him into action.

She replied she was willing to see "which way the wind takes us". Which - given they were on a hot air balloon at the time - was really an unforgivable pun from Julia there. It turned out Julia had an extra thing to reveal: Knowing the importance of family to Murdoch, she sacrificed their relationship, freeing him to find a woman who could make him truly happy.

Murdoch wasn't having any of this, and decided to propose anyway. But it was too late: Which you might thing sounds like great news, except for the small matter of her tying the knot with someone else. A dashing doctor named Darcy, no less. Murdoch, already a dab hand at repressing all his feelings, had to squash them down even further inside himself, to the point where we were slightly worried he'd burst a blood vessel.

But things were about to look up, at last To give Darcy some credit, he recognized what was going on, and accepted that Julia's heart belonged with Murdoch. In fact, on New Year's EveDarcy even suggested that she go find Murdoch, to begin the new century with the man she truly loved.


Murdoch was shocked and elated, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as they kissed under the fireworks. At last they could be happy, right? Her and her escorts were often mentioned in the society page.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

It was just a part of her life that William preferred not to see. Lisa interrupted his thoughts: I thought you would be excited.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

You had so wanted to attend this, and now you not only get a chance to, but you also get personal access to the man itself. I thought you should be ecstatic. We should go and enjoy ourselves. William looked for Julia and found her sitting in the second row on the left of Jeremy. Soon he forgot the antipathy he had felt for the young doctor and let himself be taken in by his tales of Antarctic adventures. When the talk was over, William and Lisa slowly made their way to Julia.

The two women warmly greeted each other. He kept me on the edge of my seat all night long. Now coupled with an equally captivating subject, I'm afraid it's quite a potent combination guaranteed to win over everybody. She smiled at her friend. The whole audience was hanging to your every word.

You were always good for my ego. Shall we go then? Well Ladies, is there not a saying about beauties going first? William and Jeremy fell in step behind them and could be heard conversing about the Antarctic expedition.

Lisa smiled at Julia and said: That Jeremy of yours is quite charming. You have known him long? But I have known him for years. After I moved to Europe to finish my studies, Jeremy was the only friendly face in my class. I needed a friend and he was there.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

Julia looked at Lisa. I think every woman he meets falls a bit in love with him.

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Unfortunately for us, Lady Adventure is his real love. No woman stands a chance beside her. But luckily for me, I realized that he makes a much better friend than lover.

Lisa smiled back and suddenly her face took on a serious look. She looked at the younger woman and quietly answered. Lisa looked back to ensure that William and Jeremy could not hear: Do you perhaps want to know… more?

Obviously this conversation was difficult for her. It's been more intense…and I was wondering if perhaps? There are ways, some safer than others. How about you and I have lunch later on this week? Lisa smiled back her thanks. Julia was alone in the morgue finishing her latest autopsy report.

Normally she would walk the report over to William at Station Four and they would discuss the case. Today though, she had decided otherwise. He was upset with her, she could tell. She had only seen him once in the last week. Let him come to me she thought. I did nothing wrong but my duty as a doctor to give advice to a patient. The afternoon dragged on and finally she heard the door open. She looked up and saw him walk in. One look at his face told her that William Murdoch was definitively upset with her.

She took a long breath in and prepared herself. William was cool and polite as he asked for the report. It is quite late. Do you have a report for me? Well I can also be cool and distant. Soon they were done and William turned to leave.

But at the last second, he stopped and said: I ask you in the future to stay out of my private life. William had definitely thrown a gauntlet. She knew it was wiser not to pick it up, but Julia Ogden did not feel wise today. Pray, do tell me, how did I interfere in your life? You had no business talking to Lisa as you did.

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She has a right to make decisions on her future. Secondly Detective, I should not have to remind you that that certain discussions should remain between a doctor and her patient. Lisa sought advice from me as both a woman and a doctor and I hope also a friend. I do not have to answer to you about it. Ross is a fat old man who has no clue the choices women are forced to make.

I would hope Detective that you would agree that I am much better positioned to give out advice than he is. Instead, he ended their conversation with a curt: His last sentence had shook Julia. He was effectively saying it that he did not trust her to give sound advice. She knew of course that he upheld the strong beliefs his faith imposed on such matters.