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Find the best market expert's advice, recommendation, ideas & news on stock, I concede that poll-bound Assam is a very sensitive state: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi If there is a perception of disunity in the battleground, it harms the party. says Naqvi arvind singhal · ashish kulshrestha · ashna ambre · ashna mishra · ashok k. After briefly tracing the history of sexual identity politics, this paper examines the process of queer mobilization in relation to emergence of HIV/AIDS epidemic. We provide our expert advice when it is not required and when no one is in . BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi; “Ban skirts as school Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal “All sex outside marriage including live-in-relationship should be declared illegal and punishable.

The Deputy Chairman had to finally adjourn the Rajya Sabha for 30 minutes. Why is PM afraid of his own Parliament? Parliament does not run on Twitter," she said. Parliament does not run on Twitter: She also that Modi's decision to visit Bhutan for the first time since he became Prime Minister was a good decision.

She also said that after 17, an Indian Prime Minister visited Nepal. Sadhvi has violated Constitution, cannot continue as minister, says Yechury Taking a dig at Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu for his 'arrogant' remarks on MPs having no choice but to listen to him, Yechury said: But he forgot one thing.

As long as you are in Parliament you have to listen to us as well. You can't function without us. Let it go on outside the House.

But can a person who has taken the oath on this Constitution continue as a minister? That is the issue. That minister, according to me, does not have the right to continue. Either she resigns or the PM comes here and makes her resign. PM is inside the complex but not attending the session, says Congress Congress leader in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma today said the matter was a cognizable offence which has 3-year prison term.

This is what he said in his opening address. This is a very serious matter, every Union minister and the PM takes an oath during their swearing-in. Are they ministers only inside Parliament complex? They are ministers outside as well. You have violated the criminal code of this country. The matter is cognizable and non-compoundable, with a punishment of 3 years.

There has to be respect for this House. The Prime Minister was inside the Parliament complex but he did not come here and attend the session despite there being a serious issue being discussed.

Will not adjourn the House, you stand there, Dy Chairman Kurien tells Opposition Expressing the sentiment of the Opposition, Naresh Agarwal of the Samajwadi Party today said several MPs do not have faith in what Sadhvi Niranjan has said despite her statement expressing regret.

We accept the remarks made are objectionable and not acceptable. Leader of the House has cleared the stand of the government. That being the case, the matter should end there," he said. Har ek saansad se apeksha hain ki woh thik se bole: LK Advani Updates for 2 December end 2. However, because of the chaos he had to adjourn the house for the day. PJ Kurien said, "Opposition members have the right to take their own view.

But once the member has apologised what can the chair do? When we get up to speak we only address the chair. We are asking the government to file an FIR. He warned his party, "I will not compromise on this.

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Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti pic. She is now guilty and only the law can decide what next. An FIR must be lodged against her, a criminal case must be filed and she must resign as a minister. This has never happened before. We must put an end to this. You are the custodian of this House you must take it forward.

Union Minsiter Sadhvi Niranjan apologised for her remarks but the Opposition wants her resignation. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said the minister was ready to apologise in the House and wanted to know if it was just a ploy by the Opposition to disrupt proceedings.

She will come here soon," he said. The House also saw a bitter exchange between Congress MP Digvijaya Singh and Naidu when Singh demanded that Naidu listen to what he says as it was the parliamentary thing to do. I am not here because of you," Singh said, to which Naidu replied: While the Lok Sabha was immediately adjourned following protests by the Opposition, the Rajya Sabha saw MPs from across parties unite to condemn the statement by the minister.

Will the real BJP please stand up? You can do that. Please go by the rules and do that. I'm going to Zero Hour. Updates for 1 December end Updates for 28 November end A large section of MPs have raised the issue and we want an assurance that a debate will take place," Sharma said, much to the annoyance of Rajya Sabha deputy chairman PJ Kurien who said there was no need to repeatedly bring up the issue and if a notice has been issued, it will be decided upon.

Kurien then went on with the House proceedings - Question Hour. She informed the House that the individual managed to escape after the IS militants took workers from the factory - Bangladeshis and Indians to Erbil, and they were killed in a forest.

We decided not to go with his version," Swaraj said, adding that the government decided to continue their efforts to search for the Indians. They are telling us that the Indians are safe and have not been killed. Six sources from that country have told us that they are alive.

Ashok Singhal

We will not give up on the issue Even last night I got a message saying they are still alive. He is the main target of the IS as he managed to escape and many lives are therefore at risk. This is a clear case of misleading the House," Sharma said in Rajya Sabha.

Responding to Sharma, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said she will clarify the government's stand and will make a statement in both Houses of Parliament. BSP supremo Mayawati urged the government to immediately bring back to safety those Indians who are currently stranded in Iraq and about whom information is unavailable.

Updates for 27 November end 6. The passing of the Bill was the pertinent because as per earlier provisions the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha was required to be a part of the panel to recruit a new chief. With the present Lok Sabha not having a Leader of Opposition as the Congress failing to get the required numbers to claim stake for the post, today's amendment would allow the leader of the largest party in the opposition to become part of the recruitment panel.

Once the Bill gets the ascent of the president Congress Parliamentary Party chief Mallikarjun Kharge will make his entry into the panel. Calling the role of the CBI sensitive and important, he says, "The role of the agency is always under public scrutiny and judicial scrutiny. Disagreeing with Jaitley he says, "The fact that we don't have a leader of opposition is because it was a political decision. The reason for that was malicious and frivolous.

Will include leader largest oppn party in choosing CBI chief, says Jaitley Jaitley says "We want to include the leader of the largest opposition party in Parliament to be involved in the appointment of CBI chief. The system can't working. All railway bridges are safe: Govt All railway bridges in the country are safe and there should be no concern over them, government assured Lok Sabha today. Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha said inspection of bridges on Indian Railways is a well established regular process and all bridges are inspected twice a year, one before the onset of monsoon and one detailed inspection after the monsoon.

There should be no concern," he said during Question Hour. Sinha said repair, strengthening, rehabilitation and rebuilding of bridges are undertaken whenever warranted by their physical condition as ascertained during inspections. The Minister said high level safety review committee has recommended certain items like uploading the photographs of bridges.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, he said SBI has signed an MoU pledging one of the single largest loans to a corporate house despite five international banks refusing to lend to the Adani project. Five leading global banks - Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Barclays - had declined to fund the project citing decline in coal mining in Australia, coal prices falling by 50 percent and environmental issues, he said. SBI committed itself to sanction the loan over a breakfast meeting where Modi as well as Adani and the public sector bank's chairman were present, he said.

The TMC leader said he had no problem with government being business-friendly but "we have problem regarding crony capitalism. O'Brien said Adani shares have gone up by 85 percent in last 10 months. Naidu said the member had every right to raise the issue about a loan extended by SBI to a corporate house but "taking name of Prime Minister is highly objectionable" - PTI 1: Congress calls for dismissal of Chhattisgarh govt over botched surgeries Congress targeted the Chhattisgarh government in the Rajya Sabha over the recent botched sterilisation surgeries in Bilaspur, in which 13 women died, and demanded its dismissal.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Pramod Tiwari said 83 tubectomy surgeries were performed by one doctor on a single day although medical norms provide for maximum of ten such operations per day.

Tiwari also alleged that the facilities for carrying out the operation were not adequate.

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He alleged that rat poison was administered to the operated tribal women instead of pain-killers and medicines for the camp were bought from black-listed pharma companies. Chhattisgarh government should be dismissed," he said. Associating with Tiwari, his party colleague Mohsina Kidwai said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked Raman Singh to take strict action but only some officials have been suspended.

The Health Minister should have been removed, she said, adding Chhattisgarh government had in three months revoked suspension of an official after an eye camp went wrong sometime back. Rajya Sabha adjourned after uproar The Rajya Sabha was adjourned till 2 pm following uproar by Congress members over naming of Hyderabad airport.

Earlier, Congress members had forced two brief adjournments in Rajya Sabha over the naming issue, contending that Rajiv Gandhi's name has been removed and should be restored. If you want to raise it again give proper notice," he said as Congress members trooped into the Well shouting slogans as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh kept watching from his seat. If you want discussion on the issuegive proper notice," Kurien said, adding, "Please go back to you seats. When the House reassembled, similar scenes were witnessed and it was again adjourned for 10 minutes.

They raised slogans like 'kala dhan wapas lao' bring back black money before taking seats. Unlike earlier occasions, they did not disrupt the proceedings today. Anguished over display of slogan-written umbrellas inside Lok Sabha by TMC members, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had yesterday warned them not to force her take action against erring parliamentarians.

A bill seeking to remove imprisonment as punishment for violating the provisions of the Apprentices Act, and allowing employers to fix the hours of work and leave as per their discretion or policy was passed by Rajya Sabha today. The Apprentices Amendment Bill, was passed by voice vote with a majority of speakers favouring the legislation, saying it is aimed at enhancing the skills of youth and make them employable. It had been passed by the Lok Sabha in the last session.

Some members, however, had reservations saying certain provisions in the bill are "draconian" as employers have been given full powers to deal with apprentices in any manner. Replying to the debate, Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said the bill was being brought to implement the Apprenticeship Policy by March which will help provide skills to youths in the country and make them employable.

He said the government has brought the policy keeping transparency in view and it will involve all stakeholders. Wherever evidence is coming we are filing prosecutions. Speaking of new arrangement with Switzerland, Jaitley says, "There will be an automatic exchange of information across the world and we want India to be a part of that mainstream. BJP strongly defended Shah, saying his remarks had been twisted out of context. He was clearly referring to what Congress has done.

BJP has never tried to give the colour of communalism to any election or on any issue," party president Rajnath Singh said. However, Raje later denied that the statement was a riposte to Masood who was jailed for the inflammatory statement. All she meant to say, the Rajasthan CM clarified, was that Congress would disintegrate after the polls.

On Friday, she had purportedly said that Congress was threatening to hack Modi to pieces, but "we will see who gets hacked after polls". On Saturday, she said, "After polls, people will see that Congress will be divided into pieces as their defeat will lead to several people quitting the party and coming up with new political formations. Congress disapproved of the comment but stopped well short of disowning the candidate. In fact, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi campaigned for Masood, saying the comments had been made six months ago when Masood was with Samajwadi Party.

The prospect of divisive issues staging a triumphant comeback has since intensified, with Modi making an issue of UPA's subsidy for beef export. Congress demanded Shah's arrest for his "provocative hate speeches" and urged Election Commission to debar Shah from campaigning, accusing Modi and his confidant of repeating the politics of hate of all across the country.

They are only talking of cutting into pieces, killing, taking revenge and destroying. This is the real manifesto of BJP which has come to the fore when the elections are nearing," Surjewala said.

In its petition to the EC, Congress also demanded stern action against BJP and its prime ministerial candidate, including derecognition of the party for alleged violation of the mode of conduct and "creating animosity between communities". The remarks openly incite people of one community to take revenge against another religious community and cannot be allowed to go unpunished," an AAP statement said.

Samajwadi Party called Modi and his aides "fascists" while BSP alleged that the Gujarat CM was using Shah to vitiate the atmosphere and cause communal polarization while himself wearing the "mask" of development. BJP's former ally JD U said Shah was speaking like a dictator and accused his party of trying to create fear in the minds of the minority community.