Mom and son relationship fantasy

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mom and son relationship fantasy

On the average day, most of us moms are very busy. There is “Here's my secret sexual fantasy: I sleep alone in my bed. I sleep Carrie Ann, married with one child 17 Reasons Prince Harry & Kate Middleton Have the Cutest Relationship . “There is more to a boy than what his mother sees. tags: family-relationship, parents-and-children, sons That's what my good-hearted mom always told us. . tags: adventure, children-s-literature, family-relationships, fantasy, flight, kids. Even female sex workers reject engaging in fantasies of mother-son incest because it disturbs them. Enter “mother-son incest” in most search.

I considered adoption but he convinced me that the pregnancy would be a turning point in his behaviour and he begged for one last chance to prove he would change. I knew many times that I would have to leave. I was emotionally isolated with a growing baby in my belly. I could see a good heart on the other side of his tempestuous, unstoppable moods. I could see a good father in his loving, generous, and strong charisma, the one that faded in and out, intermittent with his dangerous, blind rages of anger that appeared on a regular basis.

He was the one who had been there for me in a way no one else ever had. At eight months pregnant, after about sixteen months of dealing with him following me to yell in my face, physically preventing me from leaving or walking away, pestering me with questions that had no satisfactory answers, there came yet another night where he had me in hopeless, devastated tears.

He sat close to me and mocked those tears. This time I reached out and slapped him in the face. His anger went tenfold. He demanded I leave his house late at night in the dead of winter eight months pregnantthen he claimed he would call the cops on me for slapping him, but then instead, he came back into the room where I was still sitting on the floor crying, stood over me and slapped me in the face.

I never thought I would stay with a guy who would intentionally physically hurt a female or someone smaller and weaker. It is hard to conceive that a person by such a description could be a truly good person beyond it, but myself and others who have seen his good side, can most easily see a good heart troubled by something out of his own grasp of control.

He often became remorseful, devastated tears streaming down his face, grasping at the unknown reason for his moods. It is most definitely a type of psychological personality disorder that only people close to him really see, and those people also see the true, good person that accompanies it.

Nonetheless, it wrecked havoc on my own mental well-being. It was a standard protocol supposedly put in place to help support new mothers and prevent postpartum depression. We returned to Canada about a month later continuing on with the destructive pattern that our beloved son had become a part of. In spring ofthe incident of him slapping me while pregnant came up again, and I was infuriated by him attempting to justify it saying I deserved it because I slapped him first.

I was tired of protecting the truth about him from my father and the rest of the world, so I texted my dad and told him. That was a turning point. Before that happened, he had come home from work determined to leave Vancouver and go somewhere where we had more family support. He was grasping at anything to escape his own angry depression. He wanted to go home to England or at least to Halifax where I had family supportive of us both.

I agreed to move to Halifax.

mom and son relationship fantasy

However, the personal problems that I had with my father were not any better than they were the years previous and I decided to stick to the plan to move the three of us to Halifax where my paternal grandmother resided. But I was wrong. Bradley stayed behind to work.

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Once again away from him, I quickly became intoxicated with a kind of free felt happiness. However, when he arrived, he began again following me around, switching between trying to reconcile our relationship, and questioning and berating me. Our son then became in the middle of not only his parents fighting, but a dramatic multiple-day uproar within the whole family. Bradley was desperate for me to love him the way he loved me. He said I always seemed cold and detached and that was a big part of the reason he acted the way he did.

Both sides of him were so convincing during their moments, that the emotional confusion was unbearable and it tore me in two. Since Bradley had again left his job, he begged not for the first time that I let him take Jacob to his home in England. He wanted me to come too but he at least wanted Jacob. It was a necessary detachment.

In December of that year, I started travelling back and forth to England every few months to be with my son. Growing up, I never thought of my mom as hot. My friend James did however. I always thought he was telling me that as a joke. The door was slightly open and I saw her changing her clothes.

I watched her body in awe. I had never seen such a gorgeous body before. My cock was rock hard while I peeped at her. Her butt was pert, round, firm like ripe apple. Her hips, though not wide, nonetheless contrasted with the narrowness of her waist. She was turning around so I got away from the door and ran off to the toilet where I stroke my cock while thinking about my mother. I came so hard I felt weak. Basement Love I went back to my room forgetting the juice only thinking about my mother.

That day I visited all the websites where I could find something about mother and son incest. I could not jerk off to anything else, only these kinds of porn could make me hard. It was the first time I had ever looked, thought and seen my mom this way and it was both embarrassing and exciting. Advertisements I slept that night thinking of my mother in all the lewd possible ways. The next morning was a start of an all new adventure for me.

I had my woman of my dream living in the same house as me. So, I decided I should act on it somehow. I wore a loose short and a t-shirt. Having brushed my teeth, I when downstairs. I was kind of disappointed. Therefore, I ventured into her room.

Her room was tidy, not like mine. At the top of it was a black string like panty. It was very tiny. The front was a tiny triangle and the rest was just thin string. I never thought mom wore these kinds of panties.

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I placed the string apart and continued my way in the hamper and found a red string and a yellow thong. Curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know what her other panties look like!

mom and son relationship fantasy

So, I opened every drawer and finally found the treasure loot. There was only strings, thongs and matching bras. Mother and Son play truth or dare in front of her friends At that point I was rock hard.

So, I grabbed a clean white thong and her dirty black string and ran off to my room. Got on my bed and stripped off my clothes. Her scent was magnificent, nothing like I ever smelled before.

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It made me go crazy. I was thinking of fucking my mother, smelling her dirty G-string and stroking my cock in her clean thong.

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It was the best sexual feeling I ever had in my life.