Miroku and sango relationship tips

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miroku and sango relationship tips

Author: Sango Ever heard the advice to simply smile more to be happy? RelationshipsTagged being a huge disappointment, broken heart, changing. A silly one-shot about Kagome changing her relationship status on Kagome Trust me Miroku, Sess definitely doesn't need any tips from you. Results - Explore Kelsey Robinson's board "Sango and miroku moments" on Pinterest. | See more The latest news about Opera web browsers, tech trends, internet tips . Find this Sango's and Miroku's relationship in one picture.

Sango just figured that if Miroku was the one that she ended up loosing her virginity to that at least she would be loosing it to someone that knew what they were doing.

Sango was the only one of her friends that was a virgin too. And she pretty much got made fun for it constantly by her friends, and their boyfriends would join in every now and again too. But deep down, below all of the teasing, all of her friends, except maybe Faith, respected her for it.

Kagome wished that she would have waited for Inuyasha. Deep down she really didn't care that she wasn't a virgin; she just wished that Inuyasha would have been the one that she lost it to. It would have saved her a lot of grief and from a lot of problems with Hojo if she would have just waited for him. Yuka didn't really know what to think. She really didn't hate being a virgin, but it's not like she really liked it either.

The only thing that she really hate was who she ended up loosing her virginity to Hojo, and the night before Hojo and Kagome started to date no less. No one knew about it, not even Kagome. Yuka was too afraid what Kagome would do if she ever found out about what she did.

And when it came down to Kouga, he thought that he was the one that Yuka gave her virginity to.

Sango and Miroku Forever!

Yuka never told Kouga either, she was too ashamed to. And Faith, who could really forget about Faith?

miroku and sango relationship tips

She was the neighborhood slut after all. Faith was the first of all of them to lose her virginity at the age fifteen. Faith didn't care; she was brought up that way. Her mother always told her that it was the way of life. You lose your virginity as a teenager, get married once you reach adulthood, have kids, die, that sort of thing.

Faith didn't know anything else, so she thought that was how life was supposed to be. Live free, die hard. As long as you were having fun who cares? Faith ended up losing her virginity to her first boyfriend before he moved out of state. She still refers to that night as the best night of her life, not in front of Hojo though. To be perfectly honest with you the only ones that I knew and thought weren't virgins were Kagome and Faith.

Faith because she's known all around New York as being easy, and Kagome, well, she's pregnant now so that gives that away. But doesn't it bother you? I mean we've been dating for a very long time and we haven't had sex or anything yet. I guess what I'm trying to say, don't you want to? I know what your decision is, to wait until marriage, and I respect you for that choice.

I don't want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship, and that's why I haven't asked you to have sex with me. I want the timing to be just right, and most of all I want it to be your choice. All of this time I thought that I was making you crazy, that you would burst at any moment. You are the real deal. You have to be the most upstanding guy that I know. I don't know who would be doing this not only for me, but for any girl out there that has made the decision that I have. Miroku I love you!

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I love you so much! I am so glad that you don't care about my decision, you have no idea how happy this makes me. But what you don't know is that the first time that we actually have sex, I'm probably not going to last long.

You have no idea how bad it is for me. All it would do is make you feel bad, and that is something that I don't want to do. Besides, I would feel like if I told you, you would feel like you would be pressured into giving yourself to me sooner than you would like to, and I don't want to be responsible for that.

Let me put it to you simply. I love you much that it hurts, and the pain is something that you will never understand. Hey, it's getting late I should start to head home. If you want to stay a little longer I'll drive you home. I really don't want you to walk home, even though it's not quite dark. I mean, it is New York City, you never know what can happen after dark.

And it feels right. I love him, he loves me. Maybe tonight, just maybe tonight. I want to give myself to Miroku tonight. I'm just thinking about how much I love you, and how much that I want to prove that I love you.

In fact I would rather if you didn't do that. I know that you love me, there's no need for you to prove that. I knew that I shouldn't have said all the things that I said to you earlier. Maybe it is best if I take you home now. Come on Sango, grab your coat, I'm taking you home now. You always told me that if I felt ready before we were married, if we were ever got married, that all I had to do was to tell you.

And I'm telling you. Please let me give myself to you Miroku, I'm ready. I feel bad that you want to give yourself to me before you are married. You always told me how special you thought your virginity was to you. We don't even know that we are going to last. So please explain yourself to me Sango, I'm a bit confused. There's not much to explain. I love you, you love me, and this is what two people that are in love normally do. I know you are experienced, and I know that I let that bother me in the past, but it doesn't bother me now.

I started to think that if I would lose my virginity to you, at least I would be losing it to someone that knew what they were doing. In fact, I'm glad that you want to give yourself to me. Let's go to the corner store and pick up some condoms.

The pain shouldn't be so bad using those. Kagome and the others never told me that there was any pain involved. Just know that whenever you feel ready that I will be here.

And if I'm not the one, I will just wish you the best of luck on your search for happiness. That you would rather go back to your old lifestyle that you had a different girl in your bed almost every night. That is not what I want you to think. I was just saying that if we would wind up breaking up before you lost your virginity the I hope that the next guy that you fall in love with treats you better than I treated you. I don't feel like I treated you the best.

I mean, I lied to you so you would go out with me, I begged you the first couple of months to have sex with me, and because of your decision I felt like leaving you or cheating you. Neither of which happened, but I still feel awful for.

You deserve for someone to treat you like a princess, no, a queen, and I haven't done that. You have no idea how bad I wanted to give up on love before I met you. Higurashi Shippo No Rin. Let's have a little brother. Tajiya Sango You two are going to have such sweet and adorable babies. Taisho Inuyasha Only if they take after Kagome. Neko Touran Wow Kagome, I'm shocked. Sesshomaru seems like such a stick up his ass compared to you.

That stick is wedged up WAY too far to come out. Taisho Sesshomaru Miko you will stop this now or be punished. Higurashi Kagome Promises, promises Sess. Houshi Miroku Do tell Lord Sesshomaru. How exactly would that punishment go? Taisho Inuyasha Knock that shit off. I don't need those images in my brain. This is wonderful news.

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Taisho Inukimi Sesshomaru I don't believe that I have given my blessing on this "relationship". Taisho Sesshomaru Mother I do not need your blessing. I will do as I want. Nomi Myoga You should be happy Lady Mother. This is a kami blessed union. They will have incredibly strong children. Ikiteiru Kaede Ye are correct Myoga. Kagome is the strongest Shikon Miko since Midoriko. She is NOT stronger than me. Higurashi Kagome Can we please stop discussing any future children Sess and I might have please.

Kikyo FYI I am waaaay stronger than you. Taisho Sesshomaru There is no "might" my little Miko. We will be having pups.

miroku and sango relationship tips

Inuyasha had only one sword but Sesshomaru has two. Can you teach me how to use them Sesshomaru? Tessaiga is better than those swords combined squirt. I'll teach you not that bastard. Taisho Sesshomaru You will do nothing of the kind Inuyasha. I'm sure he can run around swinging a sword aimlessly like you do. I will teach you the proper kata Souta. Since you're taken and all. Higurashi Kagome Go ahead Eri. I've already talked to Hojo and I think he's expecting the call.

What about me and Ayumi? Got any other guys you can set us up with Kagome? Higurashi Kagome Thanks guys. BTW have you ever met my friends Yuka and Ayumi? Higurashi Shippo That's a great idea Rin.

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Then everybody can meet everybody. Taijiay Sango A party sounds awesome. I would love to meet Sesshomaru's parents.