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Read Chapter Ten from the story Minx & Krism: Hide and Seek by NeonEcho (~ Neon ~) with reads. hide, seek, games. How can you possibly trust him!" +. Minx has been in a longstanding relationship with fellow You-Tuber and artist Beware the Nice Ones: Krism is significantly less physically imposing than Minx and is generally soft-spoken and less vulgar. . Phrase-Catcher: "Don't trust Minx !. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

I chose to ignore it and just get on with my day. I did as I did every day and walked downstairs to our cute little kitchen. I quickly grabbed a bowl and ate some cereal quickly and quietly, relishing in the quiet of the house. I don't think it had ever been so silent. Normally this place was bustling with business and you could always hear someone recording a gaming video, normally Felix or Mark was the loudest.

But now we would all leave. Mark simply had to drive to his house in LA, so he was leaving last. Cry had a long ride back to Florida, and Ken and Mary would fly back to Mississippi. Everything would be silent, always. I decided that I would try to relax before seeing if the others were ready, so I simply shuffled back to my room and grabbed my earbuds.

Obviously I was taking the day off, and I wanted to just simply chill out.


I went on my Podcasts app and clicked on the next episode of my favorite podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. I smiled as I spoke the next part aloud with the host, Cecil. I turned in shock to see Krism with the end of it. I've been up all night, everything is packed, and I'm good. Felix is loading our suitcases in. We'll see each other again.

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Though that might take a while I know we can do this. Krism grabbed my hand. You showed me the world; you brought my monochrome views back to full color. Without you I would still be blaming myself for everything, for her, for Rachel. And that's why it hurts so much to leave you. You're the Kousei to my Kaori, you can't get rid of me. A few minutes later I grabbed my two suitcases and slipped on my shoes, slowly walking out the door.

I dreaded seeing everyone. It was going to be hard to leave my friends, they felt like family after only a little over a month. I was going to miss hearing Mark and Felix belting out songs and joking around while Marzia and Mary rolled their eyes. Felix slowly starts to fall for Ryan and finds himself stuck as he finds Ryan fell for him also. Though Cry agrees at first, he soon regrets because of self conscious issues.

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Journey with Cry, Pewds and the crew on a journey to teach Cry that he is fine the way he is. Also journey with Minx, Krism and Snake who act like older siblings to Cry threaten to beat up Cry's bullies! I don't hate any of them in any way, they are all fabulous.

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I just thought that if they were gay and one of them was hitting the other All i can say is that it's abuse. There are always two sides that can't be seperated. What if the outside doesn't reflect the inside at all? I suck at writing summarys. Recently I've come to the US to clear my head off of my girlfriend, but it's raining all the time. Today I met this Swedish guy that has moved next to me. Today I met this American guy who I saw in the coffee shop. Today was a nightmare.

Will said man reciprocate his feelings? Please note that I do not claim to own either Felix or Ryan or claim that they are in a relationship yet Web Shows - Rated: What have I done!

Sexy time happens later. While rooming with two other Americans Cry, and Shawn, romance is bound to pop up somewhere. Rating M for later chapters. And for the non smut fans, you can skip those chapters, it will not effect the story. This is the story of how they came to S. But what would you do if your 'crush' was hundreds of miles away? What would you do if he came to visit for a while? Now Cry, don't panic. Let's all hope for the best, shall we?

Everyone thinks Cry is dead, but a surprise awaits. T for swear words and minor gore! During multiplayer where she is in a position of power such as being the murderer in Gmod's Murdershe occasionally talks like this to her victims who understandably freak out because of it. She delivers many insanely quotable lines during her LP's.

The steam puzzle in Penumbra The frustration parts in Ju-on Even Evil Has Standards: While Minx is known to play some of the most offensive cards in Cards Against Humanity when getting a write-in card, she actually censored a card in her "The Youtuber Deck" video because she felt it was TOO offensive.

When some people on twitter digged up what the card said, she even became furious and insulted the regarding people for being disrespectful. Minx went on to say that she didn't censor the card because it was offensive, she censored it out of respect, for what or to whom nobody knows.

But whatever the card said, it obviously hit home. When playing any game where she has the opportunity to commit evil acts, she will sometimes engage in some impressive evil laughter. This is especially true of her Yandere Simulator vids, where she lets out crazed laughter worthy of Yandere-chan herself. Minx has mentioned on many occasion she doesn't wish to show her face on camera. She has said that it would make her feel uncomfortable and that she doesn't want to be recognized in public.

Despite this, she was once stopped because someone recognized her voice at one point. Finally subverted as ofwith this long-awaited reveal video. A Mother To Her Men: Often is this way with the main characters in the games she LPs. In Trouble In Terrorist Town, Murder, Hidden, and any game where she has the opportunity to commit evil acts, she will often be this. Special mention goes to this TTT video where she drowns two of her opponents in a bathroom, slipping into the For the Evulz category with her evil laugh and simply activating the switch that drowns her opponents - with a terrifying evil laugh beforehand.

A very odd one with Boyinaband and Markipliercalled Hello Monsta. One of the most popular female LP'ers on Youtube. She is well aware of tricks many horror games try to pull, and is often a step ahead.