Maura and jane relationship tips

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maura and jane relationship tips

Rizzoli & Isles is a TNT television series starring Angie Harmon as police detective Jane Rizzoli The series' backstory is inspired by the Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli series of novels by Tess Gerritsen. Rizzoli appears . In season seven, he begins a romantic relationship with Nina and eventually successfully proposes to her. Jane has arrived too because when Maura's in trouble, she is has seen her share of these faux relationships end and knows what the ladies. TNT's Rizzoli & Isles — as in Jane and Maura, played by Angie Harmon and hopefully those experiences help inform the relationships that they have. who might be upset that Maura and Jane were going separate ways?.

You were never afraid to tell someone how you felt.

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There was real hurt in his voice. I really wanted to just get up and walk away. I wanted to be out of the conversation. But I couldn't bring myself to leave it like that. I liked Casey a lot, and despite some rough patches, he'd been pretty good to me. He deserved better than that. I dropped my eyes down to the now label-less beer bottle in my hands, and like the idiot I am, I said the first thing that came to mind.

The dreaded 'it's not you, it's me' speech. I'd been trying to do this without hurting him, but if he was going to lash out like that, I'd go with the cold, hard truth. You're the wrong person. You're not the person I want to be sitting in that seat. God, I don't fucking know. I wanted it to stop. I wanted to be curled up with Maura on my couch, both of us wearing footie pajamas as we ate chocolate frosting on graham crackers and got drunk on boxed wine.

No, better yet, two buck chuck. At that moment, I think I would have traded my badge to see Maura in footie pajamas, making a face at the idea of drinking a two dollar bottle of wine. I could see the hurt in his eyes, and I felt sorry for him. He deserved better than the way I'm treating him. I would have liked to offer him a comfortable lie, but I was too exhausted to think of one, so I gave him the only thing I could.

“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.08): Jane’s Got Time

Got told two separate times they weren't interested. I think that's why I God, I fucked up, you know. I didn't even realize I was interested until after you and I were together. He missed the clue right in front of him, and ended up focused on entirely the wrong thing. I shook her head. We'd talked about it a couple of times, a long time ago. Once before I got shot, once not too long after, before you and I started Skyping. At the time, it was kind of a relief. Didn't want them to be interested in me, you know.

It would complicate things. It's just, the longer you and I were together, the more I realized every time we did something, my first thought was to wish they were there. And when you started talking about going to those classes on how to I just realized I couldn't. I'd never really been comfortable discussing sex, and those conversations with Casey had been hard for me. They'd only gotten harder when I realized that I just didn't want to be with Casey that way.

He shook his head, and for once, asked the right question. If he's not interested, than why? We'd end up like my Ma and Pop. You'd leave me for some chippy that used to bang our youngest son, and I'd end up running the snack counter at headquarters.

maura and jane relationship tips

Except, when you asked me for an annulment, I'd shoot you in the balls and get Maura to help me hide the body. After a moment, he looked down at his own uneaten food. More anger than he'd directed towards me at any other point in the conversation. I shook my head, trying to clear it, then forced myself to look at him, and once again, I found myself with nothing to give him but the truth.

Stuff I'm not sure I like, but stuff I can't ignore anymore.

maura and jane relationship tips

Stuff that means I'm gonna have to change everything I ever planned for the future. It's hard, it's scary, and it's confusing, and I'm sorry you got caught up in the fucking disaster that is my life.

I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt anybody. I just don't see how to avoid doing a lot of that right now, and it's my own fault for not manning up sooner. The one he used when he was giving orders at the Veteran's Center. The one he used when he expected answers or obedience, or both.

He was good at it, but I'd had a lifetime of practice at ignoring the voice of God given authority in the form of my mother. I just shrugged it off. I want to tell you everything, but I can't right now. There are other people who deserve to know first. The one that I used when I wanted there to be absolutely no doubt about my authority or resolve. He leaned back, looking at me. I wanted to cry in relief, but there was more to be said. Just think about what you're doing to that poor girl, keeping her from talking!

I can only take so many secrets. This is really pushing it. Same way as who? And what secret are you talking about!! And ever so slowly Jane started to put the pieces together.

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This is your theory! I've known for almost four years that you and Maura are more than just friends!! Janes mouth went dry. You didn't do a very good with keeping it a secret.

But I was patient and let you have your time But this is pushing it, love. If at least I could kick all my friends and their stupid sons-in-law's behinds and let them know that my daughter is with the Chief medical examiner of Massachusetts who is way more beautiful than these idiots are handsome!

She had absolutely no idea what to answer. Had her mother really been thinking that she was dating Maura for more than three years? Sure, her best friend has said it herself; 'best friends can be very gay'. But that they seemed that gay? Angela must be imagining things. She was just making this up. Please tell me that you didn't keep it a secret because of me?

Because you thought I wouldn't be accepting.

maura and jane relationship tips

I only want you to be happy, no matter who it's with. And Maura is perfect. More importantly; she is perfect for you, dear. Cooking dinner together at all times. I swear I didn't even spend as much time with your father when we were still married, as you and Maura do. And you never ever get sick of each other.

maura and jane relationship tips

A lot of people should take you lovebirds as an example! Jane could physically feel the penny drop. They did all these things.

They went on dates all the same. But there were those little touches. On the other ones shoulder, arm, waist, face. The way Maura squeaked when Jane's hand cheekily met her ass.

maura and jane relationship tips

She had sabotaged every possible relationship she could have had since at least four years. Maura only went on so many first dates. Jane never even met anyone she went on a date with.

“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.17): Hit the road, Jack

Were those dinners even real? And Jane always made fun of her dates. While Maura never liked any of the guys Jane presented to her. And being completely honest, there have been dreams.

Dreams that Jane just put off as normal and then ignored. I have to go! She ran down the stairs to her car. The speed limit didn't matter and she hardly payed attention to to the street. She knew the way by heart. Once Jane reached the door, she felt out of breath. Her hair was messy and she had forgotten that she was only in a T-Shirt and Pj's when she left. The door swung open and Janes heart dropped.

She let out a breath that she didn't knew she had been holding.