Matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship problems

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matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship problems

the most avid and longtime fans of Bleach have trouble keeping track of all of them. of the most fascinating characters are Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto. These two have easily one if the most confusing and complex relationships. While living in Rukongai as a child, Gin found Rangiku Matsumoto, a child herself , collapsed on the ground. He offered her some dried persimmon, which he. Gin has trouble sleeping. Gin x Rangiku. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - G. Ichimaru, R. Matsumoto - Words: 1, - Reviews: . out the exact nature of the relationship between Ichimaru Gin and Matsumoto Rangiku.

Aizen was not ready to reveal his hand and so for the time being Ichimaru had nothing to fear from Hisagi. Ichimaru's grin widened a fraction, he never would have figured himself to be such a jealous, possessive creature. Well to thine own self be true As was often the case Kira was the only conscious person left after one of Matsumoto's monthly vice-captains drinking parties.

matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship problems

Even Nemu tended to get totally wasted, it was just that she did it so quietly and was in fact generally so quiet that no one noticed when she slumped side ways and passed out.

Both Iba and Hisagi had passed out. Hinamori never came to these, Yachiru was too young to be invited, Omaeda who was an over friendly drunk had been thrown out ages ago. Both Kotetsu and Nanao had left while they could still stand on their own. Matsumoto had fallen asleep sometime ago, totally oblivious to the garbage that now littered the Squad Ten office.

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Kira could have left it and just headed back to his own squad but Not that she would deal with it. She would charm some lower ranked soldiers to do it. Kira probably felt more for the rank and file than most vice-captains, having been a rank and file under vice-captain Ichimaru Gin. Not that Ichimaru had picked on Kira or singled him out in anyway but Ichimaru's sense of humor was odd at the best of times and down right sadistic at worst.

Ichimaru was in fact a better captain than he had ever been a vice-captain. At least as a captain Ichimaru confined his bullying to the seated officers and left the rank and file alone and Kira went out of his way to ensure that the other seated officers were not passing down their Captains odd treatments down to the rank and file.

Not that Kira was unhappy with his lot. No, he would not have traded his captain for anyone else. He couldn't explain why but he cared for his captain deeply. Kira had never been able to explain why he found the man who was generally regarded as the creepiest captain in all of Gotei 13 to be the most deserving of his loyalty and devotion. It was one of those things. He doubted that there was another soul in the Gotei 13 who would understand his feelings for Ichimaru Gin.

Kira stopped and stole a glance at Matsumoto, well perhaps there was one person who would understand. Kira knew and she had grown up with Ichimaru, had come to the Academy at the same time.

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What neither he nor any one else was sure of what she and Captain Ichimaru were these days. Some said that she was his only friend, others spread rumors about seeing them in deserted corners of Seireitei doing things that would put them firmly in the category of friends with benefits if not lovers.

Most men were painfully aware that Matsumoto was unavailable. Why she was unavailable was never made explicit but most did connect Captain Ichimaru with her unavailable status. Kira himself made a point of not going any where near Ichimaru's room or his office when he sensed Matsumoto's reitsu in squad three quarters.

Kira worst nightmare was walking in on them, if only because he had a vague suspicion that Ichimaru would send Shinso at him if he ever saw more of Matsumoto than was allowed. No Kira had no curiosity to find out the exact nature of the relationship between Ichimaru Gin and Matsumoto Rangiku.

matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship problems

No somethings were better left vague and Forgive me my tardiness, I Relax, I ain't here fer ya'," it was only than that Kira notices that Gin was wearing a sleeping Yakita, "Beside, I am with Captain Eleven on this one. Ya' can work any time, playin' is more important Do ya' enjoy pickin' up garbage? It's not that, Captain! I just didn't want Matsumoto-san to get into trouble with Captain Hitsugaya," explained Izuru. Ichimaru Gin also answers to 'Foxy' Sex: A few helpful functions are listed here for your convenience: Never again fear the threat of invisible, deranged creatures from beyond the realm of earth!

Gin Ichimaru

Your GIN will protect you to the death, after a few programming procedures are enacted. Don't get mad- get your GIN to get even. With a natural shiftiness plus an abnormally fast weapon, GIN is the ideal tool of scorned Bleach fan girls and Momo-stabbing captains worldwide. Language barriers won't stand in your way any longer, porque GIN es muy intelligente.

The following modes come pre-installed onto your GIN: The Hueco Mundo Plaything Dept. Murderous Child Hellion Mode may only be activated whilst 'Swing Back the Pendulum' is being viewed, as this is the only canon reference to little-kid GIN shanking people. Even outside of this setting, your GIN is very prone to using force. Caution is required until a trusting relationship is established between owner and unit. Be reminded that the naturally turncoat nature of the figure makes it very hard to tell his intentions.

Exposure to any units belonging to the Seireitei Squads or Court Guard Cuddlies could result in massive damage all involved units; these include the 'Ichigo and Ichigo Support Characters' series, and all members of the 'Vizard' line.

While the mental health of involved RUKIA models is slightly endangered, it is altogether good for the health of your GIN unit for supervised interactions to take place.

Ichimaru Gin's Last Words To Rangiku

See fifth opening of Bleach, 'Rolling Star'. To activate the sword, place the handle in your GIN model's flexing fingers. With proper voicing of the phrases "Slay him" or "Skewer 'em", Shinsou will extend and drive itself through the nearest annoying filler character, Hiyori, or rambling drunk. Please note that using "Shoot to death", as is employed in the Bleach Dub, will result in you being stabbed in the face.

matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship problems

Honestly, you'll deserve it. Used to the nomadic, starving lifestyle, GIN requires no preset bedding or housing, and will consume small mammals if left to his own devices.

This unit requires only a forcible influx of tea to remain in perfect working condition. GIN is also capable of grooming and cleansing himself, but must be reminded to put the toilet lid down and not to leave purple hair in the drain.