Marshall and kim mathers relationship

Kimberly Ann Scott: Biography of Eminem's Ex Wife - Where is she now?

marshall and kim mathers relationship

But two years later it all fell apart, and the pair decided to end their relationship for good this time. On his album, The Marshall Mathers LP. Source: Eminem Wiki First Meeting, Started Dating Kim Mathers Also during that time period, Kim and Eminem started the hate part of their relationship. Kimberly Scott made Marshall Mathers' life a living hell. poor bastard:. started living with Eminem (whose real name is Marshall Mathers) and his family. Kim Mathers (@Kimberly__Scott) September 28, Though having a child put a strain on their relationship, they tied the knot in

But even now, after everything they've gone through, Eminem and Kim soldier on, if only as co-parents for the time being. The following is a timeline of the dramatic and often heartbreaking moments that when cobbled together make up one of the most fascinating relationships in modern memory. I would watch adoringly as Bruce [Mathers] pounded pencils on the table, pretending to be a drummer.

He was into heavy metal music and he let his hair flow free as he worked his way into a drumming frenzy," Nelson writes.

Eventually, the relationship turned sour after Bruce became abusive and began drinking heavily. Only months after their son Marshall was born, in St. Joseph, Missouri, Nelson filed for divorce from Bruce. As is often the case, the troubles Nelson faced as a pregnant teen in an abusive relationship would reemerge one generation later.

In the memoir, Nelson recounts meeting Kim for the first time, writing, "Marshall arrived home from school with a tall, sulky blonde girl. He introduced her as Kim Scott. Kim said she was fifteen, and I had no reason to doubt that. In truth, she was so cute and busty that she could have passed for seventeen.

marshall and kim mathers relationship

He insisted she was sixteen," Nelson writes. To everyone's surprise, what had begun as puppy love—intensified through family turmoil on both sides—turned into a very rocky year relationship.

Under one roof Getty Images For Nelson, who in her memoir is somewhat critical of Kim Scott, the relationship between Marshall and Kim was fraught from the beginning. She's much too young for you," Nelson pleads to Marshall in her book. But Marshall didn't care; he was in love.

Strange things about Eminem and Kim's relationship

It's the type of young romance that parents like Debbie Nelson usually have no control over—the harder you push the more they'll defy you.

What's odd about Kim and Marshall's situation is that Nelson—at the request of her year-old son—allowed Kim stay indefinitely in their house as a member of the family. Our house was full of waifs and strays. I looked on Kim as a challenge, someone I hoped I could give a better life to.

After all, I'd been through the mill with my own family. Even so, I didn't trust her. Once she started to feel comfortable around me, she began to cause trouble. It became a difficult living situation for all parties involved.

Kim Mathers sentenced to probation

Kim was dealing with her own family dramas and Marshall was understanding and a source of support. But Kim's increasing friction with Debbie Nelson put Marshall in a tough spot. Please don't make me choose," he [Marshall] said many times," Nelson writes in her memoir.

They'd break up, but get back together a week or so later. But aroundaccording to Debbie Nelson in her memoirMarshall began dating a nice girl named Amy.

Over the next few years, Mathers' relationship with his mother would become more and more scant, while his musical career flourished. He had doubled down on his commitment to providing for the family, now working hour weeks as a cook at a dumpy Michigan restaurantbut the pressure of a newborn overwhelmed the couple.

Other than the brief split in '95—before Kim announced she was pregnant—the two had been together for nearly a decade.

But this feud in was serious.

Kim Mathers, Rapper Eminem Back Together? Nope, 'Just Friends'

According to this Moviepilot article"After the breakup, Eminem moved back in with his mother while Kim moved to a one bedroom apartment with the infant Hailie. It was during this time that Eminem created his violent alter-ego Slim Shady and began to channel his frustration and rage into his now infamous songs about Kim including '97 Bonnie and Clyde.

On the record, in the song "'97 Bonnie and Clyde", and under the guise of this character Slim Shady, Eminem raps to his daughter about drowning her mother in a lake. But I took her to the studio. Things became strained again soon after. This song would be only the first public strike by Eminem against Kim. Eminem released the song "Kim" http: The first song on the record was ominously titled "Kim" and exists as a narrative prelude to "97 Bonnie and Clyde.

In the song, Eminem raps, "Don't you get it, b—, no one can hear you? He talks about infidelity. He gonna end up marrying her.

Hailie is the biggest gift I could ask for.

marshall and kim mathers relationship

I love her a lot — this is what we have heard Eminem say numerous times. A post shared by Hailie Scott hailiescott1 on Dec 22, at 7: This change nearly ended his dream of hitting big in the rap scene. This is why the world gives him the props and respect for what he has achieved on his own. The humiliation led to her attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. She was rushed to the hospital.

Post the suicide attempt, Eminem filed for divorce. In retrospect, Kim sued Eminem for publicly defaming her in the song.

marshall and kim mathers relationship

The couple also had a daughter together primarily named as Whitney Scott. They split for some unknown reasons. Eminem and Kim used to see each other a lot due to her daughter Hailie. This eventually resulted in reconciliation by forgetting all the differences.

They dated for a year before deciding to marry again in She thought it was going to fast. So, eventually, the bad moment got the better of the couple again when they decided to call it quit again after 3 months of marriage. But Eminem and Kim both have kept shut about the news. Controversies On July 8,Kim was arrested for creating havoc by driving a jet ski under the influence of alcohol.

Also following her arrest, she was found to have a possession of cocaine in the backseat of her car and driving with a suspended license.