Mamoru and usagi relationship problems

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mamoru and usagi relationship problems

Artificial drama to put a focus on the Mamoru/Usagi relationship. Atrocious pacing problems brought about by a misguided slavishness to the. Whether you call her Usagi or Serena and him Mamoru or Darien, the Part of the problem is that Tuxedo Mask's fighting prowess boils down to . 8) He sabotages his relationship with Usagi from the future just to be a jerk. Even Sailor Moon Crystal did this scene but. there's a problem but in Crystal they Portray Usagi and Mamoru's relationship as an "Actual.

A testament to the bond between them, she didn't so much as gasp as the world tilted, her gaze remaining trustingly on his, his hands cradling her at the neck and back as he shifted their positions.

The carpet cushioned the gentle descent as Mamoru laid her back against the floor, and to her surprise, followed her down. Continuing to stroke her hair, his intent midnight gaze searched her face, his expression solemn as his head descended towards hers. Tilting her face, she watched him as her heart sang. This was her Mamoru; the man who loved her - the man who did everything for her.

This was no ordinary kiss; this was a kiss of promise and devotion - one that spoke of everything he felt and everything they shared. Not just now, but the bond between them that had lasted a millennium and allowed them to find one another again. Mamoru didn't let her go as he often had in the past, instead he deepened the kiss, allowing her to taste his desire for her - his need. Allowing her to feel how much he needed her, cared for her - desired her.

Usagi's fingers tangled in his hair even as she lifted one knee to cradle his hips with her own, sensing that something between them had shifted tonight. With his kiss and his touch, no more words were needed.

He seemed on a quest, a mission - determined that she should never doubt the depth of his emotion and devotion for her. His hand came to rest high on her bare thigh and slid slowly upwards, as if testing her acceptance of his touch. Chibi-Usa disappeared completely from her mind, as did the fate of her friends and the worry that her parents would wonder where she was. Outside matters ceased to exist entirely as Mamoru's touch inflamed her mind and body - consuming her with an intensity that was reminiscent of their previously lives.

Shifting beneath him unconsciously, Usagi twisted her hips and in that moment brought them flush together so intimately there was no doubting the effect she had on him - or the effect he was having on her. His fingers slid beneath the hem of her skirt, leaving lines of fire and promise she didn't fully understand but wanted him to fulfill.

Mamoru lifted his head, his eyes darkened by passion as they met hers. Watching her face, he slid his hand further up her skirt, the fabric bunching and shifting as he did. Unable to look away, she didn't even blush as he pulled her skirt to her hips, his fingers dipping into the band of the cloth that covered her nether regions. Her stomach jumped as his fingers brushed across it and then, instead of continuing downwards, shifted up to travel under her dress to the sensitive skin just under her breasts.

It was a tight fit. Shifting his hand to the side, she bowed her back as his lips latched onto one sensitized nipple through her dress. She didn't feel or hear the zipper as he reached beneath her and undid it, taking advantage of her distraction. Gasping his name, her fingers tightened in his hair. He murmured hers against her skin as he left the one nipple and kissed the exposed skin above - the swell of her breast - and then nuzzled her, taking her dress down with his teeth before latching onto the same nipple through her bra.

Clutching him close, she silently begged for more, her head falling back in mindless pleasure as one of his hands splayed across her back, holding her in place, the other lifting to cover her other aching breast, teasing the sensitive nipple with his finger tips.

It made her whimper and gasp, spiraling through a storm of pleasures she hadn't dreamed were possible - and yet knew were possible all at the same time. His movements were unexpected, but anticipated, new but familiar as Usagi gave herself over to Mamoru's embrace.

His hands felt as if they were everywhere and nowhere at once, memory blending with reality and to Usagi it seemed as if they were both in Mamoru's apartment - but also lying in a bed of fragrant flowers in a secluded garden. Sounds enveloped them - the breeze as it slid through the screen door - and the sound of water as it lapped the edge of a lake. The constants were in the man who held her like a cherished gift.

The same eyes, the same touch, the same kiss - the same depth of emotion. Her eyes fluttered closed on a moan as he pulled her dress from her body, her bra following it barely a second later, to be replaced by the feel of his mouth on her skin. Fire raced through her veins, heat blossomed under his touch. There was no shame or hesitation as her hands dipped between them, reaching for the fastenings on his shirt.

His lips returned to hers as her fingers worked frantically to bare his skin to her. A part of her mind was dimly aware that she wore only a scrap of cloth while Mamoru was still fully clothed. It wasn't fair and she set about remedying the problem. She wanted the slide of his bare chest across hers and skin against her thighs instead of fabric.

Mamoru helped her, never breaking the kiss as his hands covered hers, steadying her fingers and allowing her to undo the buttons one at a time. Each movement brushed the backs of his hands against her chest, the gentle friction slowly driving her mad and she pressed closer, impeding the removal of his shirt, but not caring.

Somehow it fell open, and the slide of his muscular chest against hers made her gasp into his mouth. Her hands shifted from grasping cloth, to rubbing against skin so warm it was almost hot to the touch. He was all hard planes and unyielding muscle, a testament to his physical prowess and one she'd always known he possessed. Mamoru couldn't have been anything but strong with the way he continuously saved her and scooped her out of harm's way.

Even now the strength in his arms was comforting, the way he held her speaking of his respect and need for her.

mamoru and usagi relationship problems

Her hands slid along his chest and downwards, over his belt. One hand covered hers and he lifted his mouth from hers to stare down at her with stormy eyes. Passion lined every inch of his face, restraint evident in the tension of his frame. She knew the basics of procreation, knew how things were supposed to work, but nothing had prepared her for the sensations spiraling through her body. Nothing had prepared her for the effect Mamoru would have on her - even the remembered passion between Serenity and Endymion was a shadow of the sensation she felt in those moments.

Mamoru's groan was cut off as he retook her lips, his hand no longer restraining hers, but encouraging as she rubbed the palm of her hand against him. The layers of cloth between her hand and his flesh created a friction that was sure to drive him mad. Her movements were hesitant at first, uncertain, but she drew unconsciously on the memory of what Endymion had liked, her fingers slipping beneath his waist band and brushing the bare tip of him.

Capturing her wrist, he suddenly wrenched it away, pinning it beside her head and shifted his grip to thread his fingers with hers. Her hand convulsed about his, squeezing his fingers as his cloth covered arousal brushed against where she was most sensitive.

Gasping into his mouth, he muffled the sound with his lips, worshiping her lips as he intended to worship her body. Usagi hooked her leg about his hip, arching into him with wanton abandon, her body begging for more as their loins ground together slowly, the fabric between them a hindrance but also sensual to a degree. It forced them to wait, to play it out - to experience the sensations before taking the next step.

The friction was driving him mad. Just the feel of Usako bowed beneath him, her breasts pressing into his chest as her hips cradled his and moved with him, sent his senses spinning.

His free hand - the one she hadn't claimed - slid up her thigh and between them, skimming the soft flesh of her belly. The tremble and jump of her skin as he caressed her, the way she tilted her head to kiss him more fully, said she liked what he was doing. Using past knowledge vs. She arched into his touch as he dipped his finger tips into the scrap of lace and traced the lips of her sex.

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Her head fell backward, breaking the kiss with a moan as she writhed against him, trying to get him to touch her more fully. The buck of her hips under his hand was too much and he knew he couldn't - wouldn't - be able to tease her the way he wished just yet. She was an aphrodisiac, an addiction and in his blood fueling his passions the way no other woman ever would.

But that's all she ever goes through as pain besides crying constantly while remembering her past life and feeling scared and hopeless in wanting to save Mamoru from any of the Villains and you do feel bad for her but here's the thing, she gives up the act waay. What I mean is Usagi and Mamoru hardly ever experience hardships in the original whether it's being separated by a Villain or just feeling sorry for themselves because they couldn't protect each other is literally the only thing they face as hardships while in their relationship with each other but in Crystal however, they NEVER experienced any hardships besides again being separated by a Villain because in Crystal that's all there is it is just Usagi and Mamoru's relationship being developed more and more as the series goes on.

I mean how would you like it if your favorite show only developed through only Romance or a genere that you didn't like? Annoyed properly bored that you'll stop watching the series all together what I mean is that for a relationship to work out you need to accept the bad with the good, accept your partners flaws or immaturity while also being with them because if you don't take the bad with the good then the romance in the relationship will become bland and "too Perfect" witch can piss some people off thinking that your just there to show off, resulting them hating you For some reason and in Crystal their relationship is exactly that a bland and perfect relationship.

That's because Usagi is too young and her innocent nature blocks those topics leaving her confuse or angry because of it. Hell, she even fights with Chibiusa over him even though Chibiusa is Usagi's child Chibiusa often makes remarks that Mamoru would be hers and says that Usagi is a clumsy, lazy Crybaby behind her mother's back but in Crystal Usagi's jealously towards Chibiusa spending time with Mamoru portrays it like it's an actual problem Why the hell would Usagi be jealous of a freaking child?

Yes, there's a hint of insist behavior in a Magical girl anime and yet I don't care what culture this behavior comes from, it's freaking gross! I mean who in their right mind wants to see family members have sex with each other?!

Reason 5, The OTP type of thing in this ship Look, I honestly wanted to like this ship, I really did but it's just now a days the ship MamorUsa has skyrocketed into everyone's favorite and only choice when it comes to Ships in Sailor Moon and it's litteraly everywhere!

mamoru and usagi relationship problems

So stop thinking that Usagi and Mamoru are just the only pairing in the series. My problem with the hashtag OTP is that this hashtag is everywhere when it comes to fans who ship MamorUsa and for those people who don't like the ship, get hated on or even blocked by the fans themselves just because of saying "I don't like Usagi X Mamoru" first of all, all of you who are blocking people or hating on them just because of their opinion you need to stop, it's getting ridiculous and this kind of behavior is very unacceptable and second please calm down and accept that they don't like the ship, do not force them or threatened them if they don't like the ship because if they don't like it that's fine!