Lucretia and ilithyia relationship advice

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lucretia and ilithyia relationship advice

Ilithyia & Lucretia - Spartacus: Vengeance "Fugitivus" Lucretia Spartacus, Spartacus Vengeance. Visit. Discover ideas about Lucretia Spartacus. Ilithyia. The show's females tell us what's in store for Lucretia, Ilithyia and the So, the series is called “Vengeance,” and my relationship with Ilithyia. When Lucretia becomes friends with Ilithyia, the wife of Glaber, she is surprised when Ilithyia During the consultation, she is given a potion, which she consumes. In Crixus' assault, Ashur discloses the truth of his and Naevia's relationship.

Ashur has a few threats and warnings of his own to dispense: Naevia does her best to concentrate on the here and now, and enjoy his gentle touches, but all she can see are the men who hurt and violated her over and over again. Now, Crixus has definitely grown into a better man overall than he was in the first season, and is certainly not the wide-eyed untried wooby from the prequels anymore, but this is so far beyond his realm of experience that he has no idea how to handle the situation.

He just sits and watches helplessly as Naevia runs off in tears. I think they succeeded admirably in giving us an accurate and non-candy-coated portrayal of the realities of PTSD, though, even if it is really hard to watch.

Chadara wanders in super casually and strikes up a flirty conversation with Gannicus, striving mightily in the face of his complete lack of interest. Chadara instead turns the conversation to Rhaskos, wanting more details about his death.

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Gannicus realizes that she and Rhaskos had some kind of thing together, and Chadara gives her usual blunt assessment of their relationship: Lucius confirms that there is a single, easily-traveled path to the summit, and Sparty decrees that three men will take watch in shifts. Spartacus tells him to take a couple of men and some cash, and snoop around the port to guage their chances of a successful attack.

Agron is practically prancing with delight. No one seems to trust him at all, and the maps are hidden away carefully. The selfsame girl he was with, Marcia, has just been approached by two filthy men looking to enjoy some time with her together for the price of one, an offer she laughingly declines. A nearby brawl breaks up the rest of their conversation, and the two men hotfoot it out of the way.

A huge, longhaired dude flings a similarly huge, tattooed dude over a table, and the two men proceed to beat the everloving crap out of one another. In the middle of all this kerfluffle, Ashur arrives, quietly asking for a word with someone. Tattoos takes about 10 seconds to beat Longhair to death, stomping his head into a wet red smear on the floor, while Ashur watches amusedly. Lucretia moves to leave Ilithyia to her bath, but Illy asks her to stay, not wanting to be alone.

They sit silently in the bath together for a moment, until Ilithyia notices that Lucretia has been crying. I love that they seem to genuinely be friends again, even if it is motivated primarily by self-preservation and revenge. Behind him, on the stairs, Spartacus is staring at him with a seriously assessing look on his face. Crixus recognizes that look, having seen it turned on himself many times before, and knows it means that Sparty is pondering how to win Gannicus over.

I bet some wine would help, Sparty. I am just saying. Crixus says Gannicus is a good man and a great fighter, but more importantly, he knows that Spartacus has always been successful in winning reluctant people over to his cause.

Crixus then departs, presumably to weave them some friendship bracelets. As Sparty instructs the frightened rebels to make whatever weapons they can from stone and wood, Agron sidles up to Crixus for quiet conversation. Newly in love himself, Agron tells Crixus that he now understands why Crixus would risk everything for Naevia.

Boys, you are so frustrating, oh my god. Gannicus, having observed everything from his perch atop the wall, just laughs and laughs and laughs. Gannicus, you are so unhelpful, omg.

Sparty sends the rest of the rebels packing, and takes Gannicus off into the woods, presumably to spank him soundly. I am really looking forward to the outtakes of this season, ngl. Because surely that is where all the spanking will be, right? Gannicus looks bemused but willing, although he becomes much less willing when it turns out that Sparty really just wants to talk his ear off about everything under the sun.

Gannicus is so bitter, you guys. Gannicus, you are so silly. What choice did you have? He cannot fucking believe that Spartacus started this entire crazy rebellion all for the love of a woman.

lucretia and ilithyia relationship advice

A mixed group of former house slaves are being put through some clumsy basic swordsmanship training by a frustrated gladiator while Crixus chops some wood nearby. Instead, Brattypants Seppius says he needs to check with Varinius first. Man, does that piss off Glaber. He angrily dismisses Varinius as irrelevant, as Varinius fled back to Rome immediately instead of staying to see the job done.

Glaber gnashes his teeth and glares at him while the Magistrate tries to smooth things over. Meanwhile, Lucretia and Ilithyia quietly plot to win Seppia over to their side—before Seppius can make his dramatic departure, Ilithyia interrupts to invite the grief-stricken Seppia to visit at the villa, and he seems genuinely appreciative of her thoughtfulness.

This dude looks fucking badass and scary as shit, whoa. Actually, he looks like Connor MacLeod, which omg would be an awesome crossover. Chadara, on the other hand, looks bored and miserable. She brightens when some of the men pass nearby, Donar among them, but her attempts to catch his attention are met with his derision. He mocks her for thinking they have something meaningful together, after having had casual sex just one time.

She trudges back to the archery group, miserable and hurt, with Mira watching the entire exchange. Sparty and Agron agree that a few men, disguised as traders, will infiltrate the ship and free the prisoners. Gannicus returns from the hunt with a huge pig over his shoulders as Agron passes on the bad news: Gannicus throws his pig down on the ground near Crixus and gets busy with his butchering.

Gannicus tells him he only wants to talk, but Oenomaus has nothing he wants to hear from Gannicus. They back and forth a bit about love and betrayal and brotherhood, neither one of them having any effect on the other, until Oenomaus says that while he loved Gannicus as a brother, Gannicus has never cared for anyone but himself, and would betray anyone at any time to get what he wants.

Instead, it just makes me want to open that Visa bill on my dresser even less. Whatever happened to an old-fashioned chakram to the head? Meanwhile, Lucretia Lawless is with a merchant, checking out his new necklaces to find one she thinks Paris BC would be impressed by. First Old Navy has to "fluff" Batty, then someone else gets the pretty jewelry.

Just what does Lucretia have in mind for Paris Hilton anyway? So he marks his territory the old-fashioned way by peeing in a puddle in front of Spartacus, which is exactly how AfterElton. Pit Guy then knocks Spartacus face-first into the puddle of pee.

lucretia and ilithyia relationship advice

Man, Pit Guy has been really cranky ever since Leonidas kicked him into that pit back in Crixus is cranky too and after Pit Guy wanders off, he offers up yet more excretory insults about Thracians and piss and what not. Or he would if this show were written by the same guys who write Accidentally on Purpose.

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Does this guy have game or what? And we also see why she made Old Navy model the necklace topless. The two talk dirty, or at least Lucretia does. The scene plays out as if Lucretia is a sex-crazed Golden Girl rather than the totally hot Roman babe she is.

Maybe Crixus is gay after all. Cutting back to the ludus, we learn that two fingers raised is a sign of submission, the ancient version of tapping out. Spartacus sneers at the idea, and as punishment for his arrogance, Pit Guy orders that he and Blond and Favreau be put in a pit he is Pit Guy, after all and have mud and excrement dumped on them. Sure, it may stink, but it does wonders for the skin. While slaves dump poo on them, the two discuss their different strategies for surviving the ludus and how much they love their lives.

Clearly Blond Favreau needs to rethink who he hangs with. To make up for that icky latrine scene, we cut to Spartacus and Blond Favreau wet and slick as they wash up. If the show were really as daring as they claim, this would have been much much hotter. While they wash up, Spartacus cleans the strip of cloth from Sura as Favreau marvels at their devotion to each other because even though Favreau loves his wife too, the hero always has to live his wife even more.

This prompts Ashur to explain that just as with Barracuda, Crixus earned his street cred the old-fashioned way — slaughtering hordes of people.

Lucy Lawless and Katrina Law tease this winter’s “Spartacus: Vengeance”

In a nice little flashback, we learn Crixus fought two unbeatable barbarian twins and slaughtered them, which is how he earned his reputation. Later on, Batty and Lucretia are having a party, with their gladiators on display as simple man-meat.

Paris BC shows up, and Lucretia shows off her necklace. Paris tells her it is SO last season. As Batty parades the gladiators like cattle, he tells the guest to touch and feel them, and to place orders for any of them.

He does, however, gain the notice of Paris, and of course, Lucretia. Later Paris is looking a bit bored, so Lucretia picks Blond Favreau out of the line-up for a live sex show.

Paris definitely digs what she sees, and when Varro finishes, she asks that he does it again.