Lindsay and halstead relationship test

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lindsay and halstead relationship test

While it certainly hasn't been an easy journey for Jay Halstead and Erin As the two continue to navigate the relationship waters of dating and. Erin Lindsay is a fictional character from NBC's Chicago TV franchise, as a lead character in She began a relationship with Kelly Severide, the lieutenant of Squad 3. They eventually When Chicago P.D. premiered, it was established that she has been partnered with Jay Halstead for the past month. The first season. Linstead's Relationship is Being Put to the Test, And We Don't Like It! In the latest episode, Lindsay and Halstead barely interacted with each.

That moment Jay and Erin had their first kiss. The entire world stopped. And my heart nearly did, as well. That moment Jay and Erin had their first time. This is the stuff that OTPs are made of. And this was the scene where the show spelled out — in all capital letters — that Linstead was the endgame.

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The looks, the touches, the chemistry. That moment Erin hugged Jay because she needed to feel that he was okay. Sometimes you just need to feel that someone is okay, which is what Erin did after Jay was involved in a shootout. That moment we learned Jay felt like a house husband.

And the way they joke about it is so playful. That moment Jay told Erin to never apologize for who she is. Always being accepting of each other.

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Always encouraging each other. Always managing to balance their personal and professional lives in the right way. That moment Jay wanted to know more about where Erin came from. Erin is someone with a complicated past. But the way he told her that he was interested in figuring out where she came from was enough to melt my heart. That moment Jay encouraged Erin to take a promotion. They inspire and encourage each other to be better.

That moment Jay was there for Erin when she lost a friend. The moment Nadia was murdered was the moment everything changed. This was an event that shook the show to its core, especially Erin.

lindsay and halstead relationship test

Jay was there to be the comfort she needed during this horrific time. That moment Erin was there for Jay after he lost a friend. One of the beautiful things about their relationship is how they are able to lean on each other in times of need. A game I won, I might add. Parents do dumb things, the kids take the brunt. I didn't think a 70 pound girl could lift a grown woman like that. Yeah, I dragged you into the bathtub. Kept filling it with ice cubes.

Just sitting there hoping you didn't die. Do we really have to bring up all this negative stuff? And do you know what you said to me when you woke up? Yeah, my boss is old school.

lindsay and halstead relationship test

He doesn't much like electronic footprints. Well, we're getting there. Dude, it was just some graffiti. You tagged the entire scoreboard at Cellular Field. That's a class three felony. Like I said, you got a little more work to do, but this? It's a good start. The Weigh Station [2. What are you doing here, Nadia, answering phones for 12 bucks an hour? Hey, it's a start. No, pumpkin, it's an end. You're going to be up there until your boobs are bouncing off your knees, and all you're going to have to show for it is free dental, maybe a couple of flings with some married cops.

I'm going to be a cop one day, and a damn good one. Not going to happen. Not with your resume. So they got you in protective custody, I hear. You got a lot of enemies in gen pop, don't you? I got friends everywhere. The warden used to be a cop. I know you're afraid to die, Oskar.

I could always see it in your eyes.

Erin Lindsay

So I'm here to give you one chance to live. You call off the hit on Halstead, and you tell me who it was tried to take him out at that bar. Wait, wait we're talking about the Detective Halstead that killed my brother? I'm giving you one chance. Trying to get my head around that. I mean, most Poles are Catholic, right? Remember hearing about purgatory? I mean, if you weren't paying attention, it's it's a way station between heaven and hell. It's like this place. Heaven, for you, is upstairs.

Cup of coffee, comfortable chair, we talk. You tell me why you opened up on two cops, put a girl in the hospital with a hole in her neck, clinging to life. It's a place we call the silos. About a minute drive from here.

Jay Halstead

In about two minutes I got to meet Commander Perry so he can brief command staff. You know, no one out there really knows how we operate how we put ourselves in harm's way. If they did, our hands would be tied. And the worst of the worst that we hunt down would go free. So when I say this stays in house, this stays in house so we can keep operating the way we do.

Halstead, what you did today-- What you did for this city well, no one will ever know. But this family knows. But uh I've never seen somebody take a bullet that was meant for me. Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw [2. Got word from headquarters. Besides Mouse, Will and Olinsky, only Lindsay knows anything more about Halstead's military background, having been the one who accompanied him the military funeral of a friend in the episode Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb.

Halstead appears to have issues with abandonment, noticeably shown with the departures of Erin, Antonio, and especially Mouse. This may stem from his belief that his brother Will abandoned him when their mother was dying and Jay came back from his deployment, saying that he was "out partying" instead of being there for Jay.

Jay was very hurt by Will's actions and still harbored some resentment towards him as of "Say Her Real Name". Halstead is a veteran, having served in Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Mouse mentioned that they were deployed there inindicating that Halstead only joined the police force after that. He and Mouse were deployed to the notoriously dangerous Korangal Valley; both his reaction to his physical torture and comments made by his kidnappers in Life Is Fluid that Halstead was tortured at some point during his service.

Mouse recieved a medical discharge and reveals in What Puts You On That Ledge that the incident happened when he and Jay were at the head of a convoy. It is unknown what, exactly, happened, but Mouse's comments imply that Jay was also released on medical discharge at the same time.

His military service, although infrequently referred to, has undoubtedly had a major impact on him. It has been mentioned that he had difficulty readjusting to civilian life when he first came home and likely suffered from PTSD, based on Mouse's vague allusions to specific incidents in their deployment and Will's brief statement about Mouse being the one who "dragged Jay home Halstead joins the Chicago Police Department after leaving the military and returning home to Chicago for good; it is implied that joining the police force was what helped him to work through his psychological trauma.

A deleted scene in Little Bit Of Light reveals that Jay has been attending a weekly support group for veterans and trying to get help for his issues. It is revealed in season 5 that despite being mostly functional he still exhibits symptoms of PTSD, specifically insomnia and nightmares. He is extremely recitent regarding his military past, even with Erin: In season 5 he is forced to see a therapist by Voight after getting romantically involved in his target while undercover.

He later admits to Upton that he found therapy helpful, though it is not until the season 6 episode Trigger that Halstead speaks at length about how his time overseas has affected him, telling Upton that he had learned to deal with his PTSD and not let the past trauma define him. The Halsteads are from Chicago. They are from a blue-collar Irish Catholic background and both brothers attended Catholic school. Little is known about their family as neither brother talks much about it.

It was revealed that their mother has passed away due to the fact that it was noted she was dying while Jay was deployed. Neither brother has had a good relationship with their father Pat as he disapproved of their career choices. While Will was able to reconcile with him, Jay never did and only discovered after Pat's death that the latter was actually proud of him as well.