Lessa and lar relationship questions

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lessa and lar relationship questions

William Thomas Maxwell answers questions from Goodreads members. The first couple I can remember that had an impact on me was Lessa and her It sparked passion in other parts of her life, shaping her relationship with F'lar but it . Here's a little back-story about my relationship with this book. . The relationship between Lessa and F'lar was hotly debated on the forums as. A series of snapshots of Lessa and F'lar's changing relationship throughout Dragonflight and Of awkward questions, provocative suggestions, and other fluff.

At that age I was not too discerning, I cared nothing for characterization, dialogue or prose.

lessa and lar relationship questions

I read only for fun and escapism, not for the artistry of the works. Well, I am way out of my teen now, and I have cultivated an appreciation finesse to compensate for my own deficiency in that department.

Since her recent passing tributes have been pouring in for Anne McCaffrey from nume I read a few Pern books in my teen, I thought they were readable but at the time I was not all that taken with them.

lessa and lar relationship questions

These tributes reminded that I never really gave Anne McCaffrey's books a fair chance. Now is as good a time as any to start exploring them in earnest.

lessa and lar relationship questions

When I first heard about this series decades ago the idea of fighting threads did not fill me with enthusiasm, I mean fighting threads? May as well fight balls of yarn!


Ah, but then there are threads and there are Threads, these things are more menacing than I ever gave them any credit for. They are basically mindless, true, but so are zombies and the threads are even more deadly.

They burn and they burrow and they are of course relentless This is not a YA book, it is not action packed, those looking for heart pounding scenes of dragon conflagration are not likely to be satisfied.

lessa and lar relationship questions

I think of them as a silent, non-aggressive or non-threatening enemy that in the end proves to be deadly to the planet's environment and therefore to its people. In a way they remind me of acid rain remember acid rain? The science fictional concept of time travel becomes an important device in the later half of Dragonflight, how do you feel McCaffrey did in working time travel into the plot?

Now, the time travel device really caught my attention in this second half of the story. I love how McCaffrey takes that one moment, a discovery made as a result of a mistake, and develops it into a thread with such grand possibilities! It absolutely works for me. There was fear on my part that McCaffrey would come up with a deus ex machina type of solution to resolve the Threads crisis faced by Pern and Weyrleader F'lar, but I found her solution to be both creative and well woven in with the world-building.

Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern, #1) by Anne McCaffrey

My favorite character s from the second half of Dragonflight are Masterharper Robinton and Mastersmith Farandel. They both contribute much as secondary characters to this section of the story.

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Robinton won me over with that speech to the Holders during the Counsel meeting and Farandel's single minded focus on finding an answer to the demise of the fallen Threads was both amusing and admirable. F'nor, however, continues to be an overall favorite character for me.

lessa and lar relationship questions

His loyalty and willingness to do whatever is necessary for the Weyr and F'lar further won my admiration, as did his warmth and connection with Lessa.

We talked about it in the first discussion and there is no way we can get away from it in Part 2: What are your feelings on the progression of the relationship between F'lar and Lessa throughout this second half of the book?

Ask the Author: William Thomas Maxwell

I can't help but admit that even through much of this second half of the story I still had issues with F'lar's character. I think that has a lot to do with the "mating" scene featured in the first half of the book which, although quickly glossed over by McCaffrey, has a strong 'no-consent' bitter flavor. Having said that, there is measurable growth for F'lar and Lessa as characters as well as in their personal relationship.

Lessa learns how to use her strength of character and power to become an intrinsic part of the Wyer and a contributing partner to F'lar as they each separately and together figure out how to fight the threats expected by Pern, and F'lar learns how to accept and appreciate Lessa as a smart, viable partner.

They both come to love each other as mates and lovers exhibiting passion and tenderness.

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This surprised me a bit after the beginning of the relationship, but in the end it worked.