Lauren and bo relationship counseling

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lauren and bo relationship counseling

Bo is feeling fantastic since the dawning, with a whole new life opening up before her asking them to pose as a counselor at a camp for juvenile delinquents and a She gathers the necessary hairs, one such from Lauren, and while she's there surprises Bo with the knowledge that she's not happy in their relationship. Hearing his pitch to Bo, Lauren arranges to drop Nadia off and make I've said before Bo's relationship with Ryan is the usual college phase people with Dyson as school counselor is the highlight performance as Kris. Are you excited for next week's return of Lost Girl yet? What if I told you the show about a bisexual succubus was playing up her relationship.

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So much so that she is hiding chocolate in the bathroom and struggling through the pain. Meanwhile across town, Dyson Kris Holden-Ried and Tamsin Rachel Skarsten are dealing with a clearly delusional man who thinks he can tightrope walk between two buildings.

Dyson is certain that a Fae is involved because of his wolf senses. And, despite their best efforts the poor man falls to his death before he can be talked safely off the ledge.

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 16, School’s Out |

Over at the precinct, Dyson and Tamsin are reviewing the other recent cases of deaths that are similar to that of the man who fell from the tightrope walk. Dyson is still certain that a Fae is behind the deaths while Tamsin finds a commonality between the victims: So, of course, Dyson decides to pull Bo into the case by asking her to go undercover as a therapist to get access to the patient files.

Ironically, she goes in as Dr. Helen Green, a sex therapist. Nemo and pet cat Dr. She then meets one of patients named Rolly guest star Chris Ratz who not only has a bad case of asthma but also thinks he is some kind of superhero named Captain Humongous.

Taking advantage of the fact one of the doctors — Dr. Palmer guest star Derek McGrath — not being in the clinic yet, Bo sneaks into his office in an attempt to track down leads, but is soon caught by the doctor himself. She quickly thinks on her feet to cover why she is in his office, standing at his desk, learning from Dr. Palmer that he specializes in regression therapy, using hypnosis to help his patients.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

As they walk back into the waiting room, they discover that Rolly and Tabitha are both gone. Bo quickly finds Rolly in the parking lot, attempting to lift a car what he believes is his superpower ; but as she tries to talk reason with Rolly, at the sound of nearby car racing toward their location, Rolly jumps up, attempting to stop it with his bare hands. Bo knows that he will be killed instantly so she runs interference, pushing him out of the way, but getting hit by the car herself.

After the impact, Bo discovers that Tabitha is nearby, watching the accident.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

It turns out that Tabitha is a suicide Fae, who, as you can imagine, feeds off humans who commit suicide; and Bo believes she has found their prime suspect.

But Tabitha takes advantage of Bo being hurt, punching her where Bo was injured from the encounter with the car and gets away. At the same time, Rolly starts to struggle with his asthma and the fact that Bo used her power on him and she reverses the affects, but it drains her and she collapses on top of the poor guy. And though the pushy parents and neuron overload catalyst are standard, the Flowers for Algernon twist they lead to at the end is surprising and a far lesser used high school literature tie-in than Romeo and Juliet.

Everything high school brings out in the characters works, too. As befitting the theme, the best moments in the episode are the awkward ones. Bo struggles with her feelings for Lauren now Lauren is in another relationship; how very high school of her. For her part, Nadia spends most of her screen time marking her territory and being possessive again, so high school.

“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.16): Where you from, you sexy thing

Lauren tries to walk the line by apologizing to Bo but not actively rebuffing Nadia, because she feels guilty about hiding so much. Hearing his pitch to Bo, Lauren arranges to drop Nadia off and make pretenses so she can research the mysterious fae disease. Because Bo is so conflicted over her own lies about Ryan, and also plenty jealous of Nadia, she shuts Lauren down when Lauren tries to ask for advice in the school hallway. Hiding your boyfriend in the bubble bath? Dyson as school counselor is the highlight performance as Kris Holden-Ried delivers droll advice which shows exactly how learned yet out of his depth a centuries-old wolfcop can be.