Jun and asuka relationship tips

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jun and asuka relationship tips

Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Asuka K., Jun ''Who gives a damn!'', Asuka snapped back and placed her hands on her hips. Their whole relationship is based upon fighting with one another and that's it. . Being away from her comfortable home must be hard for her in some ways. Beloved in Japan with over 2 million downloads, Sengoku Asuka ZERO is finally available in English, German, Build a bustling town of fully voiced and fully adorable warriors and build your relationship with them! Last edited: Jun 28, . Press; Advertise with Us · Contact - Tips · Contact - Support. UPDATES: The relationship between Jin and Asuka develops, so does their bond. and the seemingly random appearances of her roommate's cryptic spirit guide. . 70 - Updated: Feb 7, - Published: Jun 14, - Asuka K., Devil Jin.

jun and asuka relationship tips

The girls find that they arrive in a hellish town of horrors where everything present defies all logic. Xiaoyu is captured by Anna and tortured by her under the orders of Kazuya. This is in hope to lure Jin, however Xiaoyu like many others, believes him to be dead.

How will she react upon learning that she is wrong? Alex has no clue what happened to him and doesn't know why he is this way, but she will soon find out. Rated M for sex and rape. But what happens when they have met each other before? How will they adapt to this situation? And will their intense rivalry for each other turn into something else? Boyfriend Material by WishingDreamer5 reviews Lili has a date with Hwoarang tonight and everything needs to go perfect.

Everything seems to go well, until she notices the most horrible mistake she made. To add insult to injury, Hwoarang has arrived to pick her up, so there's no time to fix the disaster! What is she going to do now?

Combat boots crushing the little pieces into smaller chunks, forcing them into the dirty ground. Similar in the way he nearly crushes her into the wall with his mere body.

Rated M for violence, language and sex. Even if it kills me Jin. Unaware that I was his Xiao. Horrible summary, give it a chance? There's a better story behind here I promise! Xiaoyu Watchful Eyes by P. Pon Pon reviews Nina is suspicious of her sister's strange behavior and overnight disappearances. She decides to investigate, and what she finds more than shocks her. That much she knows by now. While there, Asuka discovers romance for the first time Blood Vengance" Tekken - Rated: Love, and a promise Only he can prevent her from harm's way now.

This was originally taken down because it was in Script Format. T - English - Humor - Chapters: After which, Dante is left wondering who he is Kat was used to this, knew this well, except After a bad day, Asuka takes her anger out on Lili's limo.

Without any money, Jin helps with the costs. She repays Jin by being his maid, but as time goes on their relationship becomes closer than that of boss and employee. The relationship between Jin and Asuka develops, so does their bond.

Picture from lilykane from myspace. Their First Night by startscribbling12 reviews Dante is broken after Vergil's betrayal. Kat just wants to be there for him. She just wants to make him feel better. She needs Dante's help. And she is in nothing but a towel.

Midnight-colored hair that spiked at the back of his head, fringes that framed his chiseled face, a muscular form, thick eyebrows that added character and a flawless skin How was she supposed to resist her new boss? And then there was also that other thing Kat was going to fix that. Devil may Cry, some implied DantexKat. The ever so awkward Asuka Kazama has to learn this the hard way as she tackles her school, home and social life.

Oh, did I mention she has a pile of assignments to do before the deadline?

jun and asuka relationship tips

And whats this about the next tournament just around the corner? Collide by Valkyrim reviews Lars has faced the worst of the worst; but he never prepared for this. He never expected that his worst enemy was himself. And there's only one girl that can save him. One that despises what he is. Can he rely on her? Or will his past and being swallow him whole? Xiaoyu - Complete What Hasn't Been There Before by Akemi Hitsugaya reviews A series of episodes that follow the lives of some students in the Iron Fist Academy, the story focuses on how with combat, inside still stirs different emotions within each character.

LilixHwoarang and some other shippings are involved. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Armed with only her flawlessness and grace, Lili must face pressing adult issues such as the annoying neighbour, paying rent, and the seemingly random appearances of her roommate's cryptic spirit guide. Or is it simply an extremely heated rivalry? Looks like Asuka is going to find out one way or another Rating strictly for language.

To ease boredom by XiaoyinFan1 reviews The tournament is finally over, and the fighters are experiencing boredom while waiting for the next tournament. Jin made a chatroom exclusive ONLY for the fighters. Want to know what they have on their minds? What are they talking about now? Nothing related to the canon storyline. She ran into the kitchen trying to reach the device before it stopped ringing. Asuka quickly rummaged through her schoolbag trying to get her phone.

Finally Asuka got to her phone to only see she had a text message. She sighed to herself. So much for rushing. As she opened the text her heart sort of jumped and her body got kind of tense. It was a message from Kage.

I hope we can still be friends. Hopefully, I'll see you around. Asuka couldn't believe this. She loved Kage as a brother, yet he loved her as more. They've been friends for six years and this is what has become of their friendship.

Kage wasn't the innocent type. She's heard about the things he's done with girls from school.

Sometimes he even told her himself and when he did that she would only speak to him as a friend. Never curious about what he could provide through pleasure.

But, tonight was different. Tonight he went against all the lines of friendship. It's like he didn't even care that Asuka didn't want nothing more and he tried to force her in a way. That made her angry, but what pissed her off was the fact that she allowed someone else to have control over her for that slight moment. Even though she loved Kage as a brother she couldn't bring herself to forgive him just yet. It would probably just take some time to get over things.

She sat there in thought for about ten minutes trying to figure out what her next move with their relationship was going to be. Asuka was caught off guard. She felt defenseless and vulnerable.

How could she miss the fact that Lili was standing in the kitchen doorway? She couldn't let someone see her in this state. Immediately, she went into defensive mode. Lili who had a yellow towel wrapped around her head was wearing a pastel pink laced nightgown that reached the middle of her thighs. It had thin straps and a low cleavage area. The gown made her breasts look much larger than what they were and the way the gown wrapped around her body made her curves look more luscious.

Her manicured fingernails and toenails were painted a creme color that matched the shade of her skin perfectly. Lili knew Asuka was lying because this reaction wasn't typical from her. She was obnoxious, but something else was going on with her. The look she saw in her eyes a few moments ago showed another side of her she never knew existed. What did you just call me?

Just as Asuka was about to respond back to Lili's sarcastic quote, Lili interrupted her. Don't act like it doesn't exist. Asuka's blood started to boil a bit. Not at the fact that Lili was rude, but she was right. After a few intense moments of intense thinking Asuka stormed to her room to only see that Lili was already laying in her bed.

Yes, what is it? What are you talking about? She was slightly amused at the unexpected question. Trying to be tough all the time, yet on the inside your nothing but a lost girl who desires to be found by someone who cares Pardonnez-moi Asuka maybe I just think your just like me.

Lili struck a nerve. Everything she just said was right. Asuka stomach started to turn. She couldn't allow Lili to see this side of her. No one to be exact. But, how did she know? Was it that obvious?

She didn't say a word and walked into her closet.

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She grabbed a thin white tank top, some black panties, and royal blue shorts. As she walked back out Lili stared at her. Waiting to hear some type of response from the delusional girl. Lili chuckled quietly as she was a little entertained by the fact that the girl was so stubborn. Too bad she couldn't admit to it. As she laid her damp head down on the pink silk pillowcase Asuka's scent rushed into Lili's nostrils. It was kind of intoxicating.

It smelled like a rose. The one that you don't take from the garden because it was too delicate and instead let it manifest into something more beautiful in the soil. Lili slowly inhaled it again and again and each time it aroused her even more. She wouldn't classify herself as a homosexual, but she was indeed curious on how she could pleasure someone else. Was she sexual attracted to Asuka?

Suddenly, she sat up. Trying to at least get her thoughts around what's going on in her head. Asuka was her rival slash acquaintance. This isn't the first time this thought has came to her.

Sometimes Lili would lay in bed at night and masturbate for hours thinking about women. Beautiful women she saw in magazines and around the world as she traveled. Finally, Lili was coming to reality with herself. In conclusion she came to realize that she did in fact like boys and girls. Lili laid herself back and got comfortable as she wiggled around under the cover.

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Then her eyes started to get heavy a little. All she did today was travel, so she wasn't surprised she was tired. Being to two different timezones can really make you tired as well and with that thought she drifted off soundly to sleep. Fifteen minutes later Asuka walked in to turn on the lights and went into her closet to search for a bra. She didn't even bother looking over towards Lili. Everything was quiet when she entered her bedroom and with that she knew Lili was sleep.

She sometimes hated the fact that her breasts were slightly bigger than average. Then she suddenly turned around hearing movement behind her. It was a half awake Lili siting up in bed wiping her eyes. As Asuka slowly got under the covers as the awkwardness of being in bed with another girl started to infect her mind.

She turned facing away from Lili who was still sitting up. She could feel her eyes on her back. At least she didn't have to look at her. She was some what shocked by Lili's gratitude. The girl barely showed gratitude for anything to be honest. Asuka had to turn around and see the expression upon Lili's face.

Then that way she could determine if the emotion was real. Just as she turned her head Lili jumped on her and embraced her. The gesture was totally unexpected. As Lili held Asuka's face in her hands, she moved her head slightly forward.

A loud smack echoed through the bedroom. Lili couldn't recall what just happened because she was stunned, but Asuka's yelling brought her back to reality. Now Asuka was standing beside the bed with her hands formed into fists. Asuka couldn't believe what Lili tried to do. Her heart was racing so fast she couldn't really breath and yet manage to get some words out.

Lili ducked and quickly rushed up into Asuka's face taking her arms and forcing them up against the wall. Asuka tried to put up a struggle, but Lili firmly held her arms back. Lili rushed her tongue all over Asuka's mouth for a few moments.

She even stopped struggling and became more tamed. She even started to kiss back a little. Just as she got more comfortable doing it, Lili pulled herself back and let go of Asuka's arms. She knew better than to ask this question though.

It was obvious that the girl was probably having a mental meltdown right now. Her legs were trembling a little and her face was completely red. Lili sat back and examined her once more before gesturing her to lay down in the bed with her.

Asuka hesitated at first, but then she gave in. She slowly laid down beside Lili, but she refused to look at her. What difference was it between Lili and Kage? How come she was letting this continue with someone she barely knew? These questions would have to wait for now. Lili gently brushed Asuka's hair from her face and turned her head towards her.

This feeling was absolutely amazing. How could she resist in a state like this? The way her body was responding to Lili's sexual torture was driving her mentally mad. She wanted more now. She felt as if she needed more. Asuka did what she was told and tossed the clothes to the side of the bed. So did Lili and there they were. Naked before each other. Asuka laid back and covered her breasts with her hands. Asuka could see every aspect of Lili's body due to the fact that the street light shined right on her through the window above the bed.

Her body was indeed something that caught her attention. Every curve on her was magnificent. Her breasts were small, yet very perky with nipples that were a peach colored.

It didn't take long for Asuka to respond. With that final word being said Lili explored Asuka's body like no one has before her. Soft moans echoed through the room as each girl explored the others body.

Even though Asuka was inexperienced Lili still enjoyed herself quite a bit. She even had the luxury of giving Asuka her first orgasm, but she already expected that to happen. She was quite handy with her fingers and tongue. This faithful night Lili and Asuka would realize more things about themselves and each other. Now they would have to live with the fact that they have had sexual relations with one another.

After almost an hour of sex the two finally drifted off to sleep. Each holding the other in their arms.