Jinwoon and seohyun relationship counseling

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jinwoon and seohyun relationship counseling

Apr 10, As for them wearing the same clothes, it's because Yongseo couple fanclubs Yonghwa just played on his phone and Seohyun sat still doing. Dec 21, Even the MCs especially Jinwoon is surprised at the development of the and particularly after WGM that Seohyun followed that advice to the dot. When Yonghwa gave Seohyun his surprise gift (a couple glasses) and said. Jul 29, Yonghwa tried not to think about Seohyun. About the kid, the marriage that would follow it and Yonghwa's future psychiatrist bills. She loved Jinwoon, no matter what, but she wasn't IN love with him. the friend who was always there, Jessica who had always had great advice, and all the others.

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jinwoon and seohyun relationship counseling

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jinwoon and seohyun relationship counseling

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