Jang kiha and the faces that kind of relationship lyrics

Interview: Korean indie band Kiha and the Faces

jang kiha and the faces that kind of relationship lyrics

년 10월 13일 title: 내 사람 (Mine) artist: 장기하와 얼굴들 (Kiha & The Faces) album: I went with 'my love' in the lyrics, as it fits in with the rest of the lyrics more can interpret the lyrics to be slightly rated which Jang Kiha himself has in. The internet-fueled success of signature song 'Cheap Coffee' in turned Jang Kiha and the Faces into the kind of band who could sell out shows in under . KIHA&THE FACES - WHO'S GOOD AT THEIR OWN LOVE ¤All music and lyrics by Jang Kiha according to Naver.:star: ⭐:star: . The instrumentation has a kind of staccato sound to it that I really like and I like the melody.

It's easy to listen to and all the elements of the song get plenty of space to work. It's not a bad song at all, I just don't love it. Why Did I Do That? The instrumentals remind me of bubbles popping.

Chang Kiha & the Faces let listeners find own answers

The instrumentation is pretty sparse with some part with more of it. The vocals are doing pretty much all the work and they do it pretty well but in general it sounds more like narration with a bit of rhythm rather than singing. It's interesting but I won't listen to it a lot. The Most Beautiful Song: This reminds me of lullabies and I think that might be the point. The harmonies are really nice and then it turned into music for slowdancing kind of.

It actually makes me think of some Swedish dance band music. It makes me a bit nostalgic. It does grow a little dull since the drums is such a basic kind and the other instruments don't stand out against it.

It's not bad by any means but I think you have to be in the mood for this particular song, at least I have to be. This has a retro rock kind of sound and I enjoy it. I like the steady bass and the fun instrumentation in general. The drums do a great job.

It's impossible not to tap along to this and while it's good I don't love it and it's missing something to completely hook me on it. This is again funky and fun. It sounds like it could be the theme song for a cartoon. This song also reminds me of some of the music I listened to as a preteen.

Interview: Korean indie band Kiha and the Faces

It's a little all over the place but remains cohesive enough. Kiha has a very interesting way of singing and sort of rapping and it works great with this song because it's kind of whimsical. I love the piano in this song.

I actually really like the instrumentation of this song a lot.

jang kiha and the faces that kind of relationship lyrics

It has an urgent feel and the melody is fun. It oddly reminds me of that one song "La Bamba" or whatever it's called from time to time. My one issue is that it goes at full speed from the start and the climax doesn't quite manage to stand out a lot against it.

This is a lot calmer and sadder. Kiha doesn't have the best voice but he deliver a the song well. I like the backing vocals a lot and the brief music box piano.

We were actually all in different bands. I was originally in a band as a drummer and I wrote all my own songs. I later decided to form a band and gathered them all together. Your songs are quite focused on lyrics, so I was wondering how do you compose new tracks, do you all play a part in making new tunes? I write the melody and lyrics, and then the band gets together and arranges it to fit their own instruments.

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All your music videos have very fun and unique concepts, and I know that you [Jang Kiha] direct them. How do you come up with the ideas, is it just you or do the members get involved too? Yeah, I direct the music videos all myself. I play the music in my head and try to fit the music into a theme for a music video. Do you have any alternate recommendations?

Kiha and the Handsome Faces? Kiha and the Faces: Do you think this success allows you more creative freedom or do you have more responsibility to create music that will be well received?

Do you think you can experiment more with music, being so successful? But, if our music changes because of that, it will make us losers.

jang kiha and the faces that kind of relationship lyrics

The great bands we look up to have always produced great music, with or without popularity. A lot of bands. A lot of western bands. It seems more recently Korean indie has been getting more recognition.