Is god and jesus the same entity relationship

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is god and jesus the same entity relationship

We discover more about who God is as we look at the whole Bible. We may not This means Jesus and the Father must be the same God but distinct. Now let's. According to the Trinity doctrine, therefore, the Father is God, the Son is God, and the John was really saying about the relationship between Jesus and Almighty God, If it is part of the same God as the Father, why does Jesus not say that it. Dec 20, "And it's Christ himself who answered that question, most classically in the "To say that we worship the same God is not the same as insisting.

is god and jesus the same entity relationship

And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. One gathers that the whole scene is very real but entirely alien to anything men know on earth. When we try to imagine what God is like we must of necessity use that-which-is-not God as the raw material for our minds to work on; hence whatever we visualize God to be, He is not, for we have constructed our image out of that which He has made and what He has made is not God.

If we insist upon trying to imagine Him, we end with an idol, made not with hands but with thoughts; and an idol of the mind is as offensive to God as an idol of the hand. So too, if any were to tell of the understanding of Thee, wishing to supply a means whereby Thou mightest be understood, this man is yet far from Thee We want to get Him where we can use Him, or at least know where He is when we need Him. We want a God we can in some measure control. We need the feeling of security that comes from knowing what God is like, and what He is like is of course a composite of all the religious pictures we have seen, all the best people we have known or heard about, and all the sublime ideas we have entertained.

So that being said, my notes: This is a paradox. God is both one God and 3 persons not to be confused with IN 3 persons - as if God could be divided who shares a single divine will and yet has 3 different and distinct wills.

Similarly it is not accurate to say that God is 3 persons or that God is one. It is only accurate to say both.

Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?

So, now to your analogies: It may be helpful to explore the origins of this idea - these ideas had been percolating for some time before Christ arived and these ideas were subjects of discussion by the ancient Greek philosophers. Although Christ has been given all power in heaven and earth, the Father is still greater in every way.

Does Jesus have a God? Some will say yes and others will say no.

Are Father, Son and Holy Spirit one or three? | Questions & Answers

His God is his Father. Does the Father have a God? Some will say yes based upon Heb 1: Do the Father and Son worship each other? This is Impossible because they are the same.

The recognition of the Divine Nature in each other prompts worship. The Son worships the Father, but the Father honors rather than worships his Son. From the context it seems clear that o ne cannot be the other. Jesus was flesh on earth, but God has always been spirit. Do you believe the Holy Spirit is a person?

It is God which is one person. The Spirit demonstrates qualities such as grief and discernment which prove that it is a person. The Spirit as the Father's influence can manifest itself in many ways. The holy Spirit was used to baptize God's people Mat 3: It fills them Acts 2: The holy Spirit is used to anoint Psa God's people drink it 1 Cor It is the down p ayment they make on their inheritance 2 Cor 1: It is the symbolic ink whereby they are inscribed as living epistles 2 Cor 3: It is like dew Psa This does not fit the description of a person.

PT, pg 61 No. How do you explain the passages of scripture which make a distinction between God and Jesus Christ? These seeming distinctions don't really exist when one understands them. Sometimes a distinction is drawn between the office or role of Father and Son for example.

is god and jesus the same entity relationship

Other times the distinction is between the human and divi ne natures of God in the role of the Son Any apparent distinctions between Jesus Christ and God can almost always be explained as a distinction being made between Jesus and one of the other members of the Godhead.

We agree with the distinctions made in scripture.

is god and jesus the same entity relationship

List your primary proof verses for your understanding of the subject: See those passages which have the symbol "V " associated with the comment. See also Mat Other verses which imply the Trinity or support the doctrine of the deity of Christ are as follows: Every scriptural passage which names Jesus and God in the same context assigns the superior position to God and the inferior position to Jesus.

God is one and not two, three or any other number. The Lord2 is our God1, the Lord2 is one! In your opinion, where has opposing views gone astray? Arians and Unitarians have failed to see that Jesus is God.

Trinitarians have failed to recognize that God is one. The Oneness theologies ignore the fact that there is too much scriptural support for more than one person being referred to at the same time when speaking of the Godhead.

The Arian position reduced Jesus to a position less than God. Not only is this approach much too simplistic, but they fail to accept that God is far too great to ever understand. They also do not understand that salvation can only be in believing that Jesus was and is God. Any other position causes one to lose salvation.

Arias' view was only accepted by unlearned men.

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The weight of the educated and scholarly sided with the view of the Trinity. The mistake made by most of those holding other views was their lack of reliance on scripture. Most of the early champions of the Trinity, or Oneness theology in its various forms, were men associated with and greatly infl uenced by Greek, Platonic, and Philonic philosophies. These philosophies colored everything they believed. As a result, pagan ideas began to creep into the Church.