Internet business and banking relationship

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internet business and banking relationship

She went with a nationwide bank with an online banking system that fit If you're principally looking for a lender, creating a relationship with a. Having a business plan can be a vital factor in establishing and maintaining an effective relationship with a business banking partner. Discover. No traditional bank would dare face investment analysts without an Internet ( ES), e-business, strategic information system planning, and customer relationship.

internet business and banking relationship

Before you start making any decisions, remember that all banks are different. We've compiled some guidelines to help you find one with the right stuff — from interest rates to investment products — for your business. Knowing Your Needs Before you start shopping around for a financial institution, consider why you need one in the first place.

Are you looking for specialized services, such as investment help or a small business loan? You can search online for local banks that specialize in equipment loans or small business working capital Consider also how much cash flow will be moving in and out of your business account.

Is your "business" even a business yet? You will be required to have a business name and usually be registered with the state upon opening up a business banking account. San Francisco-based financial advisor Kathryn Amenta suggests using this rule of thumb: Some banks provide incentives to keep a certain amount deposited — and others offer services to make the most of your profits. If you don't already have a financial advisor who can help with investments and cash flow management, it might be wise to consider a bank that can offer those services.

Certain institutions can even help you collect financial information in your industry. Otherwise, you would be wise to enlist an independent financial advisor to pinpoint your needs before choosing a bank. If you're just starting out and think you only need a checking account to manage incoming payments from your clients and reliably handle outgoing checks, think again. What else might your small business need in the next 10 years? Might you be expanding and need a loan in the future?

Finding a bank that could work with you on that is most important to focus on.

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Is Online Banking Right for You? Choosing the Right Bank: Comparing Features Once you know what you're looking for in a bank, comparing what banks offer in your area and worldwideis relatively simple. Search for banks that specialize in what you need, and call them to request specific information, including additional services, fee structures, and interest rates.

Before setting up meetings with bankers, review the information, and create a list of questions. If you fall in the category of just needing simple account services as an entrepreneur, you might take a look at the growing sector of online banks.

When Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, an attorney and small business consultant, started her own business six years ago, she realized her priority was to have easy online access to her accounts — and most community banks she checked with didn't offer online banking.

She went with a nationwide bank with an online banking system that fit her needs. On the other hand, if location and face-to-face treatment is important to you, and easy access to deposits and cash is necessary, Potts Weinstein suggests: Or, get into an institution that will rebate foreign ATM fees.

internet business and banking relationship

But be realistic about the requirements for getting this done. Are you really going to provide the bank with ATM receipts? The fee structure for business checking can be significantly different — and much higher — than those assessed by a bank on a personal checking account. Some banks will also charge small businesses for online banking services, even though they do not charge individuals. Remember, as a potential customer, you have the right to ask for exactly what you need.

If that's free online banking, make that clear to your community bank manager. Or, if you're willing to pay for certain services, but need a representative to be available on a monthly basis to counsel you, let them know that upfront. Size Matters, Especially for Lending At some point in your entrepreneurial life, chances are you're going to need to borrow money in order to get your business off the ground or keep it going strong.

In the yearCitibank hadretail customers serviced mainly through five branches, six ATMs and CitiPhone.

internet business and banking relationship

What encouraged Citibank to proceed with its investment in this direction is the tremendous growth of Internet usage since its introduction in According to Etisalat, the only Internet Service Provider in the UAE, in the number of Internet users was 1, in a country with a population of 3. Table 1 shows that the UAE has the highest percentage of mobile phone users when compared to the population.

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It is an eye opener fact, as mobile phones will serve as a gateway for Internet access in the future, which will definitely impact the future of e-commerce in the UAE. In the yearthere were only four local banks offering simple home banking solutions, Citibank wanted to be the first multinational bank to launch a multifunctional home banking service and own the category before competition becomes fierce in the field. The objectives of launching Citibank Online were: It contributes immensely as part of the Strategic Cost Management initiatives the bank is implementing without compromising on the quality of service.

Citibank Online functionalities In order to encourage trial and conversion, Citibank reduced the charges for many services if used on Citibank Online as part of its pricing strategy.

Citibank addressed the security issues by using the industry level of encryption of bit Secure Socket Layer SSL encryption. The bank also uses firewalls to prevent unauthorized access and an automatic 'timeout' feature if no activity was detected for a specific time period. The online session is launched by using a password selected by the customer.

In doing so, Citibank is balancing between security and accessibility of information leveraging on a robust e-banking service available within Citigroup. The three elements of the business model; value stream, revenue stream and logistics stream are complementing each other in this specific case. Citibank was certainly focusing on adding value to its customers by offering unmatched level of service and security.

Its internal logistics were aligned towards a single objective; launching a powerful service to its customers to complement its e-business strategy overall.

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Revenues after a period of time started flowing too, making the investment worthwhile. Evaluation of E-business strategy and model There are many ways of evaluating the success of the e-business model and e-business strategies of Citibank, one of which is looking at the financials for the performance of the service for the past four years.

internet business and banking relationship

The transaction values increased too indicating that customers are feeling more comfortable now managing their funds on the Internet. This is as a result of the heavy investment in promoting and educating the customers on the gained benefits of using this service.

Number of active Citibank Online customers Table 5: New accounts opened through Citibank Online Citibank Online is proving to be a successful acquisition and revenue-generating channel, despite the fact that the management did not expect any revenues to be generated for the first three years of the launch.

internet business and banking relationship

The deployment of the program to Citibank UAE, played a very important role in gaining those revenues, as Citibank UAE did not fund the development work, there were only a couple of adjustments made to the service to suit the UAE requirements. According to Timmers there are two dimensions of analyzing the e-business model: The degree of innovation: Citibank is excelling in building and maintaining the competitive advantage in the Internet era, all functionalities offered were well studied and executed in a way where matching them is indeed a difficult task.

Flexibility is built in the system for further enhancements and additions. The extend to which the new functions are integrated within the business model:

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  • 2. Check your credit.