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Dichen lachman dating matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating mcdari shesaxvevi .Matsumoto Godly relationships dating quotes Or login or signup close this panel stomach cancer. Yahoo Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News. MAOTSUJUN: Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun concert in video and i can see how girls go crazy over them. most of their fans buy every item they put out in the market from fans, . That's hard to understand their relationship. Matsumoto Jun was the first one who Aya had a relationship with, since And with all this, Jun Matsumoto and then year-old Mao Inoue.

As for Shota, he made me laugh during filming. I think he's changed the most in the show. Abe-kun is a very kind person. He is a gentle person who watches over everyone. The movies marks the end of the Hana Yori Dango series after three years.

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Are you sad to let it go, or glad that it's finally over? I believe I've done all that I can for this role. It's a very satisfactory final chapter for me. The strong bond that was built among us left a huge impression on me.

I believe when you watch this movie, you will definitely feel it. In many ways you're like Domyouji, don't you think? He is used to getting what he wants, and everyone fawns over him.

You, as leader of boy band Arashi, should also be used to being the VIP and having fans fawn over you. In what other ways do you think you're most like him? I don't have so much money like him laughs! I think I have nothing much in common with him. Domyouji had to choose between his beloved Makino and his wealthy family. Jun talks about how he has known Mao for years and all, but the weird thing is they don't acknowledge each other as much as everyone expected them to do.

Oh so like after years of close friendship, pranks and happy memories, you wont even smile to each other? Here's my theory, Nino and Mao are suddenly the best buds in town, Mao is quiet about her private life and Jun just fell into the shadows. Hana Dan has ended, no need for 'publicity', but a friendship being made on set is different, aye? So this is one obviuos Johnny's cover up. I mean why make an effort showing the two are almost strangers or just looking like 'casual' friends when there is nothing to hide in the first place?

Well maybe because there is something worth hiding. You read that right: We have an update! She went to a high-class yakiniku restaurant that offers individual rooms.

The shop closed at 2: He attended Oguri's wedding. Whenever their schedules match, the two, plus Ikuta, would often go drinking together. Sometimes Inoue would also join them. The two are said to be dating since MayJosei Seven had reported that during weekend of mid April Jun Matsumoto and Wagaya No Rekishi co-star Shibasaki Kou was said to have met secretly at VIP room that costs about yen in a Tokyo dinning bar, which is a popular place among celebrities.

They left at 4: Shibasaki herself took a few taxi transfers. For a dating simulator. It was reported that they were dating, but their talent agencies were. Are they even dating in the first place?

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If you was looking the photo of Eve. I want a peaceful fandom so I respect and do. Let me just quote this gif made by Agent H can I call you that. But even so, their relationship has not been visible at all. Matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao.

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So for me, like i don't think asami and aiba are dating, i think the same about jun and kou. Kamiki ryunosuke dating divas Rated 5 stars, based on customer reviews. Mao Inoue Jun matsumoto from hana yori dango dominoji and makino awsome. Perfect quote source for Valentine. On most dating sites, For example. Stardom hollywood dating walkthrough for dream Actress Mao Inoue will finally be making her long awaited return to acting!

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