Howl and sophie relationship


howl and sophie relationship

In Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie is the eldest of three daughters of Hat maker, . and Sophie moves Calcifer from his hearth, breaking the connection the castle. As the novel progresses, so do all the relationships. We get views into the relationships between Howl and Calcifer, Howl and Michael, Sophie. It's quite an innocent story, with Howl and Sophie's relationship developing quite quickly but, most of all, the focus of the book is on how Sophie.

But does she live up to her reputation? Does the character shape her own destiny? Does she actively try to change her situation and if not, why not?

howl and sophie relationship

The Witch of the Waste puts a curse on her that gives her the body of a ninety-year-old woman — not exactly something that an eighteen-year-old girl would wish for.

From this point onwards, most of her arc through the story is the result of her own actions.

howl and sophie relationship

This continues as the story progresses. This creates a really interesting situation: Did she come up with them on her own? She does find a sense of satisfaction in making her hats, but she works in a hat shop — she has to make the hats or the shop would close down. Her goals and beliefs are a lot more clearly defined, especially after she gets cursed.

Analyzing Howl’s Moving Castle (And Why I Liked the Book Better than the Movie)

She spends much of the book trying to break the spell, and goes to some lengths in order to do so. Do her personality or skills change as the plot demands? They are very outspoken, sometimes bordering on rude, but it is clear that they are well-matched in this. Another theme that is dealt with sensitively is sibling rivalry.

The language is in turns witty and lyrical and the plotting clever and intricate. Although there is a great deal going on, everything is connected logically, and satisfying explanations for even the most hair-raising events are given. The minor characters are described carefully as to give each a personality of their own.

Calcifer, the fire demon, is utterly lovable. I read this book twenty years ago for the fun, exciting plot and romance…now I read it for its wisdom and intricacies.

Roles in the books and movies Howl's Moving Castle book In Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie is the eldest of three daughters of Hat maker, Mr Hatter, in the magical kingdom of Ingary, where many fairy-tale tropes are accepted ways of life.

When Sophie's father dies, her step-mother Fanny sets her to making the hats in the family hat shop. She turns out to be a great Hat maker. Sophie's magical talents attract the attention of the Witch of the Waste who mistakes her for her sister Lettie Hatter, and believed Sophie had some information she needed about Howl, and with no answer she turns Sophie into an old woman.

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Her desire to become young takes her to the moving castle of Wizard Howl. Howl is said to steal souls of the most beautiful girls, which worries Sophie. While in the castle she meets Calcifer a fire demon, and she learns of the contract that keeps him in Howl's house. The demon promises to break the spell on Sophie if she frees him from the contract with Howl. Some times, Calcifer drops Sophie hints to how to break the contract When the King decides to appoint Howl to look for his brother Prince Justin, Howl attempts to get out of it by having Sophie pretend to be his mother and petition against the appointment.

Howl happens to have his own reasons for avoiding the Witch of the Waste; the witch happens to be one of Howl's many ex-lovers. Sophie soon learns that Howl is not so much a wicked wizard, as opposed to a young man who takes joy in making young girls fall in love with him and then ditching them once they do.

Even having first-hand knowledge of Howl's attentions and less than appealing qualities, Sophie ends up falling in love with him, although she is too stubborn to admit it. Howl tries to avoid falling in love because of the curse the Witch has put on him when he does fall in love, he must return to the Witch. Howl falls in love with Sophie and therefore activates the curse.

On the day the curse is said to come true, the Witch tells Sophie that she has kidnapped Miss Angorian, a schoolteacher who Howl has been courting. Thinking that it is Miss Angorian who Howl loves, Sophie goes to the Waste to try and save her before Howl hears about it.

When Sophie gets there, the Witch reveals that it was all a trap to get Sophie to come to the Waste, which has proven successful. Realising that the Witch has taken Sophie hostage, Howl rushes out to the Waste to save her and fights the Witch of the Waste, overcoming his reluctance to do so out of love for Sophie, and wins.

Strong Female Characters: Sophie Hatter

However, the Witch's own fire demon, Miss Angorian, tries to take Howl's heart as the Witch's heart was old and weak. Sophie breaks the contract between Calcifer and Howl and returns Howl's heart. Howl and Sophie admit how they feel about each other and agree to live together.

Sophie's role in the movie is similar to her role in the book, but the events where these roles takes place most differently. In the Howl and Sophie on the sky walking and flying movie, Sophie comes across Howl on her way to see her younger sister Lettie, but unlike in the book, Howl intervenes the advances of two soldiers. Once he makes the soldiers leave, he warns Sophie that he is being followed. The blob-like henchmen of the Witch of the Waste ooze from the walls and chase after Howl and Sophie.

After using his magic to fly up into the air, escaping the henchmen, Howl brings Sophie to safety at her sister's bakery.

Analyzing Howl's Moving Castle (And Why I Liked the Book Better than the Movie) -

Later that evening, the Witch of the Waste enters Sophie's hat shop. Sophie- after being cursed by the Witch of The Waste After being cursed by the Witch of The Waste, Sophie leaves her mother, friends, her hometown, and the hat shop in order to find a cure without anyone seeing and recognising her. On her journey, she meets Turnip-Headwho, unlike in the book, is actually helpful to her, bringing her a walking stick, and leading Howl's castle to her, taking an evident liking to her.

In the castle, she meets Calcifer, where they agree that if she breaks the deal he has with Howl, he will break her curse. Calcifer, who blazes blue and green in the book, appears orange-red in the film. Sophie falls asleep, and awakes to a knock on the door.

She meets Markl, Howl's apprentice. Markl is a young boy, opposed to his book counter part, Michael, who is a bit older.

howl and sophie relationship

Sophie cooks breakfast, then meets Howl once again. She explains to him that she'll be the new cleaning lady whom Calcifer hired.

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Sophie working as a "cleaning lady" She takes her job very seriously, cleaning every room in the castle, minus Howl's. While she and Markl are shopping in the market, she sees one of the Witch of the Waste's henchmen. Surprisingly, no one else notices him. She and Markl go back to the castle, where Howl bursts out of his bathroom, his normally blond hair a bright shade of orange.

Sophie admits that she reorganized his magic salts. His hair changes colors and settles on black, Howl begins to ooze green slime out of depression and releases dark energy, which has happened once before, when a girl dumped him.