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As one-fifth of Grouplove, the L.A.-based band behind the hit singles "Colours," They turn to me a lot for advice on girls and clothes. It's taken me a couple years to understand, but the bodysuit is sexy and still covers me up. Often pegged as a 'happy band,' GROUPLOVE wanted to prove their . Das Racist Relationship Advice: Why isn't my boyfriend texting me like. Grouplove. If Romeo and Juliet were a millennial couple who decided to recruit three additional And just like that, Grouplove was born. I hope that anyone who has stage fright will take advice from me that anything.

You both had lived in New York previously. Is it a little like coming home, when you play New York? I would love to genuinely be an artist, and be able to afford New York, but I still — even with our band doing this well — can feel how expensive New York is.

I would never live there again. I experienced it, it was beautiful. I would love to move back to New York. How was making Big Mess? It was so much fun. We got to half of it in Seattle, with Phil Ek. We did the other half in L. Also getting out of L. A little bit, we did.

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We were just on a flow. We were on a tour, we moved into a house together, for Spreading Rumors QRO reviewso this album, Big Mess, was the first time — I got pregnant, so we almost had to take the time off? It gave us the ability to really — we wrote forty songs.

Our approach to recording, we just had all this time off. It was really fun. I was losing my breath a lot. Her vocal chords were all swollen because she was pregnant. It was good, though.

It was a lot to do. Our baby was three months old when we started living in Seattle. Honestly, for those who want to know, being pregnant, for me at least, was a huge creative catalyst.


Or maybe it was just being off tour, you never know. Was it easier, this being your third record, since it was neither your debut, nor your follow-up?

I think that that is the curse that people who want to be on top, want to be a big band. This was the most relaxed album, though. I think we have more experience in the studio now, challenging ourselves, working with somebody else. It was very chill, and we were all very calm. We believed in the songs. We had more time with the songs, before going into the studio, so we were more confident, because we had been rehearsing them a lot more. The curse of having that much time, I must say, because of how many songs we had, we had the ability to make so many different albums.

Then, I was with someone that was so inspiring and so hot, everything I never thought I could get. I was with nobody I knew, so nobody knew anything about my past. I didn't feel restricted in any way. I was just completely the artist and the girl that I was that day. And that summer changed my life. There's a great thing about having old friends and being around things that are familiar, but there's also something really liberating about taking risks.

That summer was just a big risk. In contrast to Zucconi, who started playing piano and guitar at a very young age, and the remaining three members of the band, who were already musicians when they met in Greece, Hooper had never played music or sang in any sort of professional setting before Grouplove.

I hope that anyone who has stage fright will take advice from me that anything comes from just doing it. Our first show, honestly, I wanted to run away. I was totally fine with just leaving the band and running away. That's what I felt like I should do.

Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper on their New Album, ‘Big Mess’

I couldn't breathe that day. I threw up before the show. I decided that I was going to wear a mask on stage. I got this silver mask and cut the mouth out so you couldn't see my face, and I actually wore that mask for the first like 30 shows. It was very artsy, I like to think, but we were in Germany at this show and this guy thought I was a burn victim, and that's why I was wearing a mask.

I sort of realized at that moment that it was time to take the mask off. Without meeting her, I'd probably be in the same boat as I was before. Depressed, and down-and-out and driving trucks to make ends meet in New York City. I'm still in shock in a way. There are always people at our shows, and we're on TV, and putting our third record out. I don't know why that is, but it definitely was surreal, and it's been kind of surreal ever since.

It's hard to take in. That moment came when Hooper discovered she was pregnant.

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The discovery allowed the band to write their third album, Big Mess, released September It was just cool to grow and take that time off and just be who we are at this time in our lives. We like to be different [with] each album because you grow and evolve as you're out there in the world every day, so we're really happy with how this one came out and the songs we chose for the album.

We wrote like 45 to 50 songs, something like that. Without choosing to, it puts your whole life's priorities in check.