Hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

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hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

"Tell me Hikigaya-kun," her eyes bore into mine, "How much do you know about him? "Not that I minded, Yukino-chan was always meek and Hayato was well .. a pop quiz next week, I hope it doesn't clash with the scholarship test. . yet did not recognize that their relationship had progressed this fast. 3 (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. But there's no way that either Hachiman or Yukino would have the social skills to solve that kind of. Hachiman was initially cautious of building a relationship with the other members but Hachiman first met Yukino during his initial visit to the Service Club.

I let go of her hand slowly, I'm quite sorry for springing that on her but Miura was really being a pain and I didn't want to face her now. I move in slowly and Kawa-something meekly follows me, guess I'll probably say sorry later.

Best of luck for your tests and may you both earn your scholarships. I'm halfway to my destination before I realize I forgot to apologize for holding her hand so suddenly, well it's nothing major. Resuming my trek at a comfortable pace, I encounter a wild Miura again. Just wha-" She starts on quite a high pitch. Wild Miura's Glare failed, Hachiman is not paralyzed.

My hate for Hayama slightly swells in my chest at this display. Despite of people saying how 'nice' he is I can't help but think of him as anything more than a jerk.

He's well aware of Miura's feelings but refuses to accept those as he is afraid of upsetting somebody, and yet he strings her along for his own convenience so that she serves as a barrier against other girls who might confess to him, be rejected by him and then, god forbid, think of him badly. The true definition of a selfish jerk, I actually regret apologizing to him now, even if it was just a formality.

You know Hikio-" "So you assume something is going on, not only that, you also presume that I'm the one at fault. Despite all the interactions, only the realization with Haruno seems to have exhausted me, everything else is just like regular business, looks like I'm actually good at dealing with people now, as the same now barely takes up any energy.

Standing before the door to my club I slide the same to reveal quite a…peculiar scene. Yukinoshita is sprawled on the floor, her hair strewn everywhere with Yuigahama on top of her, almost in the famed missionary position, except for the slight gap between their bodies, Gahama-chan, must you pin her with your shoulders?

Their eyes stare passionately into each other before the suddenly register a new presence in their sacred haven, namely, me. I just begin to walk away when I hear a very loud voice. I tell you it's not like that…" I choose to sit quietly and hear their explanation, apparently Yuigahama came across an article about dancing while surfing the internet and just wanted to try it. Being ever-so-helpful, Yukinoshita agreed to be her partner reluctantly and tried to correct her when she made a mistake.

Then with Yuigahama being the klutz she is, she lost her balance while doing a pirouette on her toes and ended up falling on Yukinoshita just moments before I entered.

After a very hearty laugh, I finally calm down, I'm almost out of breath here. Man I should've taken a picture. Well long story short she was worried about her clique, especially Hayama and Miura, so she thought that getting the gang to hang out would do them some good. Following that line of thought, she decided to go to a nearby festival as they already frequent malls and other local establishments, and while she was at it she saw that they were going to have a dance at the festival and it suddenly dawned on her that she couldn't dance at all.

Everything else that happened thereafter was something I saw with my own eyes a few moments ago. Why someone would go to a place packed with people and overpriced trinkets and food, on a holiday nonetheless is still beyond me, well not like it affects me. I relax a bit as Yuigahama the goes to the other side and starts bothering Yukinoshita again, with all that said, I'm feeling quite hungry now. Oh then again, I haven't had anything except that one can of MAXX after my breakfast, thank god mom packed me some food.

I can eat here all I want. Yukinoshita takes a bit of rice in both the plates along with a slice of pickle, as usual, these girls don't eat much. The surprising thing is that instead of taking the plates back to the other end of the table, the chairs are dragged to my end instead, well whatever suits them.

We eat in relative silence as Yuigahama pipes down, few minutes later we're all done and I'm currently drinking Yukinoshita's tea to complete the meal.

My clubmates give me questioning looks before a knock interrupts us. And comes in the Isshiki-invasion, but just why did you stop halfway, and why are you looking at us like that? Really what happened Isshiki? The three of us are still seated in the same manner as we were while eating, the girls didn't bother moving their chairs and Isshiki was clearly surprised to see us sitting this close.

And what's with that still subdued tone? I simply smile in response. Didn't I ask the same thing? I'm not a pen! Isshiki blushes at the rather unexpected gesture and let's go of my bicep, I put a comfortable distance between us before I speak. Isshiki gives me a look telling me that she's got more up her sleeve, but I beat her to the chase before speaking up first. But now I think I'll break the mood before and do that later. By length, this has certainly got to be the longest of chapters I've written, man I'm tired.

Happy new year to you too! Maybe he is, there's a ton of ideas for him. I guarantee this should've surprised you. Thank you very much, hope you continue to enjoy this story.

I don't believe anybody got it. I present to you this update. Hope this keeps you engaged. Thank you very much! I'll continue to update as fast as I can. I like greedy people. Glad about that, you'll be liking him even more now. You'll be getting that soon enough.

【Hachiman x Yukino】- Be Somebody - 【AMV】 Oregairu Zoku

Your wait ends, and fright increases. Thank you, I'm really glad. His aura is truly developing. On that note, who among us can claim to be one? Not necessarily a conflict, maybe a practical approach. Thank you very much. Subtle changes are noticed over time. And I know it's been long, but sometimes you can't help it. As usual, feel free to leave your highly sought reviews and suggestions. Your review has been posted.

Haruno says how Yukimom is still mad about Yukino deciding to live on her own. I said he was merely my schoolmate. Yukinoshita had unleashed the ultimate rejection. I was happy for you. A subdued silence descended over the area. As if by some illusion, the sound had grown quieter like an ebbing tide even in the game corner, a place that should have been full of ruckus.

In the span of that moment, Yukinoshita hugged her stuffed toy as if to make sure it was there. Yukinoshita uttered as if she was talking to the ground, not looking her sister in the eyes. It was a scene that shook me mildly. She was the kind of person who would allow herself to feel down when she was alone! I was trying to help, but I was butting in. Okay, see you later! Hachiman being one of the few people that prefers Yukino over Haruno is one of the reasons Yukino starts warming up to Hachiman.

In any case, as a result of the special education program for gifted students I received, I had never had any experience of being swindled in such a way until now. I doubted I would be deceived any time in the future, either. When I told Yukinoshita all of that, she let out a short sigh and rubbed her temple with her hand. I knew what a real smile looked like. When I said that, Yukinoshita picked up her walking pace!

Then she looked back at me over her shoulder. I saw her usual cold, unchanging expression. After that, without exchanging so much as a single word, the two of us embarked on our journey home. Perhaps it was a time when we should have asked questions and spoken to each other. And because of that, we spent the time without any human warmth, as fellow people sitting next to each other on the train.

When she arrived at the station we were getting off at, Yukinoshita stood up from her seat ahead of me. Once we got past the ticket barrier, Yukinoshita instantly stopped in her tracks.

As my back was turned to her, I heard a small voice. My first impulse was to doubt my own ears. I spun around hastily, but Yukinoshita was already walking off. She showed no sign of looking back at me. In the end, I watched Yukinoshita until she was completely out of sight. You can assume that this, Hachiman finding out this way and her not being able to apologize or explain the situation, has been weighing on Yukino the entire vacation.

It especially sucks for her, because at this part of the story, Yukino was starting to warm up to Hachiman and Yui and thinking that she could actually be friends with them. Yukino says she was glad she got to go to this camping trip. The reason being that she was supposed to go home. Your big sis was so worried and came to pick you up! Time for us to get going, huh?

They talk a bit about Yukino and a couple of other topics. I mean, this chick would stand out in a crowd no matter what she did. She seemed to find something painful about that. The only thing hinted at, is that Haruno is better at handling these types of official events. So in other words, did that mean Haruno-san was the official successor to her father?

Well, it should be natural that the eldest daughter was taking over the family business.

hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

Right, Haruno-san being the successor was fine. Haruno-san made a problematic smile. Yukino on the other hand has trouble with that. LN Spoiler Haruno-san placed her finger on her cheek and let out a difficult sigh.

Even more than Yukinoshita? Haruno-san wiped the tears at her eyes as she breathed out in satisfaction. Apparently mindful of her surroundings, she cleared her throat. Is that what you think of a girl that cute? After entering high school, Yukino wanted to live on her own.

Yukidad happily accepted, Yukimom is still opposed to it until this day. Yukino has lived on her own for at least a year at this point in the story. Hachiman asks Haruno if their parents are on good terms with one another. Ahh, just why were fathers of the world so sweet to their daughters? I go to a nearby national university for sciences and technology. While Yuigahama looked surprise out of admiration, Haruno-san wore a slightly, complicated smile.

If you were going to assume a position in a local corporate, going to a local university seems to be the right fit. In Volume 2, Yukino said she was going to do the same. Yui tells Haruno that. Nostalgic, distant eyes and a gentle tone. But in her words, I could sense some kind of eerie uncertainty.

I love Yukino-chan very much. Not even a moment to think, she immediately answered. Upon finishing her sentence, she showed a slightly warm smile. It was a harshness akin to the absolute winner looking down on his foolish challenger and scoffing at him, as if dealing with a child.

Yui says she likes Yukino a lot. Yui promises Haruno that she would never do something like that. But they all end up doing the same thing. They get jealous of Yukino-chan, hate her, reject her, and then start ostracizing her! Haruno-san took it head on and shrugged her shoulders and then looked at me. It would get pulled out and tossed aside, only to be left in the rain and wind to rot.

I turned towards Haruno-san and our eyes met. Her eyes were cold enough to send chills down my spine. I like how you look at things so curiously and give up. Do you like Yukino-chan? Hachiman thinks about how Haruno sees her little sister. LN Spoiler Be that as it may, Yukinoshita Haruno who had lived with her to this day had an apathetic smile.

She stated with a cruel smile just how pitiful and adorable her little sister was for always continuing to chase after her and be defeated! By a friend, her family, her parents, or perhaps fate? Whatever the case, the only one who could ever fancy the thought of her being pitiful was the strongest, Yukinoshita Haruno. Not once did the thought ever cross my mind. Hachiman enters the committee room and sees Haruno and Yukino talking.

LN Spoiler Ripples of tension swept throughout the conference room. A few people moved to the corner and began forming a gallery. At the center of the room were three people. And lastly, Yukinoshita Haruno. Yukinoshita and Haruno-san stood face to face, three steps away, in their relative positions. Meguri-senpai was behind Haruno-san in a fluster. As an OG of the orchestra club too.

It was because she could make me think that way was what made her frightening. She was really amazing! As a result, a short silence hung over them.

hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

Haruno-san smiled with a look of embarrassment and came in. That was just for fun. Yukinoshita flicked her hands away, took a step away, and glared at her. That displayed smile looked so sweet, yet just looking at it made my knees want to give way.

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 3

Yukinoshita frustratingly chewed her lips and averted her eyes. The gazed she averted then crashed with mine. She was probably gazing at the same floor. Hayama gave a slight nod in response. Sounds like fun, right? Hayama said in resignation. I had known they were acquaintances, but there was something uncomfortable about it. It may have been because of their tone.

I looked at both Hayama and Haruno-san. Haruno-san made a wry grin when she noticed that. You can be casual with me too, Hikigaya-kun, you know? In that case, should I call you Hachiman?

Yahari Analysis Test

I implore you to never do that. Only my parents and Totsuka are allowed to call me by Hachiman. Hayato not in the anime realizes what Haruno is doing and silently leaves the classroom. LN Spoiler After feeling satisfied from her momentary mischief, Haruno returned her gaze to Yukinoshita.

I answered only by shrugging my shoulders.

hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

With the continuing unusual tension, the door of the conference room flung open without reservation. I could understand why had loosened up. Those demonic eyes that chillingly evaluated your worth. On top of that, you showed up to class instead? That tone of hers was terrifying. Her energetic conduct earlier made her appear more vicious with the sudden transition to a frigid expression.

Not only was there a disparity of intimidation between Haruno-san and Yukinoshita, she also wore her dark emotions on her face without suppressing them. Then, Haruno-san broke into a smile. Sounds good to me!

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Um, Somethinggami-chan I think? This very well may have been the first affirmation for Sagami since her arrival here. Like, I really want to participate in a volunteer organization.

But she quickly released her, and muttered with distant eyes. Only Hayama and Yukinoshita were letting out brief sighs, as if conceding. Ignorant to that, Sagami clapped her hands together. Ah, how about you call those friends of yours to show up too?

Do you mind if I call them now? Yukinoshita, looking flustered, tried to stop Sagami. That Yukinoshita Haruno was the one who strung her along for the majority of that proposal. Sagami smiled victoriously, finally being able to stand above Yukinoshita for the first time. This is an important line, because it shows that Haruno always meddles with Yukino. I wordlessly looked at Hayama, my interest piqued from his tone that sounded like he knew how everything was going to play out.

Hayama left the conference room just like that. To make sure that Yukino takes over the position. LN Spoiler Upon looking, Sagami was standing and looking throughout the room. She lightly coughed to prepare herself and nervously started speaking. That was something I heard just moments ago…! How does that sound? Thanks to Yukinoshita clearing problematic points on one end! But Yukinoshita raised an objection to that suggestion. An energetic, outspoken voice blocked her. Sagami went further with that attitude.

Besides… back then, it was super amazing, right? Taking that as confirmation, Sagami went even farther. Learning from your ancestors or so they say? You should think more about others without putting your personal feelings in it. Meguri-senpai watched that exchange with a complicated face.

hachiman and yukino relationship quiz

It looked like it was approved. As a result, Sagami gave the call of dismissal. Sagami smiled in satisfaction while Yukinoshita returned to her work with a cold expression. As for Sagami, did she probably think she had done some work befitting of a planning committee chairman?

LN Spoiler The transformation immediately came into effect. That being said, people were late thirty minutes to the meeting and the absentees were people who gave notice beforehand.