God and man the nature of their relationship

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god and man the nature of their relationship

1 It is therefore, the goal of this paper to locate the places of God and man within the Igbo world view and explore the nature of their relationship. This is because. In our religion we pray even a tree as a god and we see our god in everything. we have a very special relation with god . This they have concluded by studying the nature of both. . In hinduism there is no relationship between man and god. In an attempt to explain his relationship with God, man often relies on religion to believers in Jesus are adopted, receiving the same privileges as natural-born.

They have peculiar qualities that somehow reflect the nature of God Himself and set them apart and above all other created beings.

god and man the nature of their relationship

They maintain that humankind in the Fall retained the image but lost the likeness. The two words, however, seem to identify the same divine act. The repetition represents the Hebrew literary style of parallelism used for emphasis.

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The Hebrew selem or image refers to a hewn or carved image 1 Sam. The word likeness, demuth, means a facsimile. Compare 2 Kings Neither of the words imply that persons are divine. They were endowed with some of the characteristics of God. There is a likeness but not a sameness.

Persons as Body-Soul Many different views seek to explain the nature of the likeness. This passage says that man became a soul, not that he had a soul. A person is both body and soul, or more accurately, body-soul.


The Old Testament supports this holistic view of persons who are not segmented into parts known as body, soul, and spirit. Early theologians were greatly influenced by Greek philosophy in their interpretation of the image of God.

The Greeks separated between the material and the spiritual. They saw an individual as a spirit being living in a physical body.

This Greek dualism was the background out of which the early Christian theologians drew their understanding. The church fathers believed that the image of God resided in the soul or the spirit of each person. Humankind as Persons Who are humans? The Bible portrays them as self-conscious, willful, innovative entities who, under God, preside over their environment.

Relationship with God

In other words, they are persons. God made each male and female a person in the likeness of His own personhood.

god and man the nature of their relationship

Nothing else in all creation can be called a person. Personhood encompasses individuals in their entirety, body and spirit, as rational, loving, responsible, moral creatures.

Reflections of Personhood A man or woman is a person, as God is a Person. Their relationship is very close.

god and man the nature of their relationship

God addresses Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Quran, which Muslims believe is the word of God, saying: Moreover, orthodox Sunni belief tends to hold a transcendental vision of Godhead in the way it believes that Allah does not resemble his creation. Allah describes Himself in Quran saying: Any created being, either man or any other element of nature, is liable to materialistic measures of existence, i.

God exists but without a place. A fact that the Almighty stresses in the Quran when he says: On the contrary, it is of trust and respect. In the following long verse Allah the Almighty sheds light on the special and intimate relationship between Him and man amongst the other creations.

the nature of god and man in the Iliad | A Student's words

In truth it is You Who are perfect in knowledge and wisdom. Tell them their names. He was of those who reject faith.


This knowledge enabled humans to be the only creatures that have free will to choose and be responsible for their acts. In another verse Allah stresses this unique relationship between Him and humanity, He says: When I have fashioned him in due proportion and breathed into him of My spirit, fall you down in obeisance unto him. Thus the relationship between God and humans becomes as close as that humans have the spirit of God inside them.

According to the Sunni conception of God and His relationship with nature, nature is not the manifestation of God but of His infinite wisdom, capability and empowerment.

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God has created nature in this perfect form as signs of His existence which guides humanity to strengthen their belief in Him. Allah the Almighty said in a series of verses in the Quran: