Go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

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go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

LOL #sassy go go #cheer . Tiara: How do you feel with one episode to go? . Ko Nam Soon(Lee Jong Seok) confesses to Park Heung Soo(Kim Woo Bin), “I ran away because I was afraid that you wouldn't . Super refreshing from the often love-hate relationships in kdramas. .. QUIZ: Which K-drama Cinderella are you?. RAMYOUN COUPLE GO NAM-SOON & PARK HEUNG-SOO Lee Hyun Woo Smile gifs so cute kdrama school kim woo bin lee jong suk kim woobin. Meanwhile, Nam-soon and Heung-soo are stuck in the storage .. I like their friendship and their little rivalry, but I really enjoyed her relationship with Nam Soon. I was really excited for Park Heung Soo and Go Nam Soon's rivalry at .. Fluttering Alert (MBN); God's Quiz 5 (OCN); Boyfriend

Nam Soon felt daring, especially after the reactions he was getting. As he walked toward the bedroom, he hollered back to Heung Soo. Really, a blush suited him well. He posed in the doorway, causing his best friend to splutter in shock. Nam Soon laughed and shut the door to the room behind him.

He'd better hurry and get some clothes on, or Heung Soo would strangle him with the towel. Heung Soo stood, trying not to pass out, with his hands holding him up on the sink. Did Nam Soon always look that sexy? What was with him taking his towel off? He was surprised when somewhere within him answered "yes. He wanted to do more than look at him. But what to do? The two of them went out almost weekly for mountains of hot dogs and french fries.

Heung Soo felt sick. Here he was, just finding out that he was in love with his best friend, and he couldn't do anything about it. He put a hand to his chest. He wanted to grab Nam Soon and kiss him until he couldn't think about anyone else. You sound like a lovesick idiot, Heung Soo," his whispered to himself. He was doomed to a life on the sidelines. Better hurry up in here. No one took this long to pee. Nam Soon would be wondering if he was sick. When he was done, he washed his hands and walked out to the living room.

Nam Soon had already made a feast of a breakfast. He was waiting patiently, no outward sign of the weird display from earlier. What was that anyway? Posing in the doorway like a model. He sat down and watched Nam Soon texting away on his phone. After a couple of minutes, the younger man started dishing food for the both of them. He looked down at his bowl of rice. Maybe he had taken things a bit too far after his shower. He didn't know what to say, so he did what Kang Joo had just suggested.

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Friends can talk about stuff like that. He was terrified of where this was leading. What was this bastard trying to do? I hope to remedy that soon. You should wish me luck. At least you have a chance with the person you love. If I truly had a chance with the person I'm in love with, I think I would grab them and kiss them right away.

He continued in a softer voice. Heung Soo stood as well, and when the table was clear, he folded the legs and stuck it in the corner by the bookshelf. He folded his arms across his chest and watched Nam Soon rinse off the few dishes they had dirtied. The last words Nam Soon said ran through his head again.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

With more resolve than he thought he'd ever have, and before his brain could kick in to tell him this was a bad idea, he walked over to where Nam Soon was putting the last of the dishes away. Heung Soo took a deep breath, grabbed his best friend by the shoulders, spun him, and kissed him.

It was better than he could have ever imagined. Electricity flowed between them. Heung Soo had kissed girls before, but none of them had ever made him feel like he was drowning and being saved at the same time.

He felt blindly for one of Nam Soon's hands, and pinned it against the cabinet door above his head as he pressed his body against the smaller one. Nam Soon's other hand managed to find its way into Heung Soo's hair, and he gave it a slight tug. Heung Soo moaned into the kiss.

His pants were starting to get uncomfortable, so he ground his hips forward, causing both of them to let out a moan. Nam Soon was in shock. Without even having to tell him how he felt, here was Heung Soo, kissing the hell out of him. He ran his tongue across the lips pressed against his own, and they parted just enough for him to slip inside.

Oh, he tasted like an amazing mix of toothpaste and something that was undeniably Heung Soo. Nam Soon moaned again and ground his own hips against the body that had him pinned. It would have been an extremely erotic stance to be in, except for the cabinet handle digging into his back.

Nam Soon broke the kiss with a gasp. The handle on this cabinet-" Nam Soon found himself lifted off the floor. He wrapped his legs around Heung Soo's waist as his best friend carried him to the bedroom.

He started to unbutton the parts of the shirt that he could reach. Nam Soon started to place open mouthed kisses along the newly exposed neck and collar bone in front of him. Heung Soo stumbled and nearly dropped him. Nam Soon couldn't believe this was happening, and it felt amazing. He never thought that Heung Soo would ever go for this. He shifted his legs so that he would be put down. The look on Heung Soo's face said that that was not something he'd wanted to do, so Nam Soon decided to make it up to him.

He reached out to finish unbuttoning Heung Soo's shirt, trailing kisses down his chest to his stomach. Heung Soo was breathing heavily. He really didn't want to put Nam Soon down. For some odd reason, he was being allowed this crazy, perfect moment. He wanted to savor every last second of it. He couldn't bite back a moan as Nam Soon lightly bit just above his navel.

HeungSoon - My most important thing... Is You.

Insecurity flooded his mind as he realized something. He was the one that instigated this.


Did Nam Soon feel like he had to continue to make him happy? What Nam Soon was doing felt amazing, but Heung Soo couldn't focus until he knew for sure. He sank his fingers into Nam Soon's hair and pulled his head back just enough to look him in the eyes. He wanted to yell at him, but the retort died in his throat as he saw the look in his best friend's eyes. Heung Soo had started everything just now, and after what had happened in the past, could his question really be that unusual?

Nam Soon knelt next to him and put a hand on his cheek to make sure Heung Soo couldn't look away. Are you really that blind? I have loved you for so long now. Either you were going to kiss me or I was going to kiss you. I've spent too many sleepless nights stressing out about this. I only just realized it this morning when I woke up with you hugging me. I want to be able to wake up like that every day.

His memories of that morning were a little difficult to deal with. His hard on had been stabbing Heung Soo in the back. Heung Soo looked at him curiously. Nam Soon rubbed a hand uncomfortably through his hair.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

Just, ah, that wasn't my knee. Every guy gets morning wood. I was just trying to keep things from getting weird. Se-chan sets the boys to sweeping the office, annoyingly pestering them to do a good job. Then he sends the boys to write essays on their wrongdoing, which elicits twin looks of aggravation on their faces. Then he levels with them: Do they really not want to come to school? Do they really insist on one of them being transferred out?

Stop fighting, stop smoking, and act like students. I love how Uhmforce is the universal threat. As they leave campus, Nam-soon spots the gang of hyungnims hopping the wall.

She asks whether Se-chan would be able to do it—to admit he was wrong in the face of all the embarrassment. Nam-soon and Heung-soo get pulled out of class by Se-chan, who presents them with test sheets.

Ha, Heung-soo shoots him this look. He advises her what she can add, recommending a debate competition or some such activity, and wonders why she came to him. The teachers note that with the nationwide exam results out, the students are finally spurred to study—even if, in the case of Class 2, that means as little as asking what page of the book to turn to.

Of course, the trouble is that none of the other teachers are being evaluated. Se-chan gives her a cute little pep talk about how not every teacher in the world can have his talent and charisma, which gets a smile out of her. But he says that she can teach plenty with her level of abilities. At least some students have the grace to look abashed. After class, Ji-hoon stops In-jae to ask her whether she could step in again and appeal to Jung-ho, one more time.

She answers that this time Jung-ho has to make the decision for himself and come to school. She suggests that the friends try persuading him. But Ji-hoon sighs that they have no effect.

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Even if he did want to come, Jung-ho needs an excuse—so what if she tries one more time? He and Yi-kyung will go with her to step in if needed. In any case, Jung-ho has no other friends aside from them. Se-chan is given the task of selecting two students to represent the school at an upcoming debate competition based on their essays.

His choices are Kang-joo and Min-ki, who have differing responses: Who thought it was a good idea to make these two take a test offscreen for half the episode?

In short, is she putting Heung-soo first when the rest of the class is suffering? He points out that their Class 2 came in last place in midterms, and even their best students dropped. It turns out that the questionnaire pinpointing Heung-soo was a concerted effort by a group of students. Aw, this is so sweet that you can hardly begrudge them for being misguided, because the students—Kang-joo, Byun-ki, et al—were trying to protect Nam-soon.

They ask the teacher to save Nam-soon from his bullied misery, which just… aw. To Principal Im, this means looking into ways of getting rid of Heung-soo. The others crowd around Nam-soon when he returns, ready to lend him moral support.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

Nam-soon heads up to the rooftop alone, where he goes into flashback mode: We open with Nam-soon and Heung-soo wearing school uniforms for a different school, back when they were friends. Nam-soon acts as lookout as he gives a vending machine a mighty kick, and Heung-soo grabs the change that comes pouring out. They make their getaway laughing, then head home to eat snacks and play around like simple teenage kids. But things take a darker turn when Nam-soon finds himself pale-faced and weak-willed at a hospital, where Heung-soo slams a hand into the window and glares at him.

He gulps nervously, then leaves.

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Heung-soo settles back wearily, sporting a cast on his right leg. Oh no, no more soccer for him? He warns Heung-soo not to mess with Nam-soon. To get kicked out of school, cleanly.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

Uhmforce and Se-chan grab Heung-soo, who gives this roar of frustration. Those guys are pushing it.

The boys sit awaiting disciplining, and Nam-soon reminds Heung-soo that he was determined to lie low and graduate from this school. Gym Teacher Jo raises the question of why the boys fought in the first place. But thank you for asking. Heung-soo says of course he has to go if he expects to be expelled: Nam-soon keeps his face averted and his head down, but the conversation clearly has him uneasy. Jung-ho too, who tamps down his anger.

In-jae prods Se-chan to try talking to the guys—maybe he can get through man to man. He recites a jokey sequence of the lunchlady taking away his meat dish, and then In-jae asks for another volunteer. Heung-soo tenses as Nam-soon stands and begins: To continue the path to being a soccer player, the coach told him he had to quit fighting with his gang.