Ghost hunt mai and naru relationship memes

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ghost hunt mai and naru relationship memes

Stole from bk_iroha friending meme by midnightreverie. *with a bit Favorite relationships/pairings: Favorite arcs: Scariest How often do you post about Ghost Hunt on your LJ? Favorite characters: LIN Mai,Naru & Yasuhara. But mostly. You know in most people look at Naru and Mai's relationship through they eyes of the As of yet in Ghost Hunt - Akumu no Sume Ie, Naru is not in love with Mai. Oliver Davis (Naru) is the owner of SPR (Shibuya Psychic Research). He is known to be Naru's relationship with Mai in the manga is somewhat complicated.

He is often derisive about her lack of intelligence, which she resents, and they often clash over Mai's heightened sense of compassion for others. However, he gave her a paycheck after her first case, and there has been no other reference to a previous employee. Mai will find out that all the equipment is insured and that there was no reason for her to be working off the damage she did to the SPR'S Shibuya Psychic Research camera, that leads to the idea that she was hired from necessity or affection.

It's been shown throughout the series that Naru has a more closer relationship with her than any other member of their team.

Kazuya Shibuya (Naru)

Naru is generally very impatient, but this too has an exception with Mai. Throughout the series, he does show her some respect and affection in small ways, such as trusting her instincts and cheering her up when they fell down a sewer.

In the novels, their relationship is further questioned when Mai confesses her feelings for him. Naru's response is to ask whether Mai likes him, or the Naru she dreams of--his brother, Gene. Edit Gene Eugene Davis is Naru's brother who died before the series takes place. The two were very close; not only were they identical twins, they also had a strong psychic connection.

Eugene Davis

When Naru discovered Gene's death through psychometry, he wasted no time in traveling to Japan in order to find his body. They both declare their intentions to keep pursuing Naru, but the difficulty of doing so actually serves as a factor in their friendship. Edit In direct contrast to Masako, Ayako and Mai have very similar personalities, in that they are both loud and opinionated. The two often bicker, with Mai teasing Ayako about her age and lack of talent, and Ayako mocking Mai for her inexperience and coarse behavior.

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Mai comes to look up to Ayako as an older sister or mother figure, similar to how she views Bou-san. Ayako also teaches her how to defend herself, in the form of the Nine cuts. She is often shown taking care of Mai after Mai goes though incidents. Edit Mai and Lin have very little interaction in the first several volumes, and they generally don't speak.

Lin appears to harbor some animosity towards her, probably in response to the fact that she injured him during their first meeting, but it isn't until the sixth volume that this animosity is addressed. Lin reveals that he doesn't like Japanese people because of Japan's past injustices towards China. Mai responds by telling Lin that he shouldn't hate her because she is Japanese, or because she is an orphan; this makes Lin laugh, as someone revealed in the novels to be Eugene Davis once told him the same thing.

Their relationship thaws somewhat after that, and the two become respectful, if not particularly close. Lin offers to guard Mai in the Bloodstained Labyrinth case, until he realizes that doing so would leave Naru unprotected.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship memes

They work well together on their very first case, and on several occasions afterward. Mai respects John's talent as an exorcist. John is one of the few who does not tease her about her latent sensitivity, and instead trusts her intuition almost instantaneously. It is possible he has a crush on Mai, which is shown when he collapses after Yasuhara implies he himself likes her.

John's possible feelings are also implied by the fact that Mai catches him looking at her frequently. Yasuhara is extremely helpful towards Mai during Volumes 4 and 5, where he often helps her with administrative or equipment duties. His respect and friendliness is a welcome change to Mai, who had previously been the least experienced and often belittled, however jokingly, by her coworkers.

In return, Mai is very impressed with Yasuhara's research skills and intelligence.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship memes

Edit Throughout the series Eugene acts as Mai's spiritual guide and helps her through her psychic visions. Mai confuses Gene with Naru, which leads to Naru later questioning Mai if she's in love with him or Gene. Eugene is very warm towards Mai smiling at her and holding her handand seems to have her best intentions at heart.

In the light novels, Madoka states Mai and Eugene are very similar, despite Gene being much quieter. She says "I dreamt about you because I love you," and "I guess I am lost in love? It is unknown if her affections towards him are platonic or not, or how Eugene views Mai.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship memes

Trivia Mai is older than Masako by several days. Out of all the members Mai has been attacked the most by spirits.

Mai was able to perform exorcisms and a cleansing after being taught by Gene, Takigawa, and Ayako. Although her psychic level was not too strong in the beginning, Takigawa had warned her not to aim it on people.

Mai keeps her old family's house-key as a good luck charm. She has an affinity to kotatsusand by The Blood-Stained Labrynth case, is estatic that she was able to afford one. Naru gave a photo of him with his older brother to Mai in the novels.