Gainers and feeders relationship

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Sanchez was in a year relationship with a man who was a “Feeder” (someone who gets off on feeding heavyset women to make them gain. “I wanna enjoy every single pound,” says Tammy Jung, “and every inch of me that grows.” Tammy Jung is a 'feedee' or a 'gainer'. That is to say. Blogs and websites about 'gainers' celebrate weight gain, even as the U.S. The gainer-feeder relationship is really a "metaphor of arousal,".

She's up to pounds, a roughly pound leap from her starting point. She lives a life that's otherwise by the books: She has regular jobs, plays a lot of video games, writes and cooks. But she's grown a following of fans — nearly 8, on YouTube alone — by posting videos of herself eating pounds of food, bloating her stomach, burping, hiccuping and poking and prodding herself.

gainers and feeders relationship

He'd make fun of me, call me a fatass, and I loved it. And many are making money from it. The site is filled with photos and videos of SSBBW — super-sized big beautiful women — engaging in traditional sex, sure, but also gainer-specific fantasies like face-stuffing gorging on food and belly play.

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Reenaye Starr "I have surpassed my goal weight at this point," Starr told Mic. My goal weight originally wasbut it is a lifestyle of indulgence and I love to indulge. My current ideal weight in fantasy is about pounds, but in reality, I wouldn't like to be more than pounds.

There's a wide variety of feederism content on the Web. Fetish websites like StufferDB.

gainers and feeders relationship

If feederism is a learned or acquired behavior, then its increased accessibility through online media may lead to an increase in this activity. This is purely speculation, though.

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YouTube Where does feederism come from? These fantasies had clear masochistic elements, specifically involving being controlled, dominated and humiliated. But for Starr, feederism isn't about humiliation — it's about power. In Starr's relationship, she plays the dominant role. When she first found out her boyfriend now husband was into feederism, she thought it was a kink used to control women, to turn them subservient.

Then her boyfriend told her that what he found so sexy was the idea of her growing larger. During a period of active weight gain Lisa claims to have enjoyed great erotic pleasure, especially when weighing and measuring herself, but she ultimately stopped over health concerns.

I'm Ashamed To Be A Feeder

As I learned in a chat room on the website Fantasy Feeder, some gainers are terrified of doctors, thanks to the obesity-related diseases that plague the feeder community, including heart and circulatory problems and diabetes. Lisa knew the risks, but when she experienced compromised immunity and extreme loss of energy she knew she had to get out.

She slimmed down, got married, and started nourishing her inner feedee online. While sitting around and being fed, or stuffing your own face, might seem to be the epitome of sloth, many successful gainers describe their practice as hard work. Forum discussions about how to pack it on and keep it on are mirror images of the diet tips and theories shared in forums for people who want to get and stay thin.

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Before her stint as a gainer, Lisa had a bout with anorexia. This is not uncommon. Feederism and anorexia share an obsession with body image and food, and both have their erotic elements.

Online gainer forums are filled with people discussing weight gain goals. And there are forums for lactose- and gluten-intolerant gainers, as well as diabetic gainers of which there are many. And maybe one exists.