Gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

Libya-Iraq Relations, : history

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

Imagine if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi had nuclear weapons in The invasion of Iraq may not have been possible, and states. Mismari: I encouraged the French to attack Gaddafi's convoy and I provided He was a counselor at the Libyan embassy in Canada and he refused all threats and offers. Shalgam knew the nature of my relationship with King Abdullah II and he He should have brought to court just like Saddam was so that we can hear. The world would be a better place if dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power, the Republican US.

In mid-November, the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act gave the home secretary the power to detain individuals without trial — and the intelligence agencies more power to target suspects. During a preliminary telephone conversation, Blair and Gaddafi exchanged pleasantries. It was the first British ministerial visit sincewhen the UK had severed diplomatic relations after a police officer, Yvonne Fletcherwas murdered by shots fired from inside the Libyan embassy in London.

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

No matter that Gaddafi was regarded across the Middle East as dangerously insane. Much of the work involved in building the partnership was done not by ministers, or even by diplomats, but by intelligence officers, particularly Allen and Koussa. They met frequently over the course of and appear to have become firm friends.

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

There does not appear to have been any discussion about the murders Koussa had authorised in London two decades earlier. Most, if not all, were said to be members or supporters of the LIFG. An underground group formed in by Libyans who had fought against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the LIFG was dedicated to the overthrow of Gaddafi and the establishment of an Islamic government in Tripoli.

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For many years it had two leaders: Military and security training courses are currently taking place in Jordan. What Arab countries played a part in toppling Gaddafi? I must be honest. During all my meetings with the Jordanian king, I felt that he was first and foremost interested in that Libya overcomes the difficult phase and that it overcomes its problems. I did not feel that there was any special Jordanian agenda. Qatar also played a part. What did Qatar offer? It offered weapons and some Qatari soldiers were sent to the field in addition to money.

But I obtained information indicating that the Qatari aid was sent to some specific sides. The Americans did not interfere in the internal affairs. The things that were being said about the oil were not true. You mean Qatar supported the Islamists? This is what I was told. What was the second country that supported Libya? Did it send troops? Jordan also helped in many ways by sending food aid and a field hospital under the instructions of King Abdullah.

This helped the wounded victims a lot in Benghazi. A decision was made to send a second hospital to Tripoli after the fall of Gaddafi. How long did you stay in Jordan?

The events succeeded and defections took place. When I met with the king, he asked me about the events that were taking place in this country dear to us and he told me to try and calm the matters down and I promised him I will. We tried to contact some officials and so did His Majesty the king. He also met with some officials in order to calm things down. Jordan was the first Arab country to recognize the transitional council, not to mention that the UAE that helped in toppling Gaddafi.

Qatar also acknowledge the council early on A. Qatar was involved in this issue from the start. The National Transitional Council was formed in Qatar. However, I am speaking about the acknowledgement and Jordan was the first country to do that. Standing by the side of the revolution and the council constitute an implicit acknowledgement but the first official acknowledgement was made by Jordan. Which Libyan side was the most instrumental in toppling Gaddafi? Was it the Islamists?

The real rebels were the independents who had no western, eastern, foreign or Arab agendas. They also had no religious tendencies and they are the ones who liberated Libya.

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

How did you feel? He should have brought to court just like Saddam was so that we can hear what he had to say. Unfortunately, there was a lot of hatred and anger and there were people who had suffered a lot as a result of his actions, especially during the events of the February 17 revolution.

People wanted vengeance and so they behaved the way they did. That was a spontaneous action. There was no previous plan.

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However, I believe that there was an external agenda that did not want Gaddafi to reach the court so that he may not reveal the secrets that he had Q. About anyone who had met and spoke to him. I cannot confirm but there were rulers and presidents A.

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

In the East and the West Q. Would he have said anything to embarrass Toni Blair for instance? He could have embarrassed anyone. This is what actually happened.

Until the last minute he was saying: Libya will be burnt after me. He was this kind of person. When he would reach the gallows, he would expose his enemies. Thus, it was necessary to liquidate him before he got to court. Did he like the Iranians? He was sympathetic to them.

The proof is that I went to Iran at the beginning of the Khomeini revolution along with Maj. Abdel Salam Jaloud and he had problems in the airport. Then, the revolutionary Guards, the Sheikhs, and Ayatollah Montazeri intervened. The Savak was still active. So we went in and we met with Imam Khomeini in Qum. Then, we went back another time and things were somewhat stable.

But the man who was really sympathetic with the Iranians was Abdel Salam Jaloud to the extent that he placed someone close to him, Saad Mojber, in Iran. He had strong relationships with the clerics there. Did Gaddafi provide Iran with weapons to bombard Baghdad? There was information indicating that heavy weapons and missiles left Libya in the direction of Iran.

I told you that Abdel Salam Jaloud was very eager about this anti-west revolution.

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Was Saddam providing them with weapons? We never discussed this issue. He never visited Iran. Perhaps he was afraid. They used to raise the issue but it never turned into an obstacle that brought an estrangement. I know that they sometimes used to tackle the issue of Moussa al-Sadr and he used to say: Is this what Gaddafi used to say? What do I know about Moussa al-Sadr. You meet with them and talk to them. Did he ever receive Iranian delegations? Of course he did. He also met with Ahmadinejad in Gambia.

Was he very interested in the issue of Chad? He wanted Aouzou because it had uranium. Did he initiate a nuclear program?


Ahmad Mahmoud was one of the so-called Free Officers. He was in charge of the nuclear issue. Then, he appointed Mohammad al-Maatouk. He was in charge of the issue until a minister of facilities was appointed. What did they purchase? They got things from India and Pakistan. But I cannot tell who the person was Q.

Did they get things from North Korea? The Koreans used to come a lot. Were there any biological weapons? What about the Tarhouna area? Yes there were weapons in Tarhouna Q. At the Rabita factory? The Rabita factory was the strategic factory. It produced Aspirin above ground and banned weapons underground.

The Aspirin was produced for camouflage. Of course, they dreamt of producing an atomic bomb. Where did the scientists come from? They say there were even German scientists involved. At the chemical plant? Who killed your son? My son, Colonel Faysal, had specialized in Chemical Reconnaissance.

He was then transferred from Chemical Reconnaissance to the Navy. His specialization enabled him to recognize any nuclear or chemical radiation. Where did he specialize? In the faculty in Libya Q. Where and when was he killed? Init was Ramadan. He was killed in his house. He was then taken to the hospital and I went to see him. When I got back to the crime scene, the place was all cleaned up and washed.

We saw no bullets. He did not commit suicide because it was clear that he was shot. At the beginning, Muammar Gaddafi was sympathetic with me and he told me that no one can commit suicide with two bullets.

gaddafi and saddam relationship counseling

His gun was clean and no bullets had been fired from it and there was no blood on it, bearing in mind that there was a pool of blood there. I complained and sent a memo to Muammar Gaddafi.

They formed a committee headed by Mohammad al-Khodar, the head of Military Prosecution, in addition to Moussa Koussa and Abdullah Mansour with the aim of investigating this issue. I insisted on learning the outcome. Moussa Koussa and Al-Khodar never did any investigations. The one who did was Abdullah Mansour.

Abdullah Mansour was the only one who did any investigations because they did not want to reach any actual result. Indeed, no result was reached. Mohammad al-Khodar was my friend. We had studies together and we were neighbors. Were there any differences?