Emilia and othello relationship

The Relationship Between Iago and Emilia

emilia and othello relationship

In Othello, there are certain relationships that Shakespeare establishes which turn out to have major repercussions on the main action of the play. One minor. Get an answer for 'Describe the relationship between Emilia and Iago' and find homework help for other Othello questions at eNotes. Othello and Desdemona. -(balanced) Started out with love but eventually turned to hate only on Othello's part. Emilia and Iago. -Mostly hate all.

Conflict of Male Female Relationship in Othello

I saw Othello's visage in his mind, And to his honour and his valiant parts Did I my soul and fortunes consecrate. While Othello appears confident of her love for him in Act 1 deep down he is insecure in the relationship.

He can't quite believe how happy he is that she loves him: If it were now to die, 'Twere now to be most happy; for I fear, My soul hath her content so absolute That not another comfort like to this Succeeds in unknown fate. When Iago starts making vague suggestions of Cassio's untrustworthy nature Othello's confidence is knocked sideways very rapidly: This would point to him being more worried about his hurt pride than about the fact that she might not love him.

emilia and othello relationship

Desdemona, unlike her husband, is not insecure, even when called a 'whore' she remains loyal to him and resolves to love him despite his misunderstanding of her; she is resolute and tenacious in the face of adversity. Her love for Othello is unwaning: My love doth so approve him That even his stubbornness, his checks, his frowns - Prithee unpin me - have grace and favour in them.

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She bids Othello to do the sensible thing and ask Cassio how he obtained the handkerchief but this is too rational for Othello who has already ordered his murder. Even as Desdemona faces her death, she asks Emilia to commend her to her 'kind lord'. She remains in love with him knowing that he is responsible for her death.

In his final speech Othello claims that he was "one that loved not wisely but too well" and it is clear that his feelings regarding Desdamona were extremely passionate and overwhelming.

Whether one lays all the blame for the tragedy at Iago's door, however, or holds Othello responsible is a matter for each individual audience member as they watch the play.

Relationships in Othello

Iago and Emilia - An Unhappy Marriage The relationship between Iago and Emilia is not that of a strong and equal tie of love which we expect to find existing between man and wife.

When she exposes his scheme he kills her without a moment's hesitation and shocks the people who witness it: She steals the handkerchief in order to make him happy and perhaps strengthen their relationship: I'll have the work ta'en out, And give't lago: Her character is somewhat tarnished by her association with Iago but she seems self-aware enough to realise that this is the case: Her remarkable courage in standing up to him to defend Desdamona in the final Act redeems her character in the eyes of the audience: Desdemona is the wife of Othello who is a General in the army with men under his command.

Next, the two ladies exhibit a level of ignorance of the plots in play around them. Desdemona and Emilia are also loyal wives who want to please their husbands. Othello believes that Desdemona is lewd and unchaste; therefore Desdemona wants to appease his worries concerning her loyalty by reassuring him, thus pleasing him.

emilia and othello relationship

I never gave him token. Similarly, Emilia is just as loyal to Iago as Desdemona is to Othello. How fast would you like to get it?

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We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. For that reason, instead of giving it back to her mistress right away, Emilia gave it to Iago with the goal in mind of pleasing him.

emilia and othello relationship

Emilia and Desdemona do differ in perspective. In this respect, we can see Emilia as a modern woman, a feminist before her time.

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Desdemona can be perceived as being old fashioned and idealistic who is votary at the shrine of love. They are all but stomachs, and we all but food; They eat us hungrily, and when they are full, They belch us. To Desdemona, unchaste is unthinkable.

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But Emilia knows there are faithless wives and she feels that she can explain why some wives fail in chastity.