Eli locker and ria torres relationship goals

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Loker and Torres trying to get Cal and Gillian together but ending up Today, for the first time in their secret relationship, she was going to let “Eli, just get Lightman in there, and I'll grab Dr Foster. If Ria wasn't so surprised at seeing her bosses kissing, she . Subject yourself to that on purpose do you?. Rounding out the band is Eli Loker, an utterly shameless flirt committed to Ria Torres is a more obvious example, especially in the episode "Delinquent". Beta Couple: Loker and Torres, to Lightman and Foster's alpha couple. .. About TVTropes · TVTropes Goals · Troping Code · TVTropes Customs · Tropes of Legend. Ria Torres-Ria is definately an "E" she oversteps Cal many times, Eli Loker-Eli is the harder one, he has the overwhelming need to He keeps his goals in mind on any given case, and rarely drops his She's the warmest, most empathetic character on the show, and places values and relationships first.

And it all came back with brutal clarity. She saw see the bullets flying into him. Saw him falling to the ground in front of and dying. While she was handcuffed and unable to do a thing. I can't lose you, Cal. Gillian couldn't do it. Couldn't take another step into the house.

Instead, she backed up. Gasping for air now as she turned around. Stumbling and nearly tripping over her own feet. Unsure how she made it outside. How she suddenly ended up kneeling on the cement sidewalk, ripping her stockings on the ground as her palms gripped the cold stone. Lightman Residence, Washington DC Cal was struggling to stay awake long enough for Gillian to come back from walking the dog.

He'd barely done anything more than take a few steps, nap, watch TV, read and eat today but it had taken its toll on him. Gillian had changed the dressing on his chest and leg when she came home and now he was ridiculously, inexplicably exhausted. Even if it killed him. A breeze of cold air came into the living room when Gillian opened the door and Moritz catapulted inside, running to rub his wet, cold nose against Cal's hand.

Her cold hands inched under his bedcovers and rested against his good leg, sending goose bumps along it. Opening her palm, Cal saw the red scratch marks all over it. Wondering why he hadn't noticed them earlier. Except my pride was a little hurt. You sure you're not running a fever? Because I'm covered in a down comforter. Like a newborn in an incubator. The doc said we're supposed to be vigilant when it comes to Not gonna die on you. Cal was hoping she'd take off more than that. She went out earlier, came back to check on her cripple father, then she went to see another a friend.

Told me not to wait up for her. He guessed that was as good as it was gonna get. It was too small for both of them. His twin-size temporary bed. Because of it she had to nestle against him tightly in order to fit. Cal turned sideways, ignoring the pain in his chest when he did.

It was way too long since he'd been this close to her and he'd missed it like hell. It made him feel alive and awake and he desperately needed that. Her nose almost touching his while one of her legs slowly and carefully entwined with his.

He kissed her back, harder than he'd intended, because that's the effect her touch had on him. It set his skin on fire. Made him want to possess every inch of her. Like a love-starved teenager. She stopped only when she noticed that his body had twisted awkwardly into hers and started to protest.

Gillian propped herself up on one elbow and gave him a gentle push back down. He stared up at her, serious now as his hand reached up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

He never tired of looking into her stunning blue eyes. Loved all the things he could read in them and all the things he couldn't. The emotions were hard for her to hide but the thoughts behind them would always be a mystery and sometimes that drove him crazy. Because he wanted to know everything. Those were only two emotions Cal could see.

eli locker and ria torres relationship goals

A third one clouded them both. Seeing what he was doing. The truth meant the world to him but he had a feeling he wasn't going to get it tonight. Gillian settled back down on the bed, turning her back to him. He couldn't turn over sideways in order to spoon her but he could manage to drape an arm over her.

Was able to snuggle his face into the back of her head so that her hair was touching his lips. Her hand got a hold of his. I'll stick around then. Asleep and curled up against each other on the tiny twin-size bed.

Her father's arm draped over Gillian, while his face nestled against the back of her neck.

eli locker and ria torres relationship goals

It would get a lot of likes. But they'd kill me. Emily decided against it just before she pressed the photo button. Moritz slinked against her leg, yawning when she turned off the living room lights.

Later She pushed and fought and struggled against his weight and still he was stronger. Hunter Kline's full weight bore down on her body and it was suffocating and no matter how much she struggled she couldn't get him to budge an inch. Not that it stopped her from trying. Because she had to get away from him. Her eyes wide open now, Gillian was shocked by what she saw. Cal's face contorted in pain. One of her hands digging into the fleshy part of his upper arm while his free hand gripped her wrist.

She let go of him and put a hand over her mouth, watching him sink back into the pillow as she pushed herself off hers and distanced herself from him. He looked up at her, exhaling. Exhausted from the effort of fighting off her attack. The guilt washed over her. It allowed her to see the scratch marks she left on his arm.

Made her want to cry. What if she'd somehow torn the dressing off his wound? She shouldn't have fallen asleep here. He wasn't strong enough for this. Not when an infection could jeopardize your recovery.

Gillian didn't say anything. Wanting to crawl out of her skin. Instead of anger she saw concern on his face.

Lying would've been futile. Astrid carried them, and she's their other godparent. She and Rhone own a coffee shop a few blocks away, she'll be picking them up after they close since it looks like we'll be here late. Our mothers were all best friends, they did everything together. High school, college, nursing school.

eli locker and ria torres relationship goals

All four got married in the same year, bought houses on the same street, we were all born within six months of each other. We were raised together, went through everything together ourselves. We even had a band in college. Astrid and I were the only ones who knew Rhone and Dante were eloping after we graduated, I thought our mothers were going to slaughter us when they found out.

Birthday parties, school plays, middle school band concerts. As they moved into their teen years, Rhone dreadlocks and Dante bald gravitated together, but the four were rarely photographed apart. Various girlfriends and boyfriends drifted in and out around Loker and Astrid, but Ria couldn't help but notice that they were side by side in every single picture. Middle school band photos turned into actual band photos, usually with Loker or Astrid singing with their guitar and keyboard, respectively.

Eventually there was a wedding photo for Rhone and Dante, then pictures documenting both of Astrid's pregnancies.

Ria also noticed that Loker couldn't keep his eyes off of her in those, either in the photos or in real life. Cal and Gillian had drifted in partway through, and picked up on the same clues that Loker didn't seem interested in hiding. When they were finished they began unpacking food and enjoyed a pleasant dinner, before Cal and Gillian got back to work, leaving Ria and Loker to clean while Matilda and Claire brushed their teeth.

Loker smiled and shrugged. They're my favorite things in the world, there's not much I wouldn't do for them. She laughed out loud this time. Also a bit of a lie. Because you love her. To her surprise, Loker barely reacted except for a small smile. You don't seem to be together, or to have ever been together. She doesn't return your feelings? She didn't say anything back.

I didn't expect her to. She wasn't exactly in a state of mind to mean it anyway. She was biting her lip, clearly trying to decide whether to pry or let it go. It was after Claire was born. The post partum was brutal. Astrid went from being the light of every life she touched to this shell of a human being.

When 15 months had gone by and she wasn't getting better, we were scared. Someone was always with her, we couldn't trust her to be alone. One night she was staying with me, and she went to the bathroom. She was gone for too long. She picked the lock on my medicine cabinet, and by the time I got the door open she had taken everything she could find. I was trying to force her gag reflex, but she was fighting too hard. I had to do something, something to shock her out of it So I told her.

I told her I'd loved her since we were seven years old and she meant everything to me. And she stopped fighting me. She just looked at me, terrified and in such obvious agony, and let me hold her still for a moment.

I knew if that didn't do it probably nothing would, so I decided to let her make her choice. And after way, way too long, she turned away and stuck her fingers down her throat. I calledshe spent 3 months in a psychiatric facility recovering, and she's been doing an amazing job getting better ever since. I picked her up the day she was released, and when I saw her, I told her I meant what I said.

She said 'I know,' and that was the last we ever talked about it. Ria was stunned, resting against the arm of the couch.

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She's back at work and loves Tilly and Claire to a fault like the rest of us, and she's finally back to her old self. I'll know when it is. Ria couldn't help but believe him. Shortly after 10 o'clock, there was a knock at the outer door to Loker's office.

Matilda looked up from her drawing, thrilled at the familiar face. Careful, I've got hot coffee here, don't wanna spill, do we? I brought you guys coffee and muffins, figured you'd need a glucose boost for your late night. I'm Gillian, this is Cal and Ria. The godparents had been gathering the girls' things as they chatted, and Matilda was dutifully helping a very sleepy Claire put on her socks and shoes.

You have your key? Any idea when you'll be done here? My goal is to knock out enough of this video to not have to come back this week. I might have to bring a few things home, but I can work after they're asleep.

Ria grinned from her vantage point in the other office. She had a feeling the right time for Loker and Astrid would be soon. Eli trudged through his apartment door just before 3 AM, exhausted after spending nearly 14 hours staring at a screen.

He slumped against the door as he dropped his bag to the floor, before toeing off his shoes and making his way to his bedroom.

A glance at the living room showed it to be empty, so he wasn't surprised to find Matilda and Claire curled in the middle of his bed, with Astrid next to them. She was wearing his favorite tshirt, as she liked to do when she slept over. In the dim light coming from his desk lamp, he saw her lift her head as he peeled off his shirt and jeans, climbing in on the other side of the sisters in his boxer briefs.

They had slept like this with the girls before, but something felt different now. Looking through the photo album today had reminded him what it had been like to watch her create life. Seeing her now, across from two tiny souls, sleeping in his bed, made him want to see that happen again, but with his help this time. Unexpectedly, she opened her eyes, looking directly into his.

What's going on in there? Eli took a deep breath, looking down at their goddaughters between them, and decided to take a leaf out of Claire's book. What do you think? He didn't move, just looked at her, knowing she'd be able to see his honesty.

After way, way too long - he seemed to have that effect on her - she lowered her head back to her pillow, still looking in his eyes. Slowly, a small, hopeful smile spread across her face, and her hand reached the few inches to his own, intertwining their fingers. Eli had never seen anything more beautiful than her hand in his.

He watched as she drifted back to sleep with a smile on her face, before closing his own eyes. She woke before he did, and there was a half empty pot of coffee still warm when he left the sisters asleep in his bed, pulling on his tshirt from the day before and a pair of sweatpants. After pouring himself a mug he found her on his balcony, legs tucked beneath her in the cushioned chair, with her own coffee in her hands.

She had pulled on a pair of his boxers in addition to his shirt, and her feet were bare. Without saying anything, he set his cup on the bistro table next to her, and plucked hers from her hands as well. He knelt in front of her, one hand on her knee and one coming to rest on her cheek, tucking curls behind her ear.