Doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

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doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

The American movie Tombstone is a classic display of events that you describe the connection between Batman and Doc Holliday? A. Wyatt Earp - Alan's FUN Western Films Trivia Quizzes FREE Online quiz. 2) Dennis Quaid lost over 30 pounds to play Doc Holliday, who suffered from tuberculosis. This relationship also causes stress in his relationship with Mattie, and. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were as different as night and day—or etc., in connection with what is known as the Earp-Clanton imbroglio.

He planned to rest a few days before moving on to the Wood River country in Idaho Territory, leaving the Arizona troubles behind him. Before he could do anything but announce his presence to the Denver authorities, however, he was arrested in bizarre fashion and became the center of an extradition controversy over papers filed to return him to Arizona on murder charges.

Masterson was the front man, but it was obvious powerful men were working to keep him from being sent back. Smooth, controlled and charming in Denver, he fell back into bad habits at Gunnison.

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At midsummer they said goodbye. Wyatt and Warren Earp headed for California and a reunion with their family.

Doc left Gunnison for Pueblo, to address charges tied to the deal that ended the extradition effort. He then went to Leadville. Holliday had become notorious because of newspaper coverage during his arrest in Denver. The stories may even have helped Doc find a place in Leadville not unlike that he had known in Dodge City. He became involved in local politics and was singled out for his help in suppressing a fire that threatened the town.

He even found members of the respectable community who enjoyed his company. Clearly, there was life after Wyatt Earp.

Doc may have seen Wyatt again in Earp was working in Silverton, Colo. Doc figured prominently in news accounts of the affair. His exploits, real and imagined, were reviewed in detail. He was vulnerable in a whole new way. He drank to cope with his disease and his circumstances, and his temper led to a series of small encounters with the law.

He learned then that some of his pals were fair-weather friends. Some took advantage of his misfortune. In August Doc shot Billy Allen, an ex-policeman and bartender. Allen survived, and Doc was acquitted in March They did meet one last time at a Denver hotel in Wyatt immediately got up to greet him, and they sat down nearby and talked for a while.

You can see that. Doc threw his arm across his shoulder. In May he moved to Glenwood Springs, Colo. He lingered through the summer and died there on November 8, It was this, more than any other faculty, that secured for him the reverence of a large circle who were prepared on the shortest notice to rally to his relief.

They put to rest the canard that Earp was his only friend.

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Their relationship was special because of what they had been through together, but Doc had other friends who enjoyed his good qualities, tolerated his bad habits and admired his courage in dealing with his mortal disease. The press gave considerable attention to both Holliday and Earp but devoted surprisingly little of it to rehashing the Tombstone troubles.

The press did not muse over why they were friends, because despite their differences they were considered cut from the same cloth. He did not have a quarrelsome disposition but managed to get into more difficulties than almost any man I ever saw. He gambled, dabbled in business and mining, and craved respectability. He hobnobbed with powerful and important men. He knew hard times and high times and lived long enough to see himself portrayed as both hero and villain. In the s, especially after the Sharkey-Fitzsimmons heavyweight boxing scandal in San Francisco, Earp found himself smeared in a series of fanciful and negative articles by men like Charles H.

He was selfish and had a perverse nature—traits not calculated to make a man popular in the early days on the frontier. By the s Earp was frustrated by the ongoing barrage of criticism in books and articles and worried about how he would be remembered. An awful badman, which was wrong.

He was a man that would fight if he had to. Wyatt was, at the time, involved in an ill-fated effort to produce a biography through his friend John Flood, who was well-intentioned but lacked skills as a writer. Burns offered an alternative, asking Wyatt to help him with a biography of Doc Holliday. On March 15,Wyatt wrote Burns: I would much rather not have my name mentioned to [sic] freely.

I am getting tired of it all, as there have been so many lies written about me.

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An Iliad of the Southwest later that year, Earp felt betrayed, but Burns explained the friendship between Wyatt and Doc with an easy grace: And what Doc Holliday gave in friendship, Wyatt Earp returned in a friendship as staunch. Josephine Earp, who had reasons to disapprove of Doc dating back to Tombstone, elaborated on that theme in her unpublished recollections. Besides, my husband always maintained that the greater part of the crimes that were attributed to Doc were but fictions.

But they knew why Wyatt had befriended Doc. Holliday had saved his life, and such a debt had no expiration date. When they parted ways in Colorado init was not because their friendship ended. It was something much simpler.

Wyatt no longer needed Doc to back his play. He did not see it as ingratitude. Both men knew that if Wyatt needed him again, Doc would be there. Instead of going for his gun, Doc, reverting to his Southern roots, used his walking stick on the other man. Local peace officers interrupted the fight and arrested both men, who were later fined and released.

Doc made a mistake—rather, two mistakes.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

The second mistake was going out without his guns. When confronted, even though Doc was unarmed, Kahn shot him. A change of scenery seemed like a good idea.

Doc Holliday

His next stop was in Fort Griffin, and it was there he met the two people who would be the closest to him for the rest of his life—Mary Katherine Haroney, known as Kate Elder, and Wyatt Earp. As usual, he wanted to make more money than off-season lawing offered, but instead of returning to Deadwood, Dakota Territory, to deal faro, Wyatt wound up in Texas. That is where the trail of a gang of train robbers took him, men he had been hired to find.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

In Octobera gang of thieves had robbed a Santa Fe Railroad construction camp. He earned the nickname naturally, by bathing infrequently and wearing clothes that even by frontier standards were quite filthy. The October robbery had taken place in Kansas, and it was believed the thieves had escaped into Texas, so a deputy U.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

That job was given to Wyatt. This would be lonely, dangerous and exhausting work. Certainly, Wyatt could have made more money at the gaming tables. It can only be conjectured that the challenge appealed to him. Day after day, for miles, he tracked Dirty Dave and his gang through Kansas and the Panhandle and deeper into Texas. Along the way he was buffeted by the late-autumn winds, his face swept by sand and grit, traveling from one watering hole to the next, being told tales of the gang having passed through, some of them true.

A honeysuckle-bordered sign out front offered: Shanssey revealed that Rudabaugh had been in his establishment several days earlier but was gone, destination unknown. Doc Holliday invited Wyatt Earp to sit down. When Wyatt declined, Doc poured a shot of whiskey just for himself.

Holliday, though only 26 years old, had a haggard face and a chronic cough. He dressed well, and his face showed some spark thanks to his deep-set blue eyes and neatly trimmed mustache. This made sense enough to Wyatt that he headed over to the telegraph office and sent a message to the sheriff of Ford County that the gang of thieves might be back in the area. Upon receiving the telegram, Bat Masterson, the top lawman in southeast Kansas, put together a posse.

One indication of how generally unlikable Doc was could be summed up this way: Thirty years later, in a magazine essay about Doc Holliday, Bat began in an evenhanded way: However, that January, such judgments were ahead of him, plus Bat doubted that Wyatt could be hoodwinked with false information. Thus, he acted on the belief that Dirty Dave and his gang were back in Kansas.

The third week in January, having by then been duly sworn in, and braving the risk of blizzards, Sheriff Masterson set off with his posse for the territory between Dodge City and for the Texas Panhandle, which included the Cherokee Strip. They picked up signs on the trail that made them think the Rudabaugh group was in the area.

Nasty winter weather caused Bat and his deputies to seek shelter at a ranch owned by cattleman Henry Lovell.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

Bat had an idea: Bat suggested that they abandon the ranch but stay near it, at least for one night. They bedded down within sight of the compound, and the four men took turns as lookouts.

Late the next afternoon, as the wan light was fading from the Western sky and Bat debated whether another night spent in the snow was merited, the lawmen saw four riders approach the ranch. The sighs of relief of Dirty Dave and his desperadoes turned to groans as Bat, Morrow, Webb and Bassett appeared out of the driving snow with their hands full of shotguns and six-shooters.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship quiz

Bat ordered them to throw down their guns and throw up their hands. Though heavily armed themselves, the outlaws were too flummoxed to fire a shot. The next morning, Bat led his party back to Dodge City, where the lawmen were lauded and the outlaws taken by train east to await trial. Dirty Dave was a lowdown scoundrel to the rest of his gang. He informed on them, probably heaping most of the blame on his former comrades.

They wound up in prison. Rudabaugh, after promising to go straight, was released and allowed to ride off to New Mexico. Byhe had put together a fresh band of outlaws, who included, of all people, former lawman John Joshua Webb.

Rudabaugh eventually joined up with another gang, led by William Bonney, who would become known as Billy the Kid. Dirty Dave spent the last night of his life in Mexico, February 18,when he shot a man he accused of cheating in a card game.