Dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

The Bonds of Evolution: Episode Review

dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

In the past, Alain was Professor Sycamore's assistant, and it was Sycamore who . with Sycamore, who was hosting the tournament together with Diantha, but Alain .. However, their relationship nearly took a turn for the worst when he was . How can you be so sure? Refering someone by their first name is a big deal in Japan. You don't call anyone by their first name there unless. Relationship: Professor Augustine Sycamore/Serena | Dr. Platane/Serena Professor Augustine Sycamore · Serena · Calme | Calem · Carnet | Diantha One of the professor's loud and bubbly assistants proceeded to point.

When the heroes tried to reach Dianthathe Championwho was to make an exhibition match, Sycamore took them in and showed Diantha. For the first challenge, Sycamore let the teams battle each other. The following days, Sycamore spoke with Nurse Joy, expressing how much he liked the fishing competition. After the teams went off to find a spot for the video, Ash fell down and twisted his ankle.

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Bonnie and Clemont returned to Professor Sycamore and told him about this accident. Sycamore came with the rescue team - which was Team Rocket in disguises - and pulled up Ash and Serena up the cliff.

dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

That night, Sycamore showed the videos the teams made and let the teams vote, with the winners being Team Squirtle. He gave the signal, dismissing the teams, then watched their progress. Sycamore was glad the teams were making progress and announced Team Squirtle and Team Froakie had the most points. On the final day, Sycamore announced a team battle, where everyone had to battle each other in Tag Battles. Sycamore observed the battle and after Team Squirtle were defeated by Team Froakie, Sycamore congratulated Team Froakie, but also pointed out Team Squirtle fought well as well.

The heroes visited Sycamore's lab, in which Sycamore had Meyer repair one of his machines and sensed Meyer smelled like oil.

Sycamore greeted the group and showed he was doing research on Mega Stones. He showed one of the Mega Stones, which his Garchomp had interest in. Sycamore sensed that was a Garchompitewhich could Mega Evolve Garchomp. Sycamore was angry and recalled his memories with the Garchomp.

Upon arriving to the scene, Sycamore saw as Team Rocket trio used sound waves to control Garchomp. Garchomp Mega Evolved and was furious, but noticing Sycamore, she calmed down. Sycamore was glad and had Garchomp slash Team Rocket's machine, allowing Ash's Pikachu to blast them off. Sycamore gave the Key Stone back to Meyer and noticed it smelled like oil. The following day, Sycamore approached Meyer, knowing Meyer was the Blaziken Mask and asked his help in Sycamore's next project, which Meyer accepted.

Sycamore came to Anistar City to inspect the crystal sundial. However, he and his assistants were attacked by Carriewho believed them to be the enemies her mistress, Olympiaspoke of.

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The heroes battled Carrie before Charlene and Olympia came, scolding Carrie for her actions. Olympia had a vision of Frogadier's past, but Sycamore did not know much of Frogadier's past, when it was a Froakie. After hearing Frogadier, after evolving into a Greninja, could obtain even more powerSycamore suspected it may be Mega Evolution, even if nobody has seen Greninja Mega Evolve before. The following day, Sycamore watched the Gym Battle of Ash vs.

Professor Sycamore

Olympia and commented each other's tactics. After the battle was over, Sycamore asked Olympia about her vision and was told he, the heroes and even Team Rocket, who tried to steal the sundial, will be in the center of the vortex of the crisis surrounding Kalos.

Mairin and Stevenafter coming to Kalos, contacted Sycamore and reporting that if he knew a trainer called Alain. Sycamore confirmed this, but was not certain where Alain had went to. Nurse Joy reported Chespie was fine, but couldn't wake up and was surrounded by green aura.

dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

Both Tracey and Misty have been very depressed because you are mad at them. They want you to forgive them. And if they are like this, I can't imagine how the others feel right now" Gary says "Gary is right Ash.

How long can you hold this grudge" Professor oak asks. Ash is silent for a little bit. Talk to you guys later" Ash finally says "Okay. Remember to talk your mom" Oak reminds him. Ash nods and cuts the call. He starts remembering what happened after he won the world tournament. Flashback Ash and Serena had met up with the Kalos Trio after the tournament. Where are you two going now? Mom is waiting for us. I miss her so much" Serena says "Well.

Guess this is it. At least for a while" Ash says extended his hand. The Kalos Trio, one by one, shook it. Serena gave them all hugs.

Hope to see you perform again" Shauna says.

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Serena smiles "I'll be back performing before you know it. I promise that" Shauna nods and the trio walk away.

dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

Time to go home" Serena says. They look back to see their old friends "Ash need to talk to you. Please" Dawn says to Ash "I have nothing to say to you all" Ash says grudgingly "We know you are mad. But can you forgive us. Please" Iris says sadly "No. You abandoned me when i needed you all the most" Ash says.

Everyone including Serena are shocked "Ash we are sorry. We know we made a mistake. A big mistake but… They look hurt "Is that why you user hypnosis on me and May? So we wouldn't find out till the end of the tournament" Dawn says.

The others look confused "Wait. I want nothing to do with you all so leave me alone. Serena is the only person I can trust right now. After the world tournament, Alain had gone back to being Professor Sycamore's assistant along with Mairin. Yea I'm remembering some things from my past. Bad things" Ash says to his old rival "Ash. If your miss your friends so much, then just forgive them" Alain says "It's not that easy Alain, My friends didn't trust me after all we have through" Ash said with sadness in his voice "You didn't trust me either.

And I forgave you" Alain reminds Ash "That's different. I barely knew you.

dianthas assistant and professor sycamore relationship

My friends have known me for a long time and yet they still didn't trust me" Ash says "Are you going to continue letting your ego get in the way of your decision" Alain says sternly.

Ash is silent once again until he finally says "I got to go. Serena is waiting for me back home. I'll talk to you later" Ash then walks away "Stubborn. He has been through a lot. He'll figure things out" Alain says and the three go back to the lab Meanwhile "Ta da" Serena says showing some delicious cupcakes to Pikachu "Pika Pika" Pikachu says with amazement "Look good don't they Pikachu. Ash is going to love them" Serena says "He sure will.

Got to keep my future son in law happy Serena" Grace says. Serena blushes "Mom would you stop teasing me.

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Ash and I are happy the way we are. Besides we are only Still have a long time before that happens" Serena says to her mother "Yup. But in the meantime, try not to do it. I don't want to come home one day and find out my daughter is pregnant" Grace teases "MOM" Serena yells at her mom. The two then hear the door open and look to see Ash "Hey Ash. I made you delicious cupcakes" Serena says joyfully but she then sees Ash face, which looked depressed "What's wrong Ash?

Thank you for making me those cupcakes but I'm not really hungry so I'll eat them later. Will you excuse me? Grace and Serena are concerned "My Ash not wanting to try my cooking? Something is definitely up" Serena says "I'll go talk to him. You stay and clean up" Grace says. Serena nods and Grace walks up to Ash's room. Ash was sitting there looking through an old photo album with pictures of his old friends.

Memories of the past flow through his mind. Yvonne" Ash says "Ash we have been over this. Call me Grace" Ash nods. Grace then sits by Ash on the bed. Ash nods without making eye contact "Well then contact them. Serena can't see you like this and frankly neither can I" Grace says.

Ash still is quiet "Why are you letting your ego get in the way" Ash doesn't respond. Grace gets mad "Sometimes I wonder what my daughter sees in you" She says before leaving in anger. I can forgive them for turning their backs on me but what I can't forgive them for is hurting Serena. What they said to her after the party hurt her pretty bad. I can't forgive them for that" Ash says emotional.

Grace looks touched "You love my daughter that much" She asks. Sorry for what I said. I know exactly what she sees in you" Grace says. She hugs Ash "It's fine but can you do me one favor" Grace nods "never mention the proposal thing again or else I'm going to be nervous the day that happens" Grace and Ash both laugh.

Serena worked hard on those cupcakes so you are going to eat them" Grace says and they walk back to the kitchen. Ash started devouring the cupcakes pretty fast. Serena giggles "Ash they aren't going anywhere so slow down" Serena says laughing. Ash smiles and picks up one of them and starts feeding Serena.