Dara and taeyang relationship advice

Junklebook: Random Facts That Prove G-Dragon and Sandara Park Are Dating (PART 2)

dara and taeyang relationship advice

Taeyang and Sandara who hail from two of YG Entertainment's most She explained that her relationship with Taeyang was so playful that he. We had that connection and since then we've been like best friends. CL: Cool, well G-Dragon's here right now! . One day the four of us - Minzy, Dara, Bom and me - got together and ID: So do you have any advice for the dreamers?. Sandara Park described her relationship with Big Bang's Taeyang on this week's Strong Heart. The charismatic 2NE1 member talked about her.

dara and taeyang relationship advice

Kaka could jump high and travel, he could fly around the world, and he would go to different places and meet animals and people and make friends. Do you think you can make friends with anyone? And now you fly all around the world. So how did it all start? First of all, I listen to a lot of rap music. I love that whole attitude. It has power, a different kind of power than singing. And I just fell into it. What rappers are you into?

I have an alter ego, I have that switch, One side of me is totally in control of myself, and the other is free, enjoying everything. What do you do for fun? I might sound like a nerd but I really love recording, making music, and videos and photoshoots. I only know how to work.

I really stay in the studio or my house. Are you in the studio at the moment? How did you become a K-pop star? Actually I had the shortest time in training of anyone in 2NE1, only two years in a company, I was preparing for my solo album back then. One day the four of us - Minzy, Dara, Bom and me - got together and recorded a song called Pretty Boy and it sounded good, it sounded right, and from then we started recording lots and lots. How did you start the training?

What was training like?

dara and taeyang relationship advice

You live with music all the time. I had vocal lessons, dance lessons — all kinds of dance lessons — and language lessons too, like Japanese and Chinese because we go all around the world. Do you still live with your band? People are stricter about dating. What do you have to do as an idol? You know how Japanese singers have idol groups? You have to be perfect.

CL spills the beans on GD! - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

The fans are strict. On the top of that when GD was at the stairs, he was purposively giving way to others in order to wait Dara there. And Taehwan said GD successfully made him jealous. No one of her fanboys Dara ever considers as one could fulfill the criteria of her ideal boyfriend.

Except for GD, of course. In fact we are all know there are so many fanboys Dara has from the hallyu which are all gorgeous. Dara can only bowed her head and blushed hearing what her nosy friends said. Dara once put a top GD once wore onto her pillow and hugged it.

GD has never clarified his relationship with Dara clearly, although the media repeatedly asked him about that. But when it came to the gossip about him having relationship with other girl, he immediately clarified them in a press conference and clarify apologize to those involved for the inconvenient occurred. For example are the gossips about his relationship with Sohee from Wonder Girls and Kiko Mizuharaan American-Japanese model. This rumor came up to the surface because of some suspicious photos spread in the internet showing them together.

Some people said that the photos are fakes, but some others said that the photos are real, and they have had a relationship and broke up in the end of Then to ease the rumor, YG decided to tell Dara to cut her hair short. The female model in the video was seen several times wearing clothes Sandara usually wears. But all the sudden the boss told Dara what GD said, that he said that her hair looked cute and amazing. After that both of them, GD and Dara, were blushing and then covered their red face.

YG responds to G-Dragon and Dara dating rumours

GD helped Dara to learn rap, and GD always laughed and smiled and was full of excitements when he saw Dara learning rap at the stage. GD once get caught by camera shed tears and thrilled when 2NE1 won an award. At the time it was Dara who was talking at the stage. GD and Dara did the rap together there. They both have same white Blackberry too.

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Dara once put on a shirt gift from the Philippines Applers. GD himself has a dragon ball of Dragon Ball tattoo on his chest. This one is still fresh and hot. He is a model of Vogue and often performs in high class fashion show.